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out of the auditary 2020.

Out of the Auditary returns for a second year! This is a fest for podficcing works that don't fit into the "standard" fiction format, such as meta, not!fic, epistolary and chatfic, video game codes entries, fake scientific articles, poetry, and many more! Rules and details are here on AO3 (and I am happy to answer any additional questions); submission deadline is March 27th! If you'd like examples as to what was created for this fest in the previous year, check out the 2019 collection.

If you want to promo the fest, just copy & paste this code:

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The europodfriends fan meet header. It says "europodfriends" in yellow on a blue background, with black silhouettes of headphones, a microphone, and a map of Europe behind the text.

Europodfriends: a European meet for podfic fans and podfic-adjacent people! If you create podfic, listen to podfic, write for challenges such as [community profile] pod_together, make cover art for podfic, or anything else to do with creating or enjoying podfic, you are welcome to join us! This year's meet will be held in Berlin, Germany, 16th - 18th October 2020.

We're currently at the stage of planning our budget. If you would like to come, please fill out this form to let us know about your budget. Don't worry if you can't afford it/would need help to be able to afford the trip - we have options for that as well!

We realize this is quite early for a lot of people, so don't worry if you can't commit to staying in the Europodfriends accommodation yet - you'll still be able to attend if you find your own, separate accommodation!

We'll be closing the budget survey on the 8th of March, so make sure to fill it out until then! If you can't commit yet for sure but would like to keep abreast of things, you can follow us at [community profile] europodfriends, [ profile] europodfriends, or [ profile] europodfriends. Alternatively, you can PM me your email address and I will add you to our mailing list!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer!
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 (cross-posting from tumblr, because I guess I go there now)

So, I’ve been doing this podfic thing since 2010, and I’ve learned a lot of stuff: how to move your face away from the mic if you’re getting plosive feedback, how to pronounce ‘clitoris’, how to compress your file size without sacrificing (too much) audio quality, how to slap text over some faces and call it coverart. One thing that took me ages to learn, however, was to BACK UP YOUR PODFIC FILES.

I learned this the hard way - first, when megaupload went down, and then when the audiofic archive went down. Apparently there was a 9-month period in 2012 where I didn’t save a single file to my external harddrive, either. I don’t even know.


Of the approximately 1707 podfics I’ve posted publicly in the last 9.5 years, I am missing copies of 54 of them. Here’s the list:

If anyone happens to have a copy of any of the podfics on the spreadsheet above, and wanted to send them my way, I swear I’ll back them up in at least two different places. Pinky promise.

EDIT - 02.03.2020


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Behind the Pod is a podcast about podfic, with audio essays, interviews, and other meta discussion by different podficcers each episode.

You can sign up as an individual, or in a group, there are no minimum or maximum time limits, and we accept (almost) any topic under the umbrella of podfic meta!

Sign-ups are open from today until 23rd Feb, and there’s no limit on the number of sign-ups! All sign-up and Series 2 details are on our dreamwidth:

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aka everyone's favorite annual podfic gift exchange run entirely over twitter with no limits and no rules hahahahahaha who are we kidding anymore

(If you'd like to see previous years' master lists, 2011 is here, 2012 is here, 2013 is here, 2014 is here, 2015 is here, 2016 is here, 2017 is here, and 2018 is here.)

Uh. Hi friends. Happy...late January? *ducks flying produce* Genuinely, our sincerest apologies for the completely unprecedented lateness of this post—the unusual lateness of Hanukkah this year combined with bad mod health in a way that we're putting policies in place to keep from happening ever again. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE <333


  • For the first year since the very first year of the exchange, when it was nearly a QUARTER of the size it is now, we didn't need a SINGLE pinch hitter!!! Y'all, minimum limits or no, for a nearly 80 person exchange, that is nigh unheard of, so give yourselves a pat on the fuckin' back, we're proud of you.
  • This year's [ profile] lattice_frames Multipodding Award goes to [ profile] lunate8 & [ profile] secretsofluftnarp, who managed to pod the same Untitled Goose Game/The Good Place fic for each other! We also had a few other multipods this year—[ profile] knight_tracer & [ profile] litrapod both received two versions of the same fic, [ profile] blackestglass received a pod of the same fic she podded for someone else, and, improbably, we had two versions of a fic involving four different people in a tiny fandom that only three people signed up for! Love to see people getting into new fandoms ;)
  • So how are our favorite Podfic Robots doing this year? I'm proud to say that [ profile] opalsong & [ profile] reenajenkins are back in usual form, collectively producing 43% of the entire runtime of podfic to come out of the exchange this year. Y'all're crazy, and we love you for it <3
  • So what IS the total runtime this year, then? We collected a total of 318 podfics this year, for a total runtime of.....(drumroll, please)..............217 hours, 53 minutes, 03 seconds—over NINE DAYS OF AUDIO. Hopefully well over a week's worth of podfic to put in your ears was worth the extra long wait ;)

Big thanks to the following people:

  • [ profile] exmanhater, for providing us with our permanent hosting. If you've found this post in 2024 and all the links still work, she's the one you should send the fruit basket to ;)
  • forever and always, [ profile] alexwlchan for writing and troubleshooting/providing support for the script we use to generate this post (GitHub page here!) You think THIS masterlist was late, lol, can you IMAGINE if we had to do this by hand still?! HAH!

To everyone who patiently (or not so patiently!) waited through the delays this year, who has come back year after year, or maybe just popped your head in for the first time this year—all of this is for y'all, and we love you <333

And NOW, what you're really here for...

GETCHyer pods here, FRESH pods outta the oven! )
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Title: In a Family Way
Author & Reader: [personal profile] kribban 
Fandom: Supernatural

Gen. Claire Novak, Dean Winchester, Rowena Macleod.

Mature (for violence.)

When a hunt for an elemental witch goes wrong, Claire Novak finds herself nine months pregnant. If that wasn't enough, the baby's got magical powers, and if that wasn't enough, yet another witch is trying to kill her. Luckily, Sam and Dean know someone who can help with both the magic and the delivery; Rowena.

Content notes: Sound effects and music. Artists listed in the end credits.

Length: 73 minutes (Part 1) and 63 minutes (Part 2.)

Hosted at

Part 1
Part 2

If you take the time to listen, feel free to give me constructive criticisism! I have only created podfic for a couple of months and I'm still an amateur. <3

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I've become addicted to the use of soundeffects. Especially when I adapt a action-adventure/horror fic, I've found that it can really add to the atmosphere and add to the story-telling.

For instance, in my last podfic I used gunshots before the part where the narration tells who fired - creating suspence for the listener.

I'm using which has only no-attribution sounds, which means you don't have to give credit to the person who created the sound effect. 

(I've used sounds from too, but you have to credit the creator of the sound effect which can be annoying when you use many of them. I do upload my own sound effects to though. *g*)

The sound effects I use the most are long, atmospheric sounds. Some are loopable, some are not. Some favorites:

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Hooray, we've made it to the TENTH year of Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology! As before, we'll be collecting short lady-centric podfics by different readers in different fandoms to release as an anthology and as a collection of individual files.

This year's submission deadline is February 9th, and we will post on February 29th.

In honor of our ten year milestone, the theme for this year's anthology is milestones. It's optional—all podfics are welcome as long as they follow the rules laid out in the Submission Guidelines—but feel free to let it inspire you if you'd like.

If you are not familiar with this project, you can see the previous nine anthologies here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

To Podficcers: Interested in participating? We'd love to have you. This should be a low-stress project, even for people who are new to podficcing, due to the word-count: 1500 words or less (with many being as short as 1-2 minutes). If you'd like to record something for this anthology, please fill out this quick google form and we'll send you the link to the spreadsheet where we'll be keeping track of all the podfics.

Here are some good places for finding short fics about female characters:
-The Women Being Awesome, Female Characters, POV Female Character, and Female Relationships tags at the AO3, limited to word counts of 1500 or less.
-The Misses Clause Challenge from Yuletide
-Femslash Minis
-Awesome Ladies Ficathon (original LJ ficathon deleted, but these works crossposted to AO3 remain)
-Real Women Fest
-Female Character Trope Fest
-The Bechdel Test Comment Ficathon
-The Bechdel Test Comment Ficathon II
-I am the Plot, Babe: A Villainess Ficathon
-Where No Woman: Un-erasing the women of Star Trek
-Femslash Kinkmeme
-The Femslash February Collection

Since this project has a relatively quick turnaround time, you may want to refer to this database of authors who have posted blanket permission statements.

To the Podcurious: A number of prolific podficcers have gotten their start by contributing to previous years of this anthology. If you have ever thought you might like to create podfic, this is a really great starting place. It's low pressure, you'll get a lot of listeners, you're contributing to a cool fanwork that celebrates our love for female characters, and it's not too intense of a spotlight, because your piece is in the company of many other voices.

To Everyone: Feel free to comment with links to other fests or specific works that you think would be a good fit for this anthology. Additionally, we are looking for beta listeners who can absolutely commit to at LEAST two hours of beta listening between February 11th and 18th. Please let us know if you'd be available and interested; we'd be very grateful!

To Authors: We've had some awesome authors get involved in the past, in [community profile] pod_together style, to create short female-centric pieces for the anthology in collaboration with podficcers. If you’re an author who’s interested and is seeking podficcers to work with, feel free to comment below. Podficcers who would like this sort of collaboration, please reply directly to the authors.

Below you will find our rules and submission guidelines. If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

Basic Rules
  • Each reader can make up to 5 podfics to include in the anthology (though an unlimited number may be included in the spreadsheet/AO3 collection), and each story should be no more than 1500 words.

  • All stories should focus on characters who identify as women within the story.

  • All fandoms, including rpf fandoms, are eligible.

  • All podfics should be submitted in mp3 format.

  • As long as it is still the day of the deadline anywhere on Earth, you are allowed to submit podfics.

  • Effects are fine, but please do not use intro or outro music in the version of the podfic you submit for the Anthology (just for the sake of time—it's usually hours long, so we'd like to keep each podficlet within it to the header info we requested, the words of the story, and "the end" in order to not expand the time further. If you'd like to add in music to the version that you crosspost or that goes into the excel spreadsheet of individual podficlets, that's totally fine!

  • Important note: Please make sure you read and follow the Submission Guidelines. It helps everything flow together much better, and it makes the mods' jobs so much easier!

Submission Guidelines
For the sake of consistency within the anthology, we'd like to ask that everyone follow these guidelines for eligible fics and the metadata you include in the podfic:

-All recordings should begin and end with two seconds of silence.
-Each reading should begin, "[Title], written by [author], read by [reader]. Fandom: [Fandom]." We also suggest including appropriate warnings or content notes for common triggers such as sexual assault and major character death.
-Each reading should end with "The End".
-The metadata should follow this format:

Name: [Fandom] Title
Artist: readername (reader)
Album Artist: authorname (author)
Year: 2020
Album: Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology X
Comments: Text at: http://link
Genre: Podfic
(Note that usernames should be all-lowercase, with fandom and title given title capitalization.)

-To help make sure the volume across the anthology is consistent, we are providing a benchmark volume file to use for volume-matching. Please make sure that your own podfics are approximately matched to this volume. One way is to listen to the benchmark at a comfortable volume, then listen to your file, and if you don't find the transition jarring or feel a need to turn the volume up or down when the file switches, you're good! If you aren't sure how to adjust volume, in Audacity it's Amplify under the Effects menu, and in Garageband it's track volume (the blue line here). If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comments! The benchmark volume file is here (right-click save to download).
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I find it hard to express how much I enjoyed recording this! : D I know it won't have a large audience, but whatever, that is not why I create things and I am just head over heels for this tiny fandom. If you like my podfic in general, you could give it a try? The podfic has an 18th century setting, Scottish folklore creatures, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, and being torn between duty and love. Also lovely landscape description. Thanks to [personal profile] glinda for helping me out with pronuciation!

An Ally Better than the Sidhe, by [personal profile] hyarrowen
Fandom: The Flight of the Heron, by D K Broster
Pairing: Ewen Cameron/Keith Windham
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1 h 23 m 14 s
Author's summary: In the autumn of 1746, Major Windham is patrolling the west coast of Scotland in search of Bonnie Prince Charlie - but finds something completely unexpected instead.

Podfic and further notes on AO3
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 Could anybody give me a copy of their base HTML that you use for posting podfics on AO3? I'm making a guide on how to auto generate the code in spreadsheets, and I want to fiddle around with somebody else's formats.
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Title: Winter Cities
Author: [ profile] tofsla
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairings: Kaiou Michiru/Tenoh Karuka
Rating: mature
Summary: Haruka and Michiru, a long way from home.
content notes:
text at AO3

download as an mp3 (many thanks to paraka <3)

cover by me!

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I need help with the pronunciation of various Scottish names and places for a podfic, and maybe also with some Gaelic phrases. I would compile a list and then if you could make a sound file with the pronunciations, that would be great. Could anyone help me?
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I have made...the perfect spreadsheet for me. One that automatically generates the HTML for my AO3 posts. And maybe you all are already doing it, but I just figured it out for myself! Look here for the spreadsheet copy that doesn't give away my ITPE secrets.

So, as I'm recording more podfics of late, handling all the metadata and posting has gotten...onerous. I keep a spreadsheet of relevant metadata and a fill-in-the-blank HTML file, but it still involved going back and forth between two windows, and took a long time. In addition, I recently changed from DropBox Pro to Google One storage; I had enough space to continue storing podfics on DropBox, but I wanted to have download links for both available, in case one shuts down in the future.

I didn't like the idea of going through each of my podfics (about 70, at the moment, but once ITPE is released...) and doing the copy-paste on each attribute AGAIN. And possibly even more in the future, if things break. There had to be a way to do things smarter, faster, easier.

Enter...a lot of trial-and-error on how many quotation marks I need. A LOT. I took my fill-in-the-blank file, turned un-coded line breaks into ACTUAL HTML line breaks, and replaced the "blanks" with the actual metadata cells. Fiddled...fiddled...and...voila.

It's beautiful. And look, not only the main HTML, but I'm so lazy I made it auto-generate my title, as well! AND! I also made a second sheet, which generates the text for my YouTube posts (I'm posting there, as well, trying to seduce podfic YouTubers onto AO3).

With the auto-generated HTML, I went through and updated the HTML for ALL my podfics in about 15 minutes! Over 70 fics, 15 minutes! :D

I'm just...I'm gonna save SO MUCH TIME with this thing!

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Colour sketch of an anatomical heart done in chalks. Inside the heart sit the title information, author and reader names. The heart is tethered to a piece of string as if to keep it from floating away.

Readers: [personal profile] momo & [personal profile] frecklebombfic
Rating: Gen
Length: 00:18:41
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairings: Zach Hyman/William Nylander
Tags: magical realism, pining, obliviousness, friends to lovers
Summary: Zach keeps finding Willy's heart. He's not sure what that means.

Podfic of Vidriana's story.
Notes: Thanks to Vidriana for giving blanket permission to podfic.

Thanks to Dell for being my Willy ♥ and for suggesting the perfect song.

Cover art by momo.

This was recorded at Europodfriends 2019 in the presence of the author. What a great experience to perform a story and hear the author's approving squee.

Link: On AO3
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I thought this might be useful to some of us. I took all the website links out of Fanlore's Blanket Permission list, so it's easier to open a LOT of author profiles at once.

Here's the spreedsheet, in Google Docs.

I'm still sorting the Dreamwidth and LJ links out (if anyone knows a trick, please help), and a lot of those links are just links to comment chains. But the AO3 links are all on their own sheet. You can open multiple links by highlighting the ones you want and hitting ALT+Enter, or right-clicking and choosing "Open Links." But Google is pissy and doesn't like you doing all of them. Just 60 at a time or so. But it's still faster than clicking every one!

ALWAYS DOUBLE-CHECK THE FANLORE PAGE. Some authors have caveats, like not allowing RPF recordings.
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cover of kiss kiss bang bang, showing Gerard looking flushed and slightly stoned.

Title: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Author: [personal profile] 7iris
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Readers: [personal profile] sylvaine, [personal profile] kdheart, [ profile] the_casual_cheesecake, [ profile] Kittyblack, travelmate
Cover Artist: [personal profile] sylvaine
Length: 0:17:02
Rating: E
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Frank Iero/Ray Toro/Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Content: GSF, Sibling Incest, Double Penetration, Fisting, Sex Pollen
Summary: Mikey calls them at three in the morning to tell them to come down, there's something wrong with Gerard. Sex pollen!PWP

Notes: I have only one thing to say: >:D >:D >:DDD

Recorded at Europodfriends 2019. Thank you to KD, Kitty, Cake, and travelmate for indulging me ♥

Also on AO3, on tumblr, and on

Download links (left-click to stream, right-click to save):
mp3 (8.0 MB) | m4b (8.3 MB)

Or you can listen to it right here:

Here's a bonus outtake in which we completely lose it over eyeclutching, two of us have a brief but intense fangirl moment over the Paradox series, and we are Very Srs Professional Podficcers (as ever, right-click to save, left-click to stream): Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang blooper (1.3) MB
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cover of tech support, showing K-2SO staring at the viewer.

Title: Tech Support
Author: [ profile] Bright_Elen
Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Readers: [personal profile] sylvaine, [personal profile] knight_tracer, [personal profile] captaingondolin
Editor: [personal profile] knight_tracer
Cover Artist: [personal profile] sylvaine
Length: 0:04:33
Rating: G
Pairing: Cassian Andor/K-2SO
Content: Fluff, Comfort No Hurt, POV Outsider, Established Relationship
Summary: K-2 is an affectionate drunk.

Notes: Recorded at Europodfriends 2019.

Also on AO3, on tumblr, and on

Download link (left-click to stream, right-click to save):
mp3 (1.2 MB)

Or you can listen to it right here:

sylvaine: Gerard looking at Ray, who's concentrating on his guitar. There's a red <3 between them. ([band:MCR] Gerard&Ray <3)
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cover of let the engines roar, showing the band driving in an open van with the sunlight behind them; Ray driving, Gerard standing up behind him.

Title: let the engines roar
Author: [personal profile] akamine_chan
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Readers: [personal profile] sylvaine, [personal profile] kdheart, [ profile] travelmate, [ profile] the_casual_cheesecake
Cover Artist: [personal profile] sylvaine
Length: 0:09:34
Rating: T
Pairing: Ray Toro/Gerard Way
Content: Failboats in Love, Behind the Scenes
Summary: Ray has an epiphany during the filming of the SING video.

Notes: Really what I wanted for the cover was a picture of Ray behind the scenes of the video, but I couldn't find anything so I was like fuck it, this is good enough. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Recorded at Europodfriends 2019. Thank you to KD, travelmate, and Cake for indulging me with this one. :D

Also on AO3, on tumblr, and on

Download links (left-click to stream, right-click to save):
mp3 (5.0 MB) | m4b (5.2 MB)

Or you can listen to it right here:


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