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aka everyone's favorite annual podfic gift exchange run entirely over twitter with no limits, no rules okay there were a few rules this year, and mostly just squee

Well kids, it's been a year. Our little challenge is All Grown Up! (Though not without some growing pains!) We added Dear Podficcer letters and treats, we had a much bigger sign-up list, and [personal profile] paraka did NOT try to pinch-hit her own gift, but DID get excited about her gift from me...which was NOT actually from me and was, in fact, from [personal profile] reena_jenkins. (It’s a lot less complicated than it sounds, but where’s the fun explaining the joke? WE LOVE YOU LINDSAY)

BUT DESPITE THE ROUGH PATCHES, WE ALL GOT THROUGH IT! And amazingly enough, with only one pinch-hitter! (We <3 you [personal profile] analise010 YOU ROCK!)

So enough of this chit-chat, I know why you're all really here--THE AWESOME AMOUNTS OF GREAT NEW PODFIC \o/ Let's get to it.

(NOTE: all download links are currently direct download links from the Archive. I’ll be going through and making pages for everything and swapping the direct links out for links to their respective archive pages, but THERE ARE A LOT OF PODFICS HERE, so bear with me and be patient <3)


OMG I can haz bonus treats?! )

THAT'S IT YOU GUYS! We're going to make even more changes for next time based on this year's experience, so if you have any feedback, let us know in the comments! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!
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Title: The Pod That Doesn't End
Author: I'll let [personal profile] themusecalliope take the blame for this, lol. ;)
Beta: [personal profile] themusecalliope
Cover art: [profile] sly_hostetter

Performances by (in order of appearance): [profile] sly_hostetter, [personal profile] weimar27, [personal profile] flyingthesky, Samwise "Sam" the Cat, [personal profile] themusecalliope, [personal profile] knight_tracer, [profile] heardtheowl

Fandom: Podfic
Rating: G

If you'd like to be a part of this project, and I hope you do, feel free to send/post a link an audio file of your lovely voice singing "The Pod That Doesn't End" (lyrics can be found through the link above) to me and I'll add you right in!

[community profile] amplificathon, [community profile] remopodmo, [ profile] remopodmo, [profile] sly_hostetter

Download: MP3 (4.21 MBs) (Right click and "Save As")
(The m4b Audiobook is a work in progress, I'm having a little problem with the chapters)

Streaming: 0:04:36
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Story Information

Author: [ profile] zuben_eschamali
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Minor Character Death
Ship: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, Past Jensen Ackles/Sam Winchester
Summary: A tall and handsome doctor is kidnapped by a mysterious green-eyed man who has no memory—but who definitely has a past. The J2 AU version of The Bourne Identity
Link to Text: View the Original Text

Podfic Information

Beta Listener: [ profile] nelle816
Cover Artist: [ profile] evian_fork
Running Time: 11:18:24
Reader's Notes: This is now the longest story i've ever recorded. \o/ Thanks to [ profile] nelle816 for betaing especially as it came to the deadline. Thanks to [ profile] evian_fork for her lovely artwork.

Download Links

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
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Holiday from Real
written by [ profile] raeschae

|| Jensen/JDM || NC-17 || 2:52:30 ||

m4b || 80.7 MB

mp3 || 172.1 MB

Recorded for the [ profile] john_w_bigbang challenge.

Points: 5+5+18+5+5+0=38
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Eat Drink Love
written by [ profile] raina_at

|| Jensen/Jared || NC-17 || 44:12 || 40.5 MB||


originally recorded for the unofficial twitter exchange for [ profile] fishpatrol. But hadn't received permission in time for the post day so i'd recorded Full Service Firm as well.
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The idea for this exchange evolved over a Twitter conversation involving several podficcers. When the dust had settled, the rules were thus:

1) Everything would be done via Twitter, from sign-ups to gift distribution
2) No minimum podfic or word length (hence, the “informal”)
3) What happens in the exchange stays in the exchange.

Pretty simple really. That was the point. (The moderators would like to thank all of the participants for helping to keep it that way too. Everyone responded to check-ins, no one was late, and we needed no pinch-hits. Even if [personal profile] paraka did volunteer, if unknowingly, to pinch-hit her own gift.)

Without further ado, onto the masterlist of LOVELY PODFIC GIFTS!

Click for gifts! )

As people come home from vacation and post their podfics to their journals, we'll edit in reader post links instead of the direct download links. If we're missing any, drop us a comment and we'll fix it!

That's it! If anyone has any feedback, or thoughts, or really anything at all to say (ideas for next year? MAYBE?), let us know in the comments!

--your #InformalTwitterPodficExchange co-mods, [personal profile] bessyboo & [personal profile] cantarina
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Full Service Firm
written by [personal profile] rivkat

|| Jensen/Jared || NC-17 || 1:03:00 || Varies ||

Notes: Recorded for [ profile] fishpatrol for the informal twitter podfic exchange.

mp3 || m4b

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With an awesome 2354 points, our 2nd Place winner is [ profile] diane_mckay!

Woo-hoo, way to go!!

made by [personal profile] bessyboo

made by [personal profile] bessyboo

written by [ profile] cathalin
read by [personal profile] weimar27
XMFC; Eric/Charles
19:12 | mp3 (18.4 MB) | m4b (14.6 MB)
[identity profile]
London Calling
written by [ profile] shadowscast

|| Xander/Spike || Mature || 2:06:27 || Varies ||

There was an issue with the export of track three. If you've downloaded the .zip already, here's the link to the new third track. The links to the mp3 and m4b have have been updated with the latest version.

mp3 || 115.3 MB

m4b || MB

[identity profile]

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn
written by [ profile] zephyrocity
art by [ profile] eryslash
cover art by [ profile] bessyboo

|| Jensen/Jared || R || 4:45:08 || Varies||

mp3 || 272.6 MB

m4b || 143.1 MB

Notes: recorded for [ profile] spn_cinema and also fulfills my "Harlequin" square for [community profile] podfic_bingo.
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I've re-edited my podfic In Harm's Way. I didn't re-record anything, but I've cleaned up the tracks.

Title: In Harm's Way
Author: [ profile] gatorgrrrl
Artist: [ profile] deadflowers5
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Total Size/Length: 219 MB, 8:19:50
Download Links:
No Music

[identity profile]
A note for the first one, I sing some of the lines, so hopefully it's not too bad and doesn't turn you off of that chapter in the verse. It fulfills my "Sing" square for [community profile] podfic_bingo.

Read more... )
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Title: This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure) by [ profile] clex_monkie89
Reader: [personal profile] weimar27
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean

Original Podfic: This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure) by [ profile] applegeuse

Remixed Podfic: mp3 | mp4 (66.7 MB)

This was recorded for [ profile] multipodocity. Also recorded for [personal profile] paraka's unofficial Three Day Podfic challenge. Cover art by [ profile] bessyboo.
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Title:Let Me Love You & Timestamps
Reader:[personal profile] weimar27
Author:[ profile] alienat
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Size/Length: 4:14:19(main fic)/Varies

Download at my DW

Notes: This was recorded for [personal profile] josieb1 who made a generous bid during the [profile] thepurpledove auction. She's been very patiently waiting for me to finish. Hope you like it. Album Art by [ profile] amysticka.


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