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Title: Backing Up
Author: LindaO
Rating: Teen and up
Category: Gen
Series: Chaos AU (Part 1)
Reader: Greeniron
Fandom: Person of Interest

Warnings: Some language, violence, drug use, adult situations. Trigger warning: this story contains references to deviant pornography, including bestiality and pedophilia. They are phrased in terms that could be aired in prime time, but may be upsetting to some readers. Also, there is a reference to bookcase porn, but it hardly even makes Finch blush.

Summary: Years ago, Lionel Fusco had no choice. To save a young girl’s life, he shot and killed her gun-wielding father in front of her.

Years later, Harold Finch had no choice. To save a teenager’s life — and to keep her out of IFT’s servers — he kidnapped a heroin-addicted hacker and committed her to rehab against her will.

Now the young woman’s own attempts to make good choices have gone terribly wrong, and her Number’s come up. To save her life for a third time, Fusco, Finch, and John Reese will need to examine her choices – and their own.

Reader's Notes: I am recording the entire series, though it will probably take some time, but each story is self-contained and can be listened to independently. Also, there is an original character who plays an important role in this and many of the other stories but the focus remains ultimately on the characters from the show. Thanks to LindaO for her enthusiasm and help with this project.

Cover image.

Length: 6:33:28

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The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology III has been posted here at halfamoon. We had a record-breaking 124 stories this year, read by 66 readers and written by 88 authors, for a total of over 10.5 hours of female character centered audio! You can download the whole collection as a podbook or zip file or browse for individual files.

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Supernatural | gen

Written by [ profile] Dayspring
Read by [personal profile] greeniron
Cover art by [personal profile] greeniron


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