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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeello everyone! The mods have conferred, checked and double checked names and numbers, and now we are announcing the results of Amplificathon 2016, with the help of banners by mod [personal profile] idella

*dramatic drumroll* )

your mods for Amplficathon 2016 have been [personal profile] idella[personal profile] rscreighton and [personal profile] kalakirya 

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It is no longer April anywhere in the world, so Amplificathon 2016 is officially closed! Mods are still double-checking everything, so stay tuned for awards posts later this week!

but pod-far is upon me! I must record or die!
excellent! [community profile] podficbigbang is gearing up right now and is open to both bigbang (10K+) and epic (75K+) entries. Marvel bigbang is also gearing up and is allowing podfics as stand-alone works. If you want a little more structure, [community profile] podfic_bingo is running and still accepting sign-ups.

I wanna do a thing but can't even tell you how little I want to touch my microphone right now entirely understandable! If you'd rather write some recs  [community profile] podfic_love is looking for reccers, or if you'd rather do the audioarchive a solid, they're looking for volunteers to help get all this podfic into the archive <3
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Alright ya'll, this is the home stretch. Like legit you have 4 more days (it's 11:15PM as I type this). You're all doing so great! Soooo much podfic I can't wait to swan dive into all of it!! This points chart is up to the podfic Only Begotten. :D

Clickity-Boop For Points Sheet :D )
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hiiiiiiiiii everyone, [personal profile] kalakirya here! we're heading into the homestretch here with only two weeks left but there's still plenty of time to rummage through the internet for that story that you always really wanted to record. Some leaders are emerging but there's still lots of time for an upset!

*finger-drumroll* )

we'll do one more points update in the last week of amplicathon, so look out for that. As a reminder, the audioarchive is still out for repairs, so please be patient, and when it does go up, please remember that the archivists will be swamped, but will eventually get to your podfics :)
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Hi everyone! [personal profile] kalakirya here with the \o/ 2015 Amplificathon Awards \o/

Before we start, a few stats: we had 46 podficcers this year; 570 podfics were posted, which comes to a total of 502 hours of audio; 48 new fandoms were added to the archive. YOU GUYS. OVER FIVE HUNDRED HOURS. FIVE. HUNDRED. 

that's nearly twenty-one days! if you listened to podfic 24 hours a day it would take you almost three weeks to listen to all of amplificathon. or, if you actually wanted to sleep for eight of those 24 hours, you could spend ONE ENTIRE MONTH LISTENING TO AMPLIFICATHON. FIVE. HUNDRED. HOURS. WOW.

but you really want to know about the prizes, so....

*dramatic music* )

thanks for an amazing year everyone! we're so happy that it went well, hope that everyone had fun, and that we added over five hundred hours of podfic to the archive WOW  

all graphics are by kalakirya (photocredits are in the graphic). winners should feel free to gank theirs and post them wherever they want; I have HQ versions if desired
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*drum roll*

And now, the final standings of amplificathon 2015 ...

The envelope please ... )

*thunderous applause*

As always, please please PLEASE let us know if anything about your tally doesn't seem right; we want to be sure things are accurate before properly announcing winners. Let us know by end of day next Wednesday (May 20).

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Now that the rush of amplificathon is over for another year, you may be asking yourself, "what do I do now?"


We are having a Summer theme this year for the first part of posting, then the fest opens to all HP fic. Gen, het, slash, femmeslash -- all are welcome!

Let your voices be HEARD!!!
[livejournal.com profile] hp_podfic_fest 2015

Podficcers 2015
Podficcers Sign-up Here!!!

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Greetings! Just FYI: We'd like to resolve a few questions before posting the last standings, so they won't go up by tonight as planned. But we will still allow the week of comment before declaring the points final. Stay tuned ...

~ jesperanda
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The clock has struck midnight (Baker Island time), the fairy godmother's enchantments are fading away in puffs of glitter, and your humble mod would like nothing more than to turn back into a pumpkin this morning *yawn*.

BUT. Amplificathon 2015 is now officially over!

(I see you, [personal profile] reena_jenkins, with that literal last-minute post.)

So here's the plan. The final standings post will go up over the weekend. PLEASE let us know if anything seems amiss; we'll allow a week for comments to be sure we're right. The victors will be announced shortly after that.

We thank you. Our ears thank you.

~ jesperanda
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hi everyone, [personal profile] kalakirya here! we're well into the homestretch, the end is in sight, but the competition is still going! You've got until it is no longer April anywhere in the world - check this clock to know when that is for you!

by my somewhat shaky count (collabs make adding up the precise number of podfics posted kinda tricky), we're a hair short of 500 podfics posted (currently ~490) and 300 hours (currently ~291) which is INCREDIBLE and SO VERY VERY EXCITING YOU GUYS WE CAN'T EVEN

however, we know that what you really want to know is where the standings are! so:

as of 1:13pm, MDT (UTC-6), April 26, 2015, the standings are... (ETA:there was a spreadsheet malfunction that has been solved as of 11:21pm) )
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Greetings! [personal profile] jesperanda here with this week's points update:

Today's my birthday (it's still April 18 somewhere in the world, right?), and you deserve cake for all the fine podfic you've been posting. So ... have an iPod cake. Or a laptop cake with earbuds (just needs a mic). Or, if you prefer, an ApplePiePod. (Podfic-appropriate confections found via flickr.)

You also deserve points. )

As always, if anything's amiss, please let us know. Thanks!
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hi everyone! [personal profile] kalakirya here, because while [personal profile] jesperanda is furiously tallying this week's points (SO MUCH PODFIC YOU GUYS :DDD), I'm announcing


the 2014 Amplificathon Awards *\o\* *\o/* */o/*

please put your hands, feet, tentacles and any other applicable appendages together for... )

We wanted to get this out before the end of this year's amplificathon, so if you're participating in that, good luck! If you're sitting back and waiting for the podfic to come to you, pull up a chair and grab your headphones, because there's some amazing podfic being posted :D
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hey guys, [personal profile] kalakirya here! We're two-thirds of the way through, one podficcer short of 40 participants and are hovering around 192 hours of podfic posted *\o/* Keep it going guys, the end is in sight!
The standings as of 11:15pm MST, on April 11th, are.... )
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Greetings, amplificathoners!

At least 17 new fandoms and a collective total of 24,525 points among 37 podficcers. You folks have been industrious.

(Wonder how many fandoms will no longer be considered "underrepresented," when all is said and done? Hm.)

The standings as of 7:41 PM EDT tonight are:

drum roll )

Points counting can be a bit like that scene in "Clue" ("one plus two, plus two, plus one ..."), so as always, if you have any questions or corrections, do let us know.

~ [personal profile] jesperanda 

ETA: points adjusted by kalakirya, 1:20pm MST 4/7
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Hi everyone! [personal profile] kalakirya here with the week two totals and standings!

Things are heating up here - we've got 30 podficcers, slightly less than 200 new podfics posted, 13 new fandoms, and provided I've done my math right (don't quote me on this), nearly 100 hours of podfic so far *\o/*

We're in awe of you guys and so, so excited to see how you'll manage to surprise us in the next four weeks :D

ETA: accurate as of 10:20am MTN March 29; a few points were missattributed, but that's been fixed :)

as of 2:15pm, MTN/MST (UTC-6), March 28, the standings are )


Mar. 24th, 2015 09:38 am
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hey guys! this is a gentle reminder to please make sure to use the "!not archived" and "amplificathon:2015" tags. It makes archivists' and mods' work much, much easier!
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Good evening, Amplificathoners! (or whatever time-of-day greeting is appropriate in your corner of the world)

[personal profile] jesperanda here with the standings for the first week of Amplificathon 2015. So far, we have about 75 new podfics and at least 4 new fandoms, including Jupiter Ascending with 11 (!) podfics so far.

There are 23 podficcers with points on the board, including the eleventy or so of you who participated in that long multivoice Avengers podfic. That's a strong showing out of the gate, but the challenge is still young ... ;-)

So while I'm rolling around in all the new podfic, here are the results as of 10:39 p.m. EST March 21 (UTC -4). We mods do our best to be accurate, but if you think your total should be different, please let us know.

[Updated March 22 with several corrections; still based off last night's data.]

and now, the points )
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it's about 6:45 am in kiribati as I write this, which means:

it's march 15 somewhere in the world.
amplificathon 2015 has begun!

we'll accept submissions until it is no longer april 30 anywhere in the world. need to know how much time is left? this clock will tell you.
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please figure your points and put the point value(s) on the post where you announce your recording(s). please present your points for fandom, relationship(s) or gen categories, bonus earnings, and length for each podfic. then, at the bottom of the entry, include the total points for all podfics in your post (for easier mod tracking). the numbers will be added up and posted throughout the challenge.

a) fandom points:
- giant fandoms - 1 point - any fandom with 250 or more podfics in the archive as of march 1, 2015
- represented fandoms - 5 points - any fandom with between 21 and 249 podfics in the archive as of march 1, 2015
- under-represented fandoms - 10 points - any fandom with 20 or fewer podfics in the archive as of march 1, 2015

b) relationship points (gen categories or any romantic groupings):
- giant relationships - 1 point - any relationship (or gen category) with 250 or more podfics in the archive as of march 1, 2015
- represented relationships - 5 points - any relationship (or gen category) with between 21 and 249 podfics in the archive as of march 1, 2015
- under-represented relationships - 10 points - any relationship (or gen category) with 20 or fewer podfics in the archive as of march 1, 2015

c) bonus points:
- non-english language bonus: 10 pts

a+b+c = subtotal
subtotal x length multiplier = total

length multiplier:
under 10 min: 1
10:01 - 20:00 -> 2
20:01 - 40:00 -> 3
40:01 - 1:10:00 -> 4
1:10:01 - 2:00:00 -> 5
2:00:01 - 2:50:00 -> 6
2:50:00 - 3:40:00 -> 7
3:40:01 - 4:30:00 -> 8
4:30:01 - 5:20:00 -> 9
5:20:01 - 6:10:00 -> 10
6:10:01 - 7:50:00 -> 20
7:50:01 - 9:30:00 -> 25
9:30:01 - 11:10:00 -> 30
11:10:01+ -> 40

how do i do this math?
handy examples are here! )

1 point - giant fandoms )

5 points - represented fandoms )

1 point - giant relationships & gen categories )

5 points - represented relationships )

5 points - represented gen )

Anything not appearing on these lists qualifies as under-represented, meaning that there were 20 or fewer podfics in the archive for that fandom, relationship, or gen category on March 1, 2015. This includes both categories with zero podfics and categories with 20 podfics, and everything in-between.
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here's where you can comment with your podfic if you don't have a dreamwidth account.

you can comment on this post anonymously or using Open ID. (what's that?)

make sure your comment includes:

your name
download link
pairing(s) if any
file size
text link
point count
cover artist (if any)

we'll reply to your comment to acknowledge it's been counted.


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