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welcome to the ninth annual (!!!!!) [community profile] amplificathon faq!

what the heck is this [community profile] amplificathon challenge thing?
the [community profile] amplificathon is a points-based podfic-creating challenge. podfics are audio recordings of fanfic!

who is running this thing and why?
your co-mods are [personal profile] kalakirya, [personal profile] idella and [personal profile] rscreighton

the audiofic archive -- the multi-fandom home to a great many podfics -- is heavily weighted toward a few fandoms and pairings, so the mission and purpose of the 'thon is to create podfics in some of the other fandoms and pairings out there in the interest of offering something for everyone.

what's new this year?
[personal profile] idella and [personal profile] rscreighton are new mods. and as we haven't changed the point system there are some fandoms and pairings that have graduated up into higher brackets, but nothing major :)

what's the timeframe & what are the deadlines?
the challenge begins march 15 and ends april 30.

see the countdown to the start of amplificathon and check when it ends for you

when does it start?
as soon as it's march 15 anywhere in the world. check when that is for you

do i need to sign up or tell anyone what i am going to record?
nope! if you make something, join the comm and post it! if you want to do more, do more! it's all up to you. no pressure! unless you like pressure, in which case feel free to announce your to-do list in your journal, and pretend we are breathing down your neck about it.

how do I participate?
post your podfic to this community, making sure to use the "amplificathon: 2016" tag. please make sure your post includes your podfic's statistics (title, fandom, pairing/gen, your name, the author's name, length, and file size) and your point count for that post (preferably the math too).

do i have to allow archiving of my recording?
yes. that's sort of the point of the 'thon! please use the "!not archived" tag in your post :) but after the whole shebang is over, if you really don't want the file archived, it will be removed. in that case we only ask that you allow it to be publicly available for six months first.

what about crossposting?
you can post about your recording and/or link to it wherever you want. it's yours. but only podfics posted at the dreamwidth community will count towards your total.

what if I don't have a dreamwidth account?
we've got you covered! You can comment on this post using open ID! Please include the name you'd like to be credited with, your podfic's stats (fandom, pairing, text link, length, file size, cover artist if any), a link to the podfic and your point count.

what format should i save my file in? what sound quality should i save my file as?
mp3, please! if you wind up with a different format we'll probably be able to convert it, but mp3 is the most universally accessible and all podfics must be available in mp3 format from the archive.

bitrate and sound quality are up to the reader. some people hear a tinniness in lower quality files, some don't. it's up to you!

do i need to prove that i have the author's permission?
you don't need to prove it to us; we trust you to follow the etiquette guidelines of your fandom/community. though if you wrote the story yourself, probably the permission step isn't necessary :P

there's a list of authors granting blanket permission (and links to their statements) on fanlore: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Blanket_Permission_to_Podfic

for authors looking to leave blanket permission, there are posts on the amplificathon comms for that purpose: LJ/DW

is it okay to add sounds other than me reading to my podfic?
of course! sound effects, music clips, etc. can all add to a podfic recording. but some people have trouble understanding words spoken over music, so you may want to take that into consideration :)

what are the minimum and maximum lengths of a recording?
there are no time or file size constraints. drabbles are okay, too!

what if i want to create a collaborative podfic with more than one reader?
then the points count for all of the readers. and also? that would be awesome!

how do i upload files?
you can use a file sharing site like mediafire or, if you have it, your own webspace. if the file is under 20 MB, you can email it as an attachment to audmod at gmail dot com. the mods will upload it in turn to a permanent home in the archive in as timely a manner as possible, and comment on your post/reply to your email with the permanent link.

i want to get the maximum points possible for each recording! how do i find small or unrepresented fandom stories?
find stories your usual way! do your favorites. but if you are trying to maximize your points, we encourage you to find stories in fandoms you are interested in via reccers and recs sites. larger fandoms have their own communities as well, and don't forget that just because a fandom is otherwise big and active doesn't mean it's well-represented with podfic! you can read your own stories, or other people's writing - that part's totally up to you :)

some handy links:
fire-juggler's blanket permission lists
the "podfic welcome" tag on AO3
[community profile] recsrainbow (multifandom recs comm)
newbieguide (fannish directory)
yuletide index (small fandoms)
crack_van (multi-fannish recs)
the rck's recs (multifandom reccer)
[personal profile] norah's recs tag, and her reccing the reccers post (multifandom reccer)
[personal profile] thefourthvine (multifandom reccer)

what if i record a multi-chapter story in multiple parts? do i get points for each part? what if i have an existing multipart project?
go you! but no. you can only count a project once. if you have a multipart project in-process and manage to finish it within the six week timeframe, post to the community and we'll count it toward your score (if you post it as a wip, please put your points on the final post only).

what if i record a non-english-language story?
you get a 10-point bonus! :)

who will win and how? and what do they win?
the people with the top 3 scores, according to the scheme outlined here, get a prize! there are also special event winners, but the categories for those a wee bit more ~secret~ (unless you've done the 'thon before. in which case they probably aren't :P).

the prize is worldwide acclaim! (podfic fandom is pretty multinational!) other prizes this year will be graphics-oriented, but if you have ideas for prizes that you think are awesome (and, you know: feasible), give us a holler! the only thing we love better than podfic is giving people prizes, seriously.

what is the end result of all of this?
more podfic for everyone! multifandom love! a job well done! \o/

is there anything else i need to know?
we're going to make this a sticky post and link all of the other relevant amplificathon 2016 posts from the sidebar on the DW comm. but for anyone viewing the comm in a style that doesn't display link lists, here are those links:

calculating points
openID/anonymous posting
support comm


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