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Free by alianne
Fandom: The Tempest - Shakespeare
Rating: G
Pairing: gen
Length: 0:03:50
Summary: When Miranda sleeps, her mind spills out into the Island, and Ariel runs with her.
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 10(a) + 10(b) + 0(c) = 20 x 1 = 20
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Title: Love Thee and I
Writer/Reader: fresne
Fandom: As You Like It
Pairings: Celia/Rosalind, f/f
Rating: NC-17
Size: 6.9Mb, 19:44
Summary: Celia's feelings were not new in the origin. They were not the moment of a chance meeting in a bucolic dell or in a marble hall. No, these feelings were the result of years of earnest study of her cousin's most deserving nature. It were easy to divine a divine nature to a stranger. Her most beloved cousin, was no divine. She snored a tiny noise in her throat. She had a wicked temper and a more cleverly wicked humor. Her jests some betimes could sting. Yet, these feelings not asked for, and not desired, they had grown clever weeds in Celia's heart that then bloomed into brilliant flowers.


AO3 text version

Download the podfic (right click and save)
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Title: What Fools These Mortals Be
Author: [ profile] evol_love
Reader: [ profile] originally
Fandoms: Romeo And Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Measure for Measure
Pairings: Desdemona/Emilia, Mercutio/Benvolio, Olivia/Viola, Orsino/Sebastian, Viola/Olivia/Orsino/Sebastian, Helena/Hermia, Hermia/Lysander, Juliet/Romeo
Rating: G
Length: 00:19:33
Author's Summary: Various shenanigans of various Shakespeare characters when prom season arrives at their high school.
Reader's Notes: Thanks to evol_love for having blanket permission to podfic. :)

So, er... well, this week was the bard's birthday, so naturally the right choice to commemorate that is to record a massively cracky high-school AU. (I also recorded a performance of a Lady Macbeth monologue if you want something more serious). I actually think he would approve of this kind of thing, since the majority of what good Will did himself was essentially AU fanfiction, and this story is just the right mix of funny, bawdy and serious.

As a content note, there's a homophobic slur in here, although it's not aimed at anyone and is in the context of "don't use that word".

What Fools These Mortals Be

Download MP3 | Download Audiobook | AO3

Oh boy, points.

5 (Romeo And Juliet) + 5 (A Midsummer Night's Dream) + 5 (Twelfth Night) + 10 (As You Like It) + 10 (Measure for Measure) + 10 (Desdemona/Emilia) + 10 (Mercutio/Benvolio) + 10 (Olivia/Viola) + 10 (Orsino/Sebastian) + 10 (Viola/Olivia/Orsino/Sebastian) + 10 (Helena/Hermia) + 10 (Hermia/Lysander) + 5 (Juliet/Romeo) = 110 x 2 = 220 (hey, what a shame it wasn't 30 seconds longer, haha)
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It's been a while since I've cross-posted my podfics here, so here's what I've done since the last time.

Standalone podfics are in Dresden Files, Haven, Spirited Away, Harry Potter, Lewis, Merlin, and Sherlock.

My annual anthology from February includes the following fandoms (which can be downloaded as individual podfics as well): Once Upon a Time, Hamlet, Newsies, Lewis, Harry Potter, Hawaii Five-0, Warehouse 13, Divergent, Dark Angel, Starsky & Hutch, Big Eden, Grimm, Arrow, Dresden Files, Rizzoli & Isles, Haven, Elementary, Star Trek: AOS, Almost Human, The Avengers, X-Men, Person of Interest, Alias Smith and Jones, and Sleepy Hollow.

Archivists, these have all been archived, but I do need tags for Divergent, Big Eden, and Almost Human. Amplificathon mods, these aren't part of the challenge :D.

Links and Summaries are under the cut )
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Title: Confession
Author: [ profile] ElStaplador
Reader: [personal profile] chestnut_filly
Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Pairing: references to past Romeo/Rosaline
Author's Rating: Teen
Author's Summary: "Entering the convent, Rosaline looks back, and, reluctantly, forward."
Content Notes: References to suicide.
Length: 7:20
File Size/Type: 6.8 MB/mp3

Mediafire link


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Title: Five First Kisses
Author: Aria
Reader: SisterofWar
Fandoms: Hamlet, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Heroes, Road to El Dorado, Young Wizards
Pairings: Hamlet/The Master, Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald, Nathan Petrelli/Sirius Black, Miguel/Tulio, Tom Swale/Carl Romeo
Rating: General Audiences

No author's summary given

Text: On AO3

Length: 18:39

MP3 || 17.0 MB

Or stream:

Music: yMusic
Intro and Inter-Chapter: "Proven Badlands"
Outro: "Clearing, Dawn, Dance"

Cover Art:

Five First Kisses by ~SisterOfWar on deviantART

Points: (5 (Hamlet) + 5 (Doctor Who) + 1 (Harry Potter) + 5 (Heroes) + 10 (Road to El Dorado - New Fandom) + 5 (Young Wizards) + 10 (Hamlet/The Master - New Pairing) + 5 (Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald) + 10 (Nathan Petrelli/Sirius Black - New Pairing) + 10 (Miguel/Tulio - New Pairing) + 5 (Carl Romeo/Tom Swale)) X 2 = 142 total points
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Title: After Summer After Summer
Author: raven_aorla
Reader: SisterofWar
Fandoms: Bond Franchise / The Tempest
Pairing: James Bond/Q
Rating: Mature Audiences

Author's Summary: Q is really Ariel - the ethereal spirit, not the mermaid, thank you very much. And M, sorceress, has sealed him to 007’s service and protection until such time 007 chooses to set him free. The problem is this would require explaining the situation to James Bond first.

Text: On AO3

Length: 15:09

MP3 || 13.8 MB

Or stream:

Music: Thomas Newman, Skyfall soundtrack
Intro: "Mother"
Outro: "Enjoying Death"

Cover Art:

After Summer After Summer by ~SisterOfWar on deviantART

Points: (5 (Bond Franchise) + 5 (The Tempest) + 5 (James Bond/Q)) X 2 = 30 total points
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Title: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Author/Reader: fresne
Fandom: Shakespeare Play: Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare Play: Midsummer Night's Dream, Peter Pan
Pairing: Romeo/Juliet, Gen, Juliet/James Hook,
Rating: PG
Music Credit: Doris Day, "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" and "Que Sera Sera"
Length: 6.41Mb, 13:41
Summary: Perhaps, the story went this way. Perhaps, it went that way. Perhaps.

Read it
Download this podcast

Fandom (5+10(Midsummer new fandom? or part of Shakespeare Plays?)+5) + Pairing (5+5+10) = 40 * 2 = 80
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Title: tell me i'm your national anthem
Author: [ profile] postcardmystery
Reader: [personal profile] chestnut_filly
Fandom: King Lear
Pairing: Regan/Goneril/Edmund
Rating: R
Summary: "In their car, he isn't a king, but that's much, much better than a bastard."
Length: 3:01
File Size/Type: 1.59 MB/mp3

Mediafire link.

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Title: Carnivale
Reader/Writer: fresne
Fandom: Twelfth Night - Shakespeare
Pairing: Viola/Orsino, m/f
Rating: NC-17
Format: MP3, 19:59, 9.4 Mb
Music Credit: "O Fortuna", Renaissance in Provence.
Summary: In the time of Carnivale, the good men and women of Illyria were wont to put on masks and take on the costume of other fates. The Duke and Duchess of Illyria were wanton in this custom more than most.

Text link

5+2+5+5+0 = 17
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I realised that these had never been posted here, so I'm doing a bit of a podfic-dump today. I've recorded eight podfics recently, seven of which were kink bingo prizes, one of which was just a random Community podfic made as a birthday present. Links below:

Everyone Is a Robot, story by [ profile] neigedens. Community, Troy/Abed, 3.7mb, 8 minutes, available in both mp3 and m4b.

Seven Kink Bingo Stories Read By Me

(the podfics listed below are all collected at the same post, which includes links to the story texts and file information as well as download links for both the .mp3 and .m4b versions of the podfic. Just click the link above for any of the following podfics.)

14 Gauge (fic by [personal profile] delphi); X-Men, John/Erik

A Most Determined Flirt (fic by [personal profile] lemposoi), Pride and Prejudice, Lydia Bennett/John Wickham, Lydia Bennett/various soldiers

Penetration (fic by [personal profile] etherati), Watchmen, Daniel/Rorschach

Never man sig'd truer breath (fic by [personal profile] jibrailis), Coriolanus, Coriolanus/Aufidius

Tea For Two (fic by [personal profile] anenko), Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Mei/Rihito

The Cage (fic by [personal profile] igbc), Starsky & Hutch, Starsky/Hutch

The Adventure of the Impartial Observer (fic by [personal profile] gloriamundi), Sherlock Holmes, Holmes + OMC

(mods, I need tags for three fandoms: Coriolanus, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and Starsky & Hutch. Thank you so much!)
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  If you'd like to download the entirety of The Intangible Residuum: A Collection Of Stories sight-unseen, complete with extra-bonus reader's note track, click here for the zipped mp3 files. The tracks are numbered, and should transfer to your computer in order - but, yeah, it's a pretty big file. Or, if you'd like to download individual tracks out-of-order, follow the cut below (they've been listed in the order by which I thought the stories flowed together best, but you can shake things up if you want).

...this is the part where I say thank you, and explain my thought processes behind the anthology... )

The Intangible Residuum: A Collection Of Stories )

Grand Total: (15) + (13) + (11) + (11) + (13) + (13) + (19) + (13) + (14) + (30) + (15) + (15) + (13) + (11) + (11) + (11) + (13) + (13) + (11) + (15) + (21) + (51) + (13) + (16) = 381 points

ext_390514: Donna, with text saying "Hug me. I'm awesome." (Hamlet: Hamlet: reading)
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Title: With No Less Terror Than the Elements: notes toward uncovering Act IV, Scene ii of Richard II
By: [ profile] commodorified and [ profile] angevin2
Read by: [ profile] sophia_sol
Length: 23:16
Fandom: Shakespeare: Richard II
Pairing: Richard/Henry
Rating/Warning: "The sexual content of this fic, though middling explicit at best, contains enough dirty bad wrong that both the author and the editor needed a stiff drink before, during, and after editing it. Readers familiar with the text will immediately apprehend the nature of the dynamic we propose to explore. Others are advised to read at least Act 3 Scene 3, Act 4 Scene 1, Act 5 Scene 4, and Act 5 Scene 6 before proceeding. In fact, just go read the play. It's fabulous. We'll wait for you."
Summary: None given

Creative Commons attribution:
With No Less Terror Than The Elements (Lea and Marna ) / CC BY-NC-SA 2.5

Download here at Sendspace
Download here at the archive
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Haven't been cross-posting here during Amplificathon, so I thought I'd post a list here instead, sorted into convenient categories. The links go to the LJ amplificathon posts, and you can scroll down to the comments to find permanent links, if the temporary ones have expired. I've marked with an asterisk the ones I think can be listened to even if you don't know the canon at all (although it's hard to draw the line sometimes). Also, consider all of these podfics as story recs, as well!

A whole lot of podfics in wildly diverse fandoms )
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Title: Dedicate His Beauty
Author: [ profile] sanj
Reader: [ profile] luzula
Fandom: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Pairings: Mercutio/Romeo, Romeo/Juliet
Rating: R
Format: mp3, 192 kbps
Length: 54 m 51 s
Notes: Yes, this story is Shakespeare slash, and it is awesome! I especially love the cross-dressing and the fact that Rosaline really has a personality here. Thanks to the author for letting me record it!

Download at Sendspace. Permanent link at the podfic archive.

Points: 5 + 1 + 8 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 29
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by [ profile] dassgrrl
I recorded this one because I´m an evil person who looked for a crossover and found crack at it´s best. It´s hilarious and an Ode to Robert Sean Leonard´s work but it also includes vampires and therefore one of the most inevitable fandoms. Also I´m greedy for points.

Main Pairing: House&Wilson
Raiting: Very Mild R
Fandoms (not quite but almost) in order of appearance: Cut for those who don´t want to be spoiled. )

Points: Ah, well you see... I only counted fandom points for those characters who actually speak, the other fandoms/movies are in brackets FYI.
5 + (reader) 2 + (fandom points: 2+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+2+3) + (pairing) 1 = 38
I hope I got it right and thanks to one of the podmod-trinity for lending fingers to count!

Download here: ( or (sendspace)
Please comment on the wonderful story itself. I really hope I did it justice.
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Title: The First Twelve
Author: [ profile] thingswithwings
Reader: [ profile] dodificus
Fandom: Twelfth Night
Pairing: Viola/Orsino
Summary: Viola and Orsino work things out. With additional appearances by Feste, Olivia, and, of course, Cesario.
Length: 11:10
Link: Download here via sendspace
Point value: 5+1+6=12

Permanent download here


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