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Title: Ten Slayers Who Never Were (The Of All the Women in All the World Mix)
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] escritoireazul
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] blackglass
Rating: T
Fandom: Lost, Full House, Blue Crush, Bring It On, Dawson's Creek, Girlfight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin, Fast and the Furious Series, Resident Evil (Movieverse)
Pairings: Anne Marie Chadwick/Eden, Missy Pantone/Torrance Shipman, Joey Potter/Pacey Witter
Summary: Into every generation a Slayer is born. One girl, in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

Except now there is more than one.

Length: 46:48
Download: Right click and save as an mp3. (Thanks to paraka for hosting!)

Streaming available at AO3.

[(10+10+10+10+10+10+5+10+5+10) + (10+10+10)] x 4= 480 points

Title: 11 Characters That Never Were The Slayer
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] crackers4jenn
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] blackglass
Rating: G
Fandom: Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, The Office (US), Bridget Jones's Diary, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Parks and Recreation, Community, Miranda, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings: None, gen
Summary: The title says it all.
Length: 1:00:42
Download: Right click and save as an mp3. (Thanks to paraka for hosting!)

Streaming available at AO3.

[(5+1+10+10+10+10+5+10+5+10+5) + (10+1+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+5)] x 4= 708 points

Total Points: 1,188 points

Can I have fandom tags for Bridget Jones' Diary and Miranda?
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Title: Actions We Might Play

Author: irisbleufic
Reader: kerravon
Fandoms: Hamlet, Great Gatsby, The Shawshank Redemption, Toy Soldiers, Good Omens, Hot Fuzz, Sherlock, Community, Pacific Rim, In The Flesh
Pairing/Characters: Hamlet/Horatio, Nick Carraway/Jay Gatsby, Andy Dufresne/Red, Billy Tepper/Joey Trotta, Aziraphale/Crowley, Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman, Sherlock/John Watson, Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir, Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb, Simon Monroe/Kieren Walker

Warnings: One reference to suicidal ideation and panic attacks
Rating: Explicit
Length: 2 Hours 2 Minutes 53 Seconds

Summary: Author: "One scene, nine interpretations, and a lot of self-discovery."
Characters from nine different fandoms perform Hamlet's final scene.

Text available at: Actions We Might Play

MP3 Podfic Direct Download (112.6 MB): Actions We Might Play- MP3 Podfic
M4b Audiobook Direct Download (14.6 MB):Actions We Might Play - M4b

The music chapter breaks are from covers of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" as well as themes of the individual shows.

Points: [Hamlet(10)+ Great Gatsby(10)+ The Shawshank Redemption(10)+ Toy Soldiers(10)+ Good Omens(5)+ Hot Fuzz(10)+ Sherlock(1)+ Community(5)+ Pacific Rim(10)+ In The Flesh(10)] + [Hamlet/Horatio(10)+ Nick Carraway/Jay Gatsby(10)+ Andy Dufresne/Red(10)+ Billy Tepper/Joey Trotta(10)+ Aziraphale/Crowley(5)+ Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman(10)+ Sherlock/John Watson(1)+ Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir(10)+ Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb(10)+ Simon Monroe/Kieren Walker(10)] x6 = (81+86)x6 = 1002

(Please check my point tally - I think I identified all the 'represented' fandoms and pairings, but I am certainly open to correction)

(Also, need tags for fandoms: Hamlet, In The Flesh, and Toy Soldiers)
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Dead Fic by winterhill
Fandom: Community, The Sandman
Rating: T
Length: 0:07:55
Summary: Pierce Hawthorne is a Reformed Neo-Buddhist. Like fuck he's walking toward any lights.
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 5+10(a) + 10+10(b) + 0(c) = 35 x 1 = 35
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I've been a little slow to archive my most recent podfics, but here they are.

Title: Auteur Theory
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] scioscribe
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] originally
Fandoms: Community
Pairings: background Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir, background Troy Barnes/Britta Perry
Rating: T
Length: 00:15:02
Author's Summary: Nadir’s body of work has been examined before—and in much broader and deeper contexts than this blog!—most notably in 24 Hours to Live, the collection of essays edited by Rachel Baxter, and his own What I Thought About the Movies I Made: The Abed Nadir Story—but for those of you already saying tl;dr, here’s an abbreviated summation of how auteur theory lets us realize the true brilliance of Nadir’s filmmaking.
Additional notes: Metafic, queer gen.

Auteur Theory

Download MP3 | Download M4B |AO3

Read more... )
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Title: This Has Been: "A Stupid Thought I Had to Share with All of You"
Author: biohazardgirl
Editor: Opalsong
Readers: growlery, Opalsong, AshesandGhost, klb, Rhea314, knight_tracer, Faintdreams, bessyboo, duckgirlie, aphelant, Jenepod, Lunate8, RevolutionaryJo, paraka, Exmanhater, marianas, pollyrepeat, Syr
Fandom: Community
Pairings: Troy/Abed, Britta/Jeff
Rating: Mature
Length: 1:32:40 Size: 84.9 MB (MP3)
         43.2 MB (Podbook)
Music: "At Least It Was Here" by The 88
Cover: bessyboo
Summary: In which the folks from Greendale are in the Kickpuncher fandom and it causes about as much trouble as you'd expect.
Links: mp3
          Archive Link

Individual Chapters
Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3

Points for Amplificathon:
All readers BUT Faintdreams and Syr get this:
(5+5+10)*5 = 100 (Community+Abed/Troy+Britta/Jeff)

Faintdreams and Syr are brand new podficcers and so gets the extra 10 for new podficcer:
(5+5+10+10)*5 = 150
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Title: Psychics 101
Author: Syr
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Community/Psych
Pairings: Gen
Rating: G
Length: 26:24
Size: 24.4 MB
Music: "At Least It Was Here" by The 88
Cover: Opalsong
Summary: Jeff Winger thinks he's found the Ultimate Blowoff Class: Psychics 101 with Professor Shawn Spencer.

Links: mp3
Archive Link

Created for [community profile] pt_lightning
Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3

points: (5+5+5+5)*3 = 60
(community + psych + community:gen + psych:gen)
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Title: Advanced ambulatory Ichhteology
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Abed/Troy
Author: [personal profile] gyzym
Reader: [personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid
Music used: Community medley by Ludwig Goransson, If I die before you by Ludwig Goransson
Length: 4:34:54
Format: MP3
Download here
reader's notes: So this story has been my baby for quite a long time, I've been working on it for months on and off. it's been waiting for me through podblocks and the crazy times of moving to a different state, starting a new job and starting a new school. I've recorded and rerecorded, and agonized over music, and now here it is in all it's glory. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave feedback!

I absolutely adore this story to pieces, aside from it tying up season 3 of community beautifully, it has so many throwbacks to the show that I had to read it multiple times before catching them all. But most of all I love this fic because of Abed. I love Abed in the show because he is a character with aspergers that isn't just reduced to the butt of every joke. He is a fully fleshed out character. This fic does even better than that. As someone with aspergers, I really identify with abed, and Gyzym writes him beautifully, portraying all the thing that aspies go through, and what his thought process is like, and it is absolutely wonderful to see that addressed in fiction. Finally, A huge thanks to gyzym for letting me record her fic!
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Title: Special Seminar in Romantic Comedy
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] inlovewithnight
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] Readbyanalise010
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Troy/Abed
Rating: General Audiences
Summary: It was a perfect romantic-comedy moment in a perfect romantic-comedy situation.
Warnings: None

Download (right-click and save) the MUSIC version MP3 || Size: 31 MB | Duration: 00:32:35
Download (right-click and save) the MUSIC version ): M4B || Size: 16 MB | Duration: 00:32:35


Download (right-click and save) the NO MUSIC version): MP3 || Size: 29 MB | Duration: 00:30:48
Download (right-click and save) the NO MUSIC version: M4B || Size: 15 MB | Duration: 00:30:48

Crossposted to AO3

Paraka Productions, you’re a rock star for hosting me!
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 photo PeckcoverFINAL_zps4499d156.jpg

mp3 || m4b

or browse here to stream or download individual mp3s

Cover art generously created by [personal profile] yue_ix

Track List )

Bonus Tracks )

Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed these podfics, please leave feedback for the readers! We also encourage you to leave feedback for the authors via the text links. Happy International Day of Femmeslash!
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Fic even the stars hide away by [personal profile] thingswithwings 
Fandom Community
Pairing Abed/Troy
Rating teen
Summary Troy and Abed meet the in-laws.
Download link download at mediafire
File info mp3 / 22:26 / 20.5MB


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aka everyone's favorite annual podfic gift exchange run entirely over twitter with no limits, no rules okay there were a few rules this year, and mostly just squee

Well kids, it's been a year. Our little challenge is All Grown Up! (Though not without some growing pains!) We added Dear Podficcer letters and treats, we had a much bigger sign-up list, and [personal profile] paraka did NOT try to pinch-hit her own gift, but DID get excited about her gift from me...which was NOT actually from me and was, in fact, from [personal profile] reena_jenkins. (It’s a lot less complicated than it sounds, but where’s the fun explaining the joke? WE LOVE YOU LINDSAY)

BUT DESPITE THE ROUGH PATCHES, WE ALL GOT THROUGH IT! And amazingly enough, with only one pinch-hitter! (We <3 you [personal profile] analise010 YOU ROCK!)

So enough of this chit-chat, I know why you're all really here--THE AWESOME AMOUNTS OF GREAT NEW PODFIC \o/ Let's get to it.

(NOTE: all download links are currently direct download links from the Archive. I’ll be going through and making pages for everything and swapping the direct links out for links to their respective archive pages, but THERE ARE A LOT OF PODFICS HERE, so bear with me and be patient <3)


OMG I can haz bonus treats?! )

THAT'S IT YOU GUYS! We're going to make even more changes for next time based on this year's experience, so if you have any feedback, let us know in the comments! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!
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Title: Epidemiologia
Author: Blithers
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Gen
Rating: Teen, for mild violence
Summary: The women win at zombies.
Duration: 42:30
Download: Here

Disclaimer: I do not own NBC's Community or Thriller by Michael Jackson.

This fic would not be possible without the amazingly, wonderful Blithers for not only letting me record this, but also for acting as my fearless beta listener who deserves a year's supply of cookies and milk.
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pSo [livejournal.com profile] community_tv had this awesome podfic battle which was a ton of fun. Here are the podfics I produced for the challenge

Title: In the future Everyone will have a sexbot
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] LittleMousling
Read by:[personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid
Duration: 05:50
File Type: MP3
Summary:Troy really, really likes robots.
Download Link at mediafire

Read by:[personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid
Duration: 05:24
File Type: MP3
Summary:three times where Abed and Troy share an unexpected moment.
Download Link at mediafire

Title: Practical Applications of Continuous Eye Contact
author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Blithers
Read by:[personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid
duration: 3:12
File Type: Mp3
Summary: The study group meets the Weeping Angels.
Download: Here

Title: Summer reading
author: [archiveofourown.org profile] frausorge
Read by:[personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid
duration: 2:43
File Type: Mp3
Summary: Abed turns another page and says, "Ask me."
Download: Here

Title: Three Men and a Baby Minus a Man
author: [archiveofourown.org profile] marks
Read by:[personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid
duration: 3:46
File Type: Mp3
Summary: Abed finds a little bundle of joy on his doorstep. A montage happens.
Download: Here
Reader notes: I used this for my read out of order square for podfic bingo. I have always been curious about reading one character at a time and then editing it all together. I think it worked wonders on keeping my character voices consistent. Also big thanks to [personal profile] k_town for reading the other part so I had someone to inteact with while recording the separate parts.

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Text: Kicksplasher
Author: [livejournal.com profile] innie_darling
Reader: [personal profile] sunspot
Fandom: Community
Characters & Relationships: Troy (genfic)
Rating: PG
Length: 6:52
Author's Summary: Troy doesn’t get lonely in long showers anymore.
Warnings: spoilers up to 1st ep of season 2.

click to stream, right click-'save link as' to download .mp3

more info @ my journal.

5 (reader) +5 (fandom) +5 (pairing) +1(length) +0 (language) = 16 points \o/
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Title 22 Short Fics About Abed Nadir
Author [livejournal.com profile] margo_kim
Fandom Community / The Sandman / Inspector Spacetime
Pairing gen
Rating general
Dialect/Language English, part of a section in Arabic
Warnings none
Summary Inspired by "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould" and the portraits of Despair in Sandman: Endless Nights. Twenty two views of Abed's life from childhood memories to his current course load.
File info mp3 / 35:56 / 32.9MB
Download link at my journal

Points: 5 + (10 + 5 + 10) + (10 + 5 + 10) + 4 = 59

sophinisba: Troy and Abed from Community sitting on a couch with a computer in front of them (troy abed by carly-icons)
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Title: #AnniesMove
Author: [personal profile] katarin
Reader: [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Community
Characters/Ships: Troy/Abed, Annie/Troy/Abed
Rating: PG-13
Contains: n/a
Author's summary: Annie isn't jealous of Abed and Troy having sex at all.
File info: mp3, 23 minutes
Links: #anniesmove on MediaFire

Points: 5 + 3 + 10 + (10+10) = 38
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Title: Intro to the Art of Deception by [personal profile] suzvoy
Readers: [personal profile] fishpatrol & [personal profile] cantarina
Cover artist: [personal profile] bessyboo (thank you for giving into our demands ♥♥~~)
Pairing: Gen [ensemble]
Rating: Teen
Author's Summary: Greendale receives two last-minute transfers and Jeff doesn't get jealous. At all.
Length: 43:16, 40MB

MP3: Mediafire (now with bonus!bloopers at the end!)
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The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II is now available for download at [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon! This collection includes 104 short woman-centered stories by 86 different authors and read by 47 different readers, several of whom are trying out podfic for the first time. The stories come from 64 different fandoms and add up to just over seven and a half hours. You can download the whole collection as a podbook or zip file or browse for individual files, sorted by fandom.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!! We are really proud and excited about how many voices went into this project.

Cover art by [livejournal.com profile] bessyboo

Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II
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Title: Intro to the Art of Deception by [livejournal.com profile] suzvoy
Readers: [livejournal.com profile] fishpatrol & [livejournal.com profile] cantarina1
Cover artist: [livejournal.com profile] bessyboo
Pairing: Gen [ensemble]
Rating: Teen
Author's Summary: Greendale receives two last-minute transfers and Jeff doesn't get jealous. At all.
Length: 43:16, 40MB

Link: Download @ cantapodpatrol


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