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Compromise(d) by cjmarlowe
Fandom: Justified
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson
Summary: One of the inevitabilities of working in the Lexington office of the U.S. Marshals Service was that Raylan Givens would sleep with someone involved in the case.
Length: 00:20:28
Download: mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: (10 + 10) x 3 = 60

Stuck In A Moment by cjmarlowe
Fandom: Whitechapel
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent
Summary: Things often don't quite work out the first time around. Or the second. The trick is to get back on the horse, no matter how many times it takes.

Length: 00:55:21
Download: mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: (10 + 10) x 4 = 80

Toys by astolat

Fandom: Lucifer (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar
Summary: “No!” she said immediately.

“You want to fuck me!” he said gleefully.

“No, and also we’re not even having this conversation,” she said in desperation, while her treacherous brain went right on vividly imagining every single minute of banging that smirk off his face so hard—
Length: 00:14:05 Download: mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: (10 + 10) x 2 = 40

Cover by Fides
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Primeval
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Stephen Hart/Tom Ryan

What's one more near miss?
Length: 00:25:26
Download: mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: (10 + 10) x 3 = 60

Go Home, Tell of My Arrival by BlackEyedGirl
Fandom: Haven
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Summary: "Six months ago, Audrey went away. Nathan sent Duke away. And the Troubles went away.
Except for Nathan’s."
[Spoilers for S3, no S4 spoilers.]
Length: 02:25:17
Download: mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: (10 + [10 + 10]) x 6 = 180

Points for this post: 420

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Quick podfic, recorded on a digital voice recorder I borrowed in the spirit of experiment:

Title: Breathe
Author: roseveare
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Rating: PG13
Length/size/format: 18:24, 17MB, MP3
Original text of work: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2234313
Summary: Duke tries to teach Nathan how to meditate. Set season 4 post-The New Girl.

Alternate Download: http://www.filedropper.com/breathe
Permanent download and streaming here, since mediafire is playing up: http://tindeck.com/listen/bmyqg

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Title: Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld
Written & Read by: roseveare
Rating: R
Fandom: Haven
Pairings: Audrey/Nathan, Mara/Nathan/William
Details: 2hrs 49mins, 395MB, MP3
Summary: Mara and Nathan search for William on the other side of the gate.
Warnings: Consent issues are a major theme. Post-season 4 written prior to season 5, so this is an AU interpretation of Mara.
Link to work text: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2146272

Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld - complete file streaming and download on mediafire

Split into 5 files for ease of listening/downloading:
Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

10+10+10 x6 = 180
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Title: Winter's Flotsam
Written & Read by: roseveare
Rating: R
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Dwight/Nathan
Details: 52 minutes, 120MB, MP3
Summary: It's been a hard winter for Nathan and Dwight, and they're both a little worn at the edges. But maybe the wear and tear can bring them closer.

Original text of work

Winter's Flotsam - Streaming and download on mediafire

10+10x4 = 80
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Wish You Were Here by Tassos
Fandom: Haven, Criminal Minds
Rating: G
Summary: When the FBI's BAU follow a serial killer to Haven, Maine, they find that murder and mystery are a lot more complicated in the unassuming sea-side town. The local cops don't want them there, the crime scenes don't make sense, and it doesn't take long for them to get in over their heads.
Length: 3:47:30
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 10+5(a) + 10+10(b) + 0(c) = 35 x 8 = 280
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Variations on a Square Dance by Tassos
Fandom: Haven
Rating: E
Relationships: Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, Jordan McKee/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, Jordan McKee/Audrey Parker, Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker, Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos, Jordan McKee/Nathan Wuornos
Summary: Audrey, Nathan, and Duke are finally in the groove of their 3-way relationship, when a horny teenager's Trouble causes an outbreak of must-have-sex-or-die. After a day of awkward conversations, none is more awkward when it turns out Jordan McKee is infected too and Audrey and Nathan are the only ones who can help her. No one is best pleased.
Length: 1:16:19
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 10(a) + 10+10+10+10+10+10+10(b) + (c) = 80 x 5 = 400
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Title: Body Parts
Author & reader: roseveare
Rating: M rated for violence
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Hard to categorise, but call it "gen male bonding in a situation so intense it's beside the point whether the relationship is read as potential slash or not".
Length / size: 1:26:28 / 200MB
Summary: Duke and Nathan are taken prisoner together and it will require extraordinary trust for either of them to emerge intact.
Notes: Body horror, torture, bring your own subtext.

Download/Streaming on mediafire: Body Parts as one complete MP3 file

In two separate parts: Body Parts 1 (51:22 mins, 117MB) | Body Parts 2 (35:10 mins, 80.4MB)

Two parts zipped with cover included (185MB)

Original text of work

10+10x5 = 100
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Left Behind by akite
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Rating: G
Pairing: Julian Bashir & Elim Garak, Julian Bashir/Ezri Dax
Length: 0:01:41
Summary: A tag to the series finale, "What We Leave Behind".
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 5(a) + 10(b) + 0(c) = 15 x 1 = 15

Drabble: Let Me Down Slowly. by lannamichaels
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: G
Pairing: gen
Length: 0:00:54
Summary: Drabble prompt from ashinae: "Just help. me. down."
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 10(a) + 10(b) + 0(c) = 20 x 1 = 20

Mirror Pain by akite
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Rating: M
Pairing: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak, Julian Bashir/Mirror Elim Garak
Length: 0:03:31
Summary: A vignette set after the episode, Through The Looking Glass (the first Mirror universe episode on DS9). I've always thought that the Mirror Garak did more than strut around blowing kisses.
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 5(a) + 5+10(b) + 0(c) = 20 x 1 = 20

Sagittaria by alpheratz
Fandom: Hunger Games
Rating: G
Pairing: gen
Length: 0:04:53
Summary: A memory of Prim, long ago.
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 10(a) + 10(b) + 0(c) = 20 x 1 = 20

The Quality of Mercy by 7iris
Fandom: Haven
Rating: T
Pairing: Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos
Length: 0:40:20
Summary: Haven was the kind of place where, if one of your waitresses missed her shift twice and wasn't answering her cell phone, you called the cops. Or in Duke's case, you called your friend on the police force and asked if she's heard anything.
Reader's notes: Also a fill for my podfic_bingo square Incorporate Music
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 10(a) + 10(b) + 0(c) = 20 x 4 = 80

Points for this post: 155
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 Title: A Kiss With A Fist

[personal profile] tinypinkmouse 

Reader: froggyfun365 

Fandom: Haven

Pairings: Duke Crocker/Nathan Wournos

Rating: PG-13

Length:  00:10:29; 1,339 words

Notes: Written and recorded for [community profile] pt_lightning (Round 6) 

Summary: For a first meeting after Duke's been back, it's not too bad at all. It's almost like he hadn't left Haven, and Nathan, at all. Of course, since things are never that easy it should have been warning enough.

Link to fic, mp3, and streaming options: HERE

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Title: Shatterproof
Author/Reader/Art: [archiveofourown.org profile] Hagar
Fandom: Haven
Characters: Dwight & Family (gen)
Rating: Teen
Content Advisory: single gunshot sound
Length: 00:10:42
Size: 10MB

"Dwight had to tell Helen. There was nothing he could do about his father; it wasn’t any of his business, what his mother knew or didn’t know; but Helen might’ve inherited this Trouble same as he did and guns were everywhere, not just in the military."

Or, why Dwight hasn't talked to his sister in years.

Clickthrough for links:

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aka everyone's favorite annual podfic gift exchange run entirely over twitter with no limits, no rules yeah there are some rules ngl, but mostly just squee (new and improved(?) this year: run entirely on mod tears! \o/)

(If you'd like to see previous years' master lists, 2011 is here and 2012 is here.)

Ahaha. Hahahahahaha. Okay dudes, you're gonna have to allow me a moment of modly...uh, ranting. Sort of.

You guys. The original draft of this paragraph said, somewhat facetiously, "Fuck yes we work hard on this. This year we did it through fucking chronic migraines, viral pneumonia, a month of involuntary couchsurfing, and various personal crises." And [personal profile] cantarina emailed that to me the week BEFORE we encountered, between us: a family death, a several-days long electrical blackout, and a broken modem which removed all home internet access (and PS, it's still not back). Not to MENTION AO3 bugs, broken Python code, and new Twitter DM restrictions.

(Actually, I'm lying to you. The original draft of the above paragraph originally said "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #killme #bitchesbetterappreciate".)

BASICALLY: your mods have had A Month. Or a few Months. Whatever.

But you know what? If y'all will allow me to get sappy for a minute, you motherfuckers make all the work we do on this in the face of such adversity WORTH IT. Every year when Ca'rina and I get on Skype and talk to each other while we distribute gifts, and watch the squee pour in over our twitter feeds, we always say to each other, "jesus, THIS is why we do this, it makes it all worth it, wow." Because it does. So thank you thank you THANK YOU for being amazing, all of you, you literally give us the energy to continue to do this <3

On a less sappy/whiny/terrible note, SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CHALLENGE THIS YEAR FOR US WERE:
  • HOLY CRAP OUR BIGGEST YEAR YET, over 50 participants!!! (Bess’ single-minded goal and you’re all great for helping her meet it <3)
  • [twitter.com profile] lattice_frames & [twitter.com profile] sendreinfrcmnts podding the exact same fic for each other
  • putting [twitter.com profile] reenajenkins SMACK in the middle of the "Hockey Loop" when pairing people, which she probably didn't know about until just now, and is probably now cursing Bess furiously ;) (#IllGetYouMyPretty)
  • speaking of [twitter.com profile] reenajenkins, she utterly OBLITERATED any previous records we had for longest/most podfic submitted, turning in a whopping fifteen hours, forty minutes, and thirty-two seconds of podfic for her main gift, and that's not counting extra treats (robot ROBOT SHE'S A PODFIC ROBOT is2g)

  • [twitter.com profile] alexwlchan for creating (and debugging!) the script we use for coding, and also [twitter.com profile] stopthatimp for additional debugging/assistance
  • [twitter.com profile] opalsong & [twitter.com profile] sapphirescribe for being incredible pinch-hitters
  • [twitter.com profile] anna_unfolding for her awesome treat-making, despite not having been a formal part of the exchange
  • [twitter.com profile] akamine_chan for generously offering to do cover art for many many people--much of the lovely art you see below was done by her :)
  • [twitter.com profile] fleurrochard & [twitter.com profile] pattyisnickname for some last-minute podbook compiling #rockstars

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, I'll stop rambling, I know what y'all are here for. Without further ado.....

Click for THE GOODS )


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