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Title: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Podfic creator: The HPMOR Podcast
Main reader: Eneasz Brodski
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Gen
Author's Rating: T

Author's Summary: "Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. And new friends, like Hermione Granger, and Professor McGonagall, and Professor Quirrell..."
Reccer's Summary: "Harry Potter for skeptics" is a pretty apt description of this fanfic. Rather than marry Vernon Dursley, Petunia marries a biochemist, and the two raise Harry Potter (as an only child) with utmost love, care, and rationality. When Harry is accepted into Hogwarts, he proceeds to analyze the magical world with the eyes of a scientist. The result is a lot of absurdity, and a pretty rapid divergence from the Harry Potter official story, but a generally fantastic ride. Harry certainly isn't realistic as a child of eleven, but you'll forgive the author for that just based upon the absurdly awesome things the Boy Who Lived gets up to.
This reading features a FULL CAST OF OVER 100 PEOPLE. And it is OVER 80 HOURS LONG!
File Size/Type: 4.29 GB mp3: direct download/torrent (torrenting is preferred by the host, due to the file's size)
Individual chapter files available at: http://www.hpmorpodcast.com/ (Please note: some of the chapters got a little mixed together iin the beginning. This was fixed for the final release above)

Note to archivers: I'm seeing about getting this on the archive, but no word back, yet. I'm marking as archived, for now, to avoid people putting it up without permission.
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It occured to me the other day that the last time my to-listen Folder-of-Doom coughed up a properly winter-themed podfic was...August or so.  When it was refreshing, but not exactly seasonal.

I'm having Seasonal Feelings this year, and really want to wallow in some appropriately themed podfic--but podfic discovery is still an imperfect art, and I'm not sure which of the 500 or so fics in the to-listen FoD might be relevant, not to mention the many wonderful things out there that I haven't found yet.

So.  Recs, anyone, for podfic set around (or featuring, if it's a longer story) winter or any of the winter holidays?

(To make this a more general purpose post, I'd love it if people would go ahead and post regardless of fandom.  I'll listen to any rating, gen to filthy smut, in 'most any fandom I have passing knowledge in and a few that I don't but read/listen to anyway; my major higher-traffic fandoms are Avengers, Star Trek, Stargate: Atlantis, Bond (Skyfall), Sherlock (BBC and ACD), Hockey RPF, and Harry Potter.  I'd be particularly squeaky with glee over Avengers, Sherlock (BBC or ACD) or Harry Potter, all of which seem like they ought to have LOTS of lovely holiday stories..)

(Mods, I'm trusting that this is an OK request, and tagging this as post:recs in the hopes that it will be...)
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amplirecathon 2013 promo image cc celine nadeau

I usually stick to podfic in fandoms I already know and love. Sometimes, however, I have followed a podficcer into unfamiliar territory, with spectacular results. Here are four stories I would have completely missed if not for the wonderful folks who recorded them. In alphabetical order:

Read more... )

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I struggled with an idea for a theme for this rec list for a really long time...and then went with my original idea...Opposites!

So...here we go )
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However, better late than never, right? This is a post that I was supposed to post weeks ago but it got too wordy and I had to choose between 30+ "most awesomest covers!" I had bookmarked. Podficcers are too talented for me. :D <33

I've split these into categories to help me focus on a manageable number since I tend to TL;DR squee.

About me and how I rec: Read more... )

** Use of Collage recs ** 2 recs: Bandom - MCR (cover by aneas), Teen Wolf (cover by quintenttsy) )

** Use of one own's ressources recs ** 4 recs: Inception (cover by bessyboo),Bandom - AI (cover by reena_jenkins), Skyfall (cover by greedy_dancer) and TSN RPF, (cover art by jeyhawk and cover by Lunchee) )

** Composition rec ** 1 rec: Bandom - MCR (cover by theopteryx) )

** Overall Feel ** 1 rec: Teen Wolf (cover by neverbalance) )

Thank you for checking out!
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And here is the second of today's two Official Mod Posts: self-recs.

If you are a podfic artist, then one of the bodies of work you know best of all is your own! In the comments below, rec one (or more) podfic(s) of yours that you think stands out, that you want to particularly direct listeners to. And explain why! Interpret the prompt in any way you want -- just name a work of yours that you love and talk about why.
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Welcome to the final day of Amplirecathon! Today, anybody may post any recs they want, without needing to have signed up.

This is the first of two Official Mod Posts for gathering recs that will be made -- a rec request post! In the comments of this post, if there are any categories of podfic rec that you'd like to ask for, make a request and others can reply to your comment with podfic recs that fit your request.

For example, if you're like us and loved [personal profile] kalakirya's characterization recs and would like to request other podfics where people feel the reader particularly stood out at their characterization of one or more of the characters in the story, you can post a comment with that request. Or if you are trying out a specific new fandom and want more recs in that fandom, or want recs of readers who have a certain style, etc.

Got it? Okay! Request and rec away!
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amplirecathon 2013 promo image cc celine nadeau

Instead of writing out all of my feelings, I recorded them! Here you'll find the podfic title, reader, fandom, and pairing, along with an audio rec of why I like the story...and maybe a little introduction.

Shout out to [personal profile] vassalady for beta listening to these recs. :D

Masturbation )

Biting/Marking )

Chocolate Penises )

Cross Dressing )

Spanking )

Hooker Fic )
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Like many others, I have grown to be wary of fic WIPs over the years. Although many of them take you on a wonderful ride and finish beautifully, plenty get abandoned as well, and leave a sense of dissatisfaction at not having gotten to see the story end.

But I do love serialized storytelling. I love following a TV show week after week across a season. I love following a book series that comes out with new volumes every year or two. I love Homestuck, with its frequent little updates, and I am excited about catching up on Nightvale so that I can start waiting for new episodes twice a month. It's so nice getting a lovely bite of a story, small enough to not be overwhelming even on a busy day. It's nice to have a built-in period of anticipation and then the excitement of a new update, to be able to download the file already knowing how the reader interprets the characters, already knowing the premise and the world, getting to just dive into the next part and let it wash over me. It's nice to get to live with a story over the course of months instead of days because it is parceled out piece by piece.

And the thing that makes most podfic WIPs different from fic WIPs is: the story is finished! I may be choosing to wait for the next bit of performance before I continue the story, but I'm not forced to wait. If I decide that waiting is making me too unhappy, I can go to the text at any time and read as much of the story as I'd like. It won't be the same as hearing the podficcer's performance, of course, but I can let the podficcer's interpretation of previous chapters shape my experience of the later chapters even if I'm not hearing them performed.

So there's my pitch for podfic WIPs and why I adore them. And now, here are recs for three current podfic WIPs that I think are fantastic:

Revelations, Avengers, Loki/Thor, read by [personal profile] ann_ciudad and written by [personal profile] astolat

Rec! )

Hands in My Hair, Hockey RPF, Patrick Kane/Andrew Shaw/Jonathan Toews, told by [personal profile] anna_unfolding

Rec! )

Letter to a G.I., Glee, Kurt/Blaine, read by [livejournal.com profile] nielrian, written by [tumblr.com profile] dyrnekeeper

Rec! )

So there you have it! Three stories I'm currently getting in serialized form via podfic and very much enjoying.
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There's a heat wave in London. John endures it admirably, thanks to his military experience. Sherlock endures it petulantly. What could follow is told in these two stories, read in tones as sultry as the weather being described, each accompanied by a bonus track.

The main stories are read by [personal profile] scienceofobsession and [personal profile] afrogeekgoddess, who made their podficcing debuts around the same time I did, so their works are sentimental favorites of mine. And when I realized they had both recorded on a theme ... well.

Plus a little [livejournal.com profile] verityburns, for good measure.

All fics are Sherlock/John, and explicit.

John is starting to notice that it is very hot in the flat indeed. )
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I love podfics of all shapes and sizes! I love that I can always find something to fit into different situations, jobs lengths, and varying attention spans. Here are a few podfics I've listened to and loved lately.

4 short )

1 for the middle )

And a few long )

Thanks to the mods for allowing me to post a day late due to family drama.
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amplirecathon 2013 promo image cc celine nadeau

If there's a theme to this reclist, it's podfic I've listened to so often that I practically have it memorized. Although each of these stories is well-written in its own right, the performances in these podfics are what really stood out to me. Each reader added something unique in her performance, making each one a joy to listen to.

7 recs in The Eagle, Merlin, Inception, and Teen Wolf )
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amplirecathon 2013 promo image cc celine nadeau

Though I do listen in lots of fandoms, Avengers fandom is my happy place, and I've been listening to a lot of Avengers-ish stuff recently. So, here are four podfics that I really enjoy and have listened to more times than I care to count :D
recs under the cut )

(apologies for the fact that no one's name is linked. I have no idea why DW is not cooperating today, but it's not /o\)
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amplirecathon 2013 promo image cc celine nadeau
This is a fairly theme-less rec list. I only started listening to podfic in March, and I've been wallowing my way gaily around since then--coming in through Avengers fandom, but listening to bits and pieces across most of the fandoms I read and a few I don't, really, but will pick up if if the story looks interesting (by which, honestly, I usually mean hot) enough.

This rec-list is heavily MCU-Avengers slanted, in part because that's the fandom in which I've listened the most and in part because I've tried to pick mostly podfic from within the last year, and most of the other fandoms I listen in with any focus (Star Trek reboot, BBC Sherlock, Stargate Atlantis) tend to be older. It also reflects my biases, which are: longer fic (I listen to little under 10 minutes; 30-90 minutes is my preference, but I'll listen to multi-hour with great appreciation), accent-agnostic, reasonable production values (I'm not looking for perfection, but it needs to not be a struggle to understand), and any rating, but with a preference for funny or  explicit. Links tend to be to A03 if the podfic has its own page, because that's how my notes track and the A03 page usually has multiple format links if they're available.
4 detailed recs )
And because I'm incapable of doing anything in moderation (I discovered, while working on this, that I have over 200 hours of podfic in my keep-file, and over 600 hours that I haven't listened to yet--and that's collected since the end of March!), some shorter-if-I-can-restrain-myself rec collections. 
18(!) brief recs )
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I've always been a pretty pairing-centric consumer of fanworks, as many of us seem to be; largely, I think, because this is the area where I'm most dissatisfied with most of the "professional" media I consume. That said, I have a special place in my heart for good gen, especially when it comes to podfic. Podfic is an artform I often use to help me get through things: my latest, tricky art project, or a night when I'm having trouble relaxing into sleep, or cleaning and organizing in preparation for a move. (There's such incredible comfort in being read to, in the direct sense of connection provided by another human voice!) As such, there's often nothing better than a quiet story exploring chosen family or a plot-heavy tale of adventure.

These are five of my very favorites (two recent, three older) ... and because that didn't seem like quite enough, one extra that isn't too heavy on the romantic tension, but instead focuses on the personalities and different communication styles of the characters in question. (And um ... one of those characters is named Gen?)

Fandoms: Elementary, Teen Wolf, Leverage, Iron Man, Doctor Who, Star Trek: AOS, The Queen's Thief )
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In honour of today's International Day of Femslash, here are 4 podfics that have been published so far in 2013 that I've loved to pieces, in 4 fandoms, by 4 readers, with an under-theme of collaboration.

Avengers, Glee, Star Trek TOS and Teen Wolf )
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amplirecathon 2013 promo image cc celine nadeau

I think of myself as a "narrative" listener: mostly concerned with what happens in the story, with a bit of an ear out for how the reader distinguishes among characters' voices. This year, however, I'm learning to pay attention to the use of music and other sound effects in podfic. So, here are a half-dozen recs for short(ish) podfics with interesting and effective uses of sound and/or music.Read more... )


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