Mar. 21st, 2013

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Title: A Cat Named Cat
Author: coffeebuddha
Reader: Princess2000204
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Summary: In which Spencer gets a cat and Derek really needs to get some sleep. (Or the one where Derek gets cockblocked by a cat.)
Length: 06:25 
Points: 5+5x1=10

Title: And the Beat Goes on
Author: coffeebuddha
Reader: Princess2000204
Fandom: Criminal Minds / Doctor Who
Pairing: Spencer Reid
Summary: Spencer can't shake the feeling that he's forgotten something.
Length: 05:15
Points: 5(Criminal Minds) + 5(Doctor Who) + 5(Criminal Minds Gen) + 5(Doctor Who Gen) x1=20

Title: Cracks
Author: Coffeebuddha
Reader: Princess2000204
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Summary: This is the worst thing that could happen. The absolute worst.
Length: 06:13Points: 5+5x1=10

Title: Intoxicated
Author: Coffeebuddha
Reader: Princess2000204
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Summary: There's no alcohol involved, which is strange. Spencer had always thought, on those occasions when he actually allowed himself to think about this, that there would be alcohol.
Length:06:13Points: 5+5x1=10

Total Points: 10+20+10+10=50  **(changed 3/24/2013)**
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Title: In All The World
Author: [personal profile] wallhaditcoming 
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Avengers (Sentinel fusion, but not enough to tag with that fandom)
Pairings: Tony/Steve
Rating: PG-13 / Teen and Up
Summary: In a world where Sentinels, people with five heightened senses, bond mentally and spiritually with Guides, people gifted with empathetic powers, Tony Stark has spent thirty-three years overwhelmed by the emotions of those around him and running from his own. Sentinel Steve Rogers wakes up sixty years out of his own time and struggles to deal with the massive amount of new sensory input while trying to find his footing in a New York very different from the one he knew. When they finally find each other, how will their bond change them?
Cautions: Sentinel AUs typically involve a soulmate-type trope. This one notes that Tony and Steve are not each other's be-all-and-end-all, and that they waited for each other not out of necessity, but choice. If you have any questions about it, feel free to comment on this post or message me.
Length: 1 hours 33 minutes 46 seconds
text on AO3
download from the audioarchive as a zipped mp3 (86MB) as a zipped podbook (m4b) (44MB)

cover by me!

points: (5(fandom) + 5(Tony/Steve)) x 5(time) = 50
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Author: Jerakeen
Reader: Princess2000204
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

1. Title: The Scent of Bacon in the Morning
Summary: "You smell like bacon."
Length: 03:41
Points: 5+1x1=6

2. Title: The Sweet Smell of Chocolate
Summary: "You smell like cake."
Length: 05:22
Points: 5+1x1=6

3. Title: The Lingering Smell of Alcohol
Summary: "You smell like alcohol."
Length: 06:39

Points: 5+1x1=6

4. Title: The Scent of Mate
Summary: "You smell like mate."
Length: 13:04

Points: 5+1x2=12

5. Title: Home Is Where The Stiles Is
Summary: "You smell like home."
Length: 06:42
Points: 5+1x1=6

Total Points: 6+6+6+12+6=36

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 photo realadventures_zpsf1027326.jpg
Title: Real Adventures
Author: [ profile] tears_of_nienna
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Jonny Quest
Characters: Race Bannon/Dr Benton Quest
Rating: T
Summary: A brief interlude between Race and Dr. Quest.
Length: 1:29min
Right-click > save as: MP3 || 1,4MB

Or stream:

Points: [10(fandom)+10(pairing)]x1=20
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I'm looking for a pinch-hitter for the due South podfic exchange! The minimum wordcount is 1000 words, and the original deadline is the 31st of March, but we could give you an extension of up to a week if you need it. Email me at if you're interested in helping out (or comment below with your email address), and I'll reply with the characters/pairings that the recipient asked for. I don't want to list them here, to preserve secrecy, but it's perfectly okay if you say no after that, if you feel you couldn't do a good job of reading those characters/pairings.

Thank you! ♥
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Title: Clay of Many Colors - Add Water
Author/Reader: fresne
Fandoms: Greek and Roman Mythology, Mayan Mythology, Chinese Mythology, Bible
Pairing: Gen, Chang'e/Houyi
Rating: G
Length: 27:32, 13,22Mb
Music Credit: Louis Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World"
There was a high red wall around the garden. Eve climbed the highest tree, but could not see over the wall.
Pandora was given two jars. One was full of all that was good and one that was full of all that was evil.
Xquic was pregnant from picking gourds in a tree. She suspected that she was pregnant with trickster gods, who would be a pleasure to raise.
Chang'e drank from that which she should not drink. She floated away.

get the podfic
read it

Points: 5 (Greek & Roman Mythology) + 5 (Mesoamerican Mythology) + 5 (Chinese Mythology) + 5 (Bible) + 10 (Chang'e/Houyi) + 5 (Adam/Eve) = 35 x 3 (length between 20 and 40 minutes) = 105 points total
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Title: Stories Thought and Sung
Author: Lanoyee
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Blade of the Immortal
Character: Doa, Rin
Rating: G
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Summary: The night they enter Edo Castle, Dōa thinks of Kuichiru.
Text: here
Length 0:02:54
Link: right click here

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Title: weak knees and sweaty palms
Author: kim47
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Character: Stiles/Danny
Rating: Teen and up
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Summary: Okay, so it's possible Stiles has never been on a real date. One where both parties were aware of and agreeable to the fact.
It's also possible he's a little nervous.
Text: here
Length 0:21:28, 24:13 w/music
Link: zip here
music zip here

Audiobooks thanks to the wonderful Fire_Juggler
zip here
music zip here

(5+5)x3= 30
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 photo Cover_zps884cfc5f.jpg

Title: You Gave Me Your Word
Author: [personal profile] jelazakazone
Reader: [personal profile] analise010
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Pairing: Merlin/Mordred
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Mordred confronts Merlin and things heat up fast. Consider this a remix of the scene in 5.11 when Mordred confronts Merlin.
Length: 00:04:02
Download: the MP3 | Size: 3.78 MB or the M4B | Size: 3.72 MB from Mediafire.

Crossposted to AO3.

Paraka Productions, you’re a rock star for hosting me!

Points: [1(fandom) + 10(Merlin/Mordred)] x 1(time) = 10
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Title: No Sound of the Loom and Shuttle
Author: [personal profile] siria
Reader: [personal profile] intransitive ([ profile] exmanhater)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: General Audiences
Pairings: Aurora/Mulan
Length: 16:48
Author's Summary: Mulan and Aurora, figuring out what happens next.

Permanent download links: mp3 [right-click, save-as, 7.9 MB] | m4b [8.5 MB]
Temporary Mediafire download links: mp3 [7.9 MB] | m4b [8.5 MB]

Points: (5+10)x2=30
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 photo Shotinthedark_zpseb7b32c6.jpg
Title: A Shot in the Dark Aimed Right at my Throat
Author: [ profile] gyzym
Reader: [ profile] Sarshi & [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Discworld
Characters: Sybil Ramkin/Samuel Vimes, Havelock Vetinari/Samuel Vimes, Sybil Ramkin/Havelock Vetinari/Samuel Vimes
Rating: T
Summary: In which Vimes is Vetinari's bulldog, Vetinari is Vimes' headache, and they're both of them Lady Sybil's boys.
Length: 34:23min
Right-click > save as: MP3 || 32,31MB
bloopers(4min) || 3,77MB

Or stream:


Points: [5(Discworld)+5(Vimes/Vetinari)+10(Vimes/Sybil)+10(Vimes/Vetinari/Sybil)]x3=90 (each?)
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Title: logistical variables in caretaking of immature felines: a case study
Author: faviconlazulisong
Reader: [ profile] sisi_rambles
Cover artist: [ profile] sisi_rambles
Author's Rating: G
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Gen
Summary: "It's a kitten isn't it," said Tony, staring from a safe distance. "It's multiple infant cats!" "Tony, your powers of observation continually amaze me," said Bruce.
Length: 00:07:47

Link to Text: AO3
Download link (Right click to Save As): mp3 (7.3 MB) | m4b (3.8 MB)

Comment here please



Points = ( 5 + 5 ) x ( 1 ) = 10
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 photo AllThisMessCover_zps60af346f.jpg

Title: All This Mess
Author: AwkwardAnnie
Reader: [personal profile] analise010
Fandom: Mathematics Anthropomorfic (The author listed both this and historical RPF as fandoms, so I'm not sure if that still counts as "unrepresented.")
Category: Gen
Rating: General Audiences
Summary: Excepts from the life of a mathematician, as seen by the subject of his study.
Length: 00:11:30
Download: the MP3 | Size: 11.56 MB or the M4B | Size: 10.53 MB from Mediafire.

Crossposted to AO3.

Paraka Productions, you’re a rock star for hosting me!

Points: [10 (Mathemetician RPF) + 5 (anthropomorfic) + 10 (Mathemetician RPF gen) + 10 (anthropomorfic gen)] x 2(time) = 70 points
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Title: Be My Savior
Author: [personal profile] jessebee
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel
Rating: Explicit / NC-17
Summary: Few things can kill an archangel. Fewer still can save one.
Warnings: this is a soul-bond trope, with all issues attendant to that trope
Length: 1 hour 41 minutes 26 seconds
text at AO3
download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (93MB) as a podbook (48MB)

cover by me!

points: (1(fandom) + 5(Sam/Gabriel)) x 5(time) = 30


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