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Feb. 23rd, 2019 01:12 pm
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For those wondering where I'd disappeared to this past month, I moved and things were hectic. Things are also very good! Just, I was super-busy for a while.

Fan vid offering Fandom Trumps Hate

Feb. 23rd, 2019 12:17 am
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 I am offering two fanvids for Fandom Trumps Hate.
I mentioned fandoms, but I can do others if I have the source material.
Please bid if interested.

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Oh, wow, do not do flashcards you have to type the answer to when you're falling asleep. Star. Little tip for you there. I saw the character for "mouth," and then the flashcard made the "you got it wrong" sound, and I blinked, and I'd typed "the way through the door." Variations of this happened three times in a row before I gave up. (Because every time I realize I must have been asleep, I think I'm awake. This time it'll be fine, I think! And it is not.)

"Every mile is two in winter."

Feb. 22nd, 2019 03:44 am
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As is the usual way of things, posting here about being sick meant I was shortly to be past the worst of it. Tuesday I felt pretty decent and Wednesday I felt great. I slept! I got housework done! I went to PT! I took Kit to speech therapy! I shoveled snow! (My arms and shoulders are doing great and I wasn't even slightly sore the next day.) I had lovely smoochy times with J! He was a little sniffly but we assumed he was fighting off the same bug X and I had had.

Now I'm a little sniffly. And sneezy. And disproportionately tired...


But it's just a little cold, nothing nearly as bad as the flu-like thing that wrecked me for the past week. I didn't go to the office yesterday because I don't want to be a plague carrier, but I got work done from home, and J and I even took a leisurely walk in the not-too-chilly evening air. I was sad to miss the nice daytime weather, the likes of which we will not see again for a couple of weeks, but the walk was a decent consolation prize. And the kosher bakery was open late, so we got jam cookies and hamantaschen and bourekas ("for tomorrow's boureka-fast", we always say, because we find ourselves very funny).

I got more housework things done today, including folding all the laundry and entirely clearing off the dining table, and the house cleaners came, so the main area of the house looks great. The Shabbat candles are burning, the machines are quiet, the cats are mostly not being jerks, the humans are mostly asleep. It's very peaceful. I'm thinking of putting on a low-key TV show or movie and doing some cross-stitch or knitting for the first time in ages. It'd all be even nicer if my body didn't have that lingering bleh feeling of being sick, but it's still pretty nice, and pretty nice things have been scarce around here lately, so I will take it.

EDIT: I got out my knitting, but I think I am too tired to knit, so i'm going to go sleep a lot.
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♥ Actually a pretty comprehensive Guardian trailer! Three minutes long.

I expect that many of us watch the show for the relationships indicated in the second half of the trailer, though the first half of the trailer is probably a clearer explanation of the plot than we ever get in 40 episodes.

That said, I'm so amused when people talk about how bad this show is. I obviously hold it to a lower standard, as a lover of both Power Rangers and the original Star Trek, not to mention classic Doctor Who. I'm like, what do you want? They have more than three characters! They have more than one set! I don't understand what the problem is!
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001.universe 002.edge 003.cleave 004.distance 005.away
006.home 007.key 008.star 009.dust 010.shadows
011.old 012.new 013.borrowed 014.blue 015.promise
016.dishonour 017.wreck 018.fix 019.crack 020.discover
021.fiddle 022.fire 023.water 024.waves 025.salt
026.balm 027.fear 028.wear 029.mask 030.truth
031.courage 032.hope 033.raised 034.fall 035.spring
036.birth 037.morning 038.welcome 039.belong 040.share
041.count 042.mean 043.teasing 044.fantasy 045.game
046.work 047.bed 048.turn 049.swing 050.kitchen
051.cull 052.quell 053.arrested 054.inside 055.chance
056.alive 057.sleeping 058.late 059.rain 060.bottle
061.steal 062.brilliant 063.theory 064.practice 065.war
066.storm 067.voyage 068.swim 069.wallow 070.settle
071.ground 072.space 073.silence 074.screech 075.snap
076.scratch 077.bug 078.lighting 079.faded 080.ghost
081.history 082.time 083.mirror 084.drawing 085.trailed
086.way 087.run 088.here 089.heart 090.perfection
091.right 092.sanction 093.can 094.collection 095.crowd
096.oversight 097.graduate 098.laughing 099.unless 100.final

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I understood a dialogue* on ChinesePod this morning! First time ever! (It was about studying at a university, so my Guardian experience was actually helpful. I tell you, if there's ever a dialogue about dark energy, I am good to go.)

*Let's be fair, this is the pre-elementary "absolute beginner" level, so it's like four lines of clearly spoken Chinese. I'm still super psyched about it.

gluten-free hobnobs

Feb. 22nd, 2019 04:25 pm
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Homemade Hobnobs from the Gluten Free Canteen, by Lisa Stander Horel, author of Nosh on This.

These cookies are gluten free and dairy free, and I like them a lot. They're also very versatile and I've made a bunch of variations, which I've included at the end.

Homemade Hobnobs )

In conclusion: These cookies are easy to make, easy to adapt, and very easy to eat.

britpicking bleg

Feb. 22nd, 2019 05:15 pm
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Help I have to make a narrative/setting decision and I'm stuck. If I have some twenty-something English kids going to a small art exhibition in Soho in the late 1980s, and I want to have them also go to a park, does it make most sense for me to send them to Regent's Park, Hyde Park or St. James Park? Can either be for lunch in the afternoon or later at night. Nature personification deities are involved, so location/resonance matters.


Feb. 22nd, 2019 01:53 pm
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If Nora Roberts can still be angry about being plagiarized 20 years later, I can still be angry over getting plagiarized last year.

Publishing twitter, particularly romance twitter, has been abuzz because of an author having plagiarized many MANY (almost 30 last I saw) in her works. It's a fascinating thing, so if you want to check out what went down, go ahead. Roberts touches on it and the key hashtag that came out of it in her post.

Anyway. This is about me. Last May, as some of you may already know, a reader told me someone, at the time going by the name starbucksXlove, had used my stories, Filthy Words and Filthy Acts, to make a work called Voyeur. I was stunned, upset, and immediately filled out an abuse report. I didn't do any public callouts. I wanted it to be handled officially.

ETA: I wanted to add that comments on Voyeur were moderated. I knew they would never approve a comment from me, or anyone else, accusing them of plagiarizing, so they clearly were trying to avoid being called out. I obliged - I didn't feel like a potential dogpiling situation would have done anyone any good. So. Official channels only and vague tweeting about it.

So I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And five weeks later, I wrote an angry tumblr post, and then went to bed. And then the next day, still upset, I went to look at the plagiarized work but it was gone. Gone! I was able to pretty easily track down starbucksXlove under their new username - it didn't last long, whatever they changed it to, they shortly changed it once more to DaddyCablepool - and they had, just that day, posted a new cowritten work with the person who had supposedly beta'd the plagiarized work.

I was livid. Had they seen my tumblr post and then deleted the work and changed their name to try to avoid consequences? Because they were clearly still posting work, so AO3 had clearly not done anything to them. (In hind sight, the cowriter credit may have been a posting workaround. AO3 never told me that the writer received any kind of warning or restriction.) I wrote to AO3 to ask if abuse had taken it down, and that I'd been waiting FIVE WEEKS.

Abuse said they were the ones who deleted it, and they had a backlog of complaints and these things take time, etc, etc. etc. Except Abuse also says that they sort complaints due to priority, so my complaint of PLAGIARISM was in the "get to it in five weeks" category of priority.

I'm still so angry with that writer and so frustrated with AO3 Abuse.

I then saw that DaddyCablepool was running a big bang for Cablepool, and after some consideration with awesome twitter folks, I made a post saying, hey, guys, the mod plagiarized me, maybe don't give them your unposted works. I got a very small handful of likes, a "yikes," comment, and a "uh, do you have proof?" comment.

So. You know. That was fun and totally useful.

Right now, DaddyCablepool is no more. DarkDesires, BeniciHOE, and DarkHartwinCasuality are all current AO3 names for starbucksXlove on AO3 as of writing, and they may have others. These are all DIFFERENT AO3 accounts, some new, and one dating back to 2016 and would have been the one using the starbucksXlove name at some point. They change names all the time. I sometimes check to see if I can find any more evidence of plagiarism. So far, I haven't. Which good, don't fucking plagiarize.

But it took five weeks of me sitting on my hands waiting for Abuse to deal with it, because I didn't want to call them out publicly. Not that I have a PLATFORM for that kind of thing. And I don't know if Abuse even DID anything other than take the fic down. I would have thought that would be a potentially banning offense (this wasn't subtle) but clearly a no. I guess it's good to know for plagiarists on AO3 that you can just change your name, maybe start a new pseud with a new email address on the side, and go chugging on your merry way.

Then again, it didn't slow Cassandra Clare down, so hey. Why should AO3 try to be any better than ff.net and worry about plagiarism?

I'm not a great writer. I'm not Nora Roberts, I'm not Courtney Milan. But no one should have to deal with this kind of shit.

(The following images show the now deleted "Voyeur" fic as well as a side by side comparison of a passage to my work. In that image, my work is on the left, and the plagiarized work is on the right.)

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Title: This Time Around It's More Correct
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] ialpiriel
Fandom: Fallout 4
Characters/Pairings: Glory/Curie, Glory/G5-19, Glory/Curie/Female Sole Survivor
Length: 2621 words
Rating: Teen & Up
Warnings: None
Summary: Curie and Glory don’t get off to a great start. They learn to relax a bit once other shit hits the fan.
Notes: In this 'verse the Sole Survivor is also a synth.

G5 is gone, and Glory is trying to get used to Curie walking around in her body. This fic explores that tension, Glory's loss and the cautious beginnings of a relationship. It really gets into Glory's head especially, and I love the sense of a gentle coming to terms with the way things are, and making room for new things.

You did, whether you meant to or not. )

( Read on AO3 )

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My colleague C and I are trying out hands on working together on an article. We have a lot in common, and both are trying to qualify for status as particularly merited pedagogical person(s) (or something like that - basically, a person that knows teaching and stuff): Since we have already been talking and tested out a lot of forms of assessment, we've decided to write an article together. Or at least try.

So far we've been reading stuff, and this week we stared co-writing, or at least outlining what we want to write. So far it's going well. Inbetween trying to figure out what we are writing, we sent of an application to co to a conference, without having anything to present, which is usually a prerequisite for getting funds, arguing it was important as a part of our pedagogical training. And we got a positive answer within 30 hours - so Manchester here we come! So today's writing session was quite a lot about finding and booking a hotel and looking for ways to get to Manchester. And where to drink beer, and other important things.

Next week we have one writing session, and I need to read some stuff before that. And I also need to edit and resubmit an abstract for a conference in Copenhagen in May.

But first - weekend (and grading)!

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Feb. 22nd, 2019 08:24 am
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It has been a Week and I'm not sure how we got to but here we are. I don't have a lot to say and am still kind of drained, so don't mind me. Sorry I don't have more in me today but I am happy we are all still here.


This post is for:
• being excited about the things you've done this week
• asking for help if you need it
• venting about anything that might need to be flailed over.
• showing off something cool you've done/made/experienced this week.
• being generally enthused and excited about things that have happened.
• just being thrilled that you survived.

Come drop into the comments and let us know how you're doing and how things have gone. While I may not respond to every comment myself, all of you are free to respond to each other and get encouragement, help or whatever else it is you need. If you want to vent without advice being given, please say so and if you want cheering or tips or anything, let us know that too.

I do ask that if you have any triggering topics, that you mention them in the subject line or first line of your comment. This is just so people can make informed decisions on what to read and keep everyone okay. <3 Thank you so much.
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I was just browsing my WIP folder when I discovered this fic that I had apparently finished but had never posted:

Red Ink (1385 words) by Ruuger
Fandom: Castle, The Mentalist
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Patrick Jane & Richard Castle
Characters: Patrick Jane, Kimball Cho, Richard Castle, Kate Beckett
Summary: "To Castle's disappointment, the crime scene turned out to be just another boring alleyway in an equally boring industrial district. He'd opted to skip the premiere for the new James Bond movie because of the promise of a gruesomely mutilated dead body, but he was already beginning to regret his choice."

[Writing] Oh, so we're here.

Feb. 22nd, 2019 12:09 am
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Here in the "Just put down words because I hate everything I write and am seriously questioning my ability to pull this fic off" phase of the process okay cool this is familiar.

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Santa Barbara's Finest, by [archiveofourown.org profile] sebviathan

When Carlton dies, he's too young, too unfulfilled, too miserable to move on to any kind of afterlife. Luckily, there's an alternative that suits his needs.

When Carlton dies, very little actually changes.
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[personal profile] texelations posted in [community profile] critique_u: Critique U's first flash fiction challenge!

A banner for the Critique U flash fiction challenge, featuring lightning striking near a mountain

There will be several rounds running this weekend, February 23-24. I'm going to try to participate in the afternoon ones!


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