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Title: Dear Patron
Author: [ profile] Selden
Reader: [personal profile] luzula
Fandom: Original fic
Pairing: Librarian/Patron with a very overdue library book
Rating: PG
Length: 28 m 31 s
Author's summary: The following items have not been returned despite previous reminders and this may affect your borrowing privileges. Fines may be accruing. Please return or renew them as soon as possible. You can renew items and view your potential or actual fines (if applicable) by signing on to ECHOLAND (accessible via internet, Summoning circle, or blood ritual) and selecting My Account.

Notes: This was one of my favorite fics from Chocolate Box 2018! It has fun worldbuilding and also it's epistolary fic which I really like.

Download or stream here.
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Title: Fortescue the dragon
Author: [ profile] imaginarycircus
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: original work
Characters: Fortescue the dragon
Rating: Gen
Summary: Upon ascending to the throne a young prince learns the highest state secret in the kingdom is that the treasury, and the very economy itself, has been managed for hundreds of years by a 4lb dragon too runty and crippled to amass or protect its own fortune.
Length: 4:08min
Right-click > save as: MP3|| 3.87 MB

Or stream:

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[personal profile] kdheart and I are back at it again, battling for shortest podfic. This year's rules were to record:
- one repod from the other person
- one fic in a language other than English
- one fic that the other person wrote
- and two freebies.

You can find [personal profile] kdheart's post over here.

Micropodfics are under the cut! )

Thanks to [ profile] theothershiroki for making us another AMAZING banner for this year's battle.

Total Points: 20 + 10 + 20 + 20 + 20 = 90
*** Someone please check these points because I don't know if I calculated correctly.
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Title: There You Go and Do It All Again
Author: Rhea314 & knight_tracer
Reader: knight_tracer & Rhea314
Fandom: Original Fic
Character: Alex Boxer/Joanna Watson (ofc/ofc)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Summary: “So, how does the music compare? When we first saw you in 2008 you kind of exploded like kerosene.”
“We were desperate back then, I was desperate. Desperate for attention, desperate for love, desperate for someone to hear me, my music, my heart, I… I felt like I’d been screaming for years before you guys started listening.”
tags: pining, friends to lovers, band
Text: currently unavailable.
Length 03:07:30
Song credit: You Make Me Happy by Lindsey Ray (and our covers of Shut Up I Love You by Save the Arcade, Disney's A Whole New World and Kiss the Girl, Witch of the Westmoreland by Stan Rogers, and Spider's Web [traditional American folk song]).
Link: mp3 here
bloopers & making of outtakes here
10+10 x 7 = 140
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Podfics in assorted fandoms! I last posted in… January /o\, so these are not particularly new, but I thought I'd get them up here anyway :D

  • Arrow (1)

  • Bandom (1)

  • Brave/Frozen (crossover) (1)

  • Chicago (1)

  • Code Name Verity (1)

  • Harry Potter (5) (including one collaboration podfic with [ profile] vaysh!!!!)

  • Lewis (1)

  • Original Fic (1)

  • Skyfall/Sherlock (crossover) (1)

  • Suits (2) (collaboration podfics with [ profile] uniquepov!!!!)

  • Teen Wolf (1)

Click here for podfic )
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Title: Rejection, Manipulation, Hope
Author: [personal profile] alley_skywalker
niko (cover is just me, too)

Fandom: (Original Fiction)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1:06:00

Author's Warnings: social and internalized homophobia, abusive (mainly emotionally) relationship, cutting

Author's Summary: Sergei’s first love was a disaster. His first relationship isn’t turning out to be much better. But maybe, through all the confusion and helplessness, there’s a way to find hope.

Podficcer Notes: Recorded as a contribution toward the fandomaid fundraising efforts toward the Nepal earthquake this past April.  Thanks so much, alley_skywalker for your contribution!  I enjoyed spending time with this story, and it was a neat challenge to record a story where the personalities of the characters were based only on the context the story gave them instead of bringing all the baggage of the fandom itself into it.  :)

Archivists:  I'm tagging this with the usual not-archived tag, but I'm not sure how the archive feels about original fic podfics?  If y'all decide it's not within the scope of the archive to host this, no problem.  :)

Mediafire Links: MP3 (60 MB)    M4B (31 MB)   (Streamable at

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Title: Until We Meet Again, Diamond of My Mantle
Author/Reader: fresne
Fandom: Solar System (Anthropomorphic)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Neptune/Uranus
Length: ll:16
Summary: It shouldn't have worked.

It wasn't proper. Uranus knew that a planet should form relationships with moons and not other planets, and ze had moons. Dull proper conversations that provided no enlightenment. They sparked no enrichment in hirs existence.

But when Uranus aligned with Neptune, Neptune would form these bright spots in hirs upper atmosphere. Ze would say, "Oh, hey, Uranus. You look. Wonderful. Oh, I've missed you so."

Uranus would spin quietly, trembling with their relative proximity across the vastness of space.

Read the story
Listen to this story
Download this story (right click and save)

Points: (5) + (10)*2 = 20

Title: Delicious
Reader: fresne
Fandom: Original Work / Fox Hollow Haunted Yard (Spider Queen)
Pairing: Gen
Warning: Versions of this story have caused small children to cry, grown men and women to scream like 13 year old girls, and 13 year old girls and boys to run. Okay, they came right back again so they could run away again. But you have been warned!
Length: 6 seconds or huh, blipvert you say? Sure.

Summary: Delicious...

Not Exactly read the story, but background
Listen to this story
Download this story (right click and save)

Points: (5) + (5) * 1 = 10

Total = 30
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Happy Valentine's Day! This is one of my favorite crackfics, by [personal profile] somehowunbroken. The seduction of Reader by Badfic...


  • MP3 | Size: 18 MB | Duration: 10m20s
  • Podbook | Size: 9.7 MB | Duration: 10m20s

[podfic] As The River Loves The Sea And The Ocean And That One Big Lake (21 words) by busaikko
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Fic/Reader
Fic summary: Anthropomorphic Fic/Reader. The fic isn't very good, in fact, it's full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, as well as containing some very poorly chosen metaphors. it tries to get the reader to like it by showing off how ~creative~ it can be. (somehowunbroken)
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Title: “a handful of valor”
Author: [ profile] zempasuchil/[ profile] twoskeletons
Reader: [ profile] xenoamorist
Fandom: None (Supernatural if you squint)
Characters/Pairings: OCs; gen (Sam and Dean; gen if you squint)
Genres: Poetry, drama
Length: 4:47 (395 words)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: “when space reopens old wounds / the night / asking him where it hurts / is a rustle of breath / an afterthought / the memory of his fifth bruise stitched to the sound”
Notes: This is another piece of erasure poetry; the original fic was a Supernatural fic, so part of that may have leeched through to the poetry, but it can be read as either an original poem or a Supernatural one.

a handful of valor cover art

( Streaming player + download links )
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Title: Promise
Author: [ profile] shuua aka [ profile] gypsy_sunday
Reader: [ profile] erica_schall
Fandom: Original Fiction
Pairing: Julian/Ashley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: *Character death*
File info: mp3, 80 MB, 1:23:27 or m4b, 40 MB

Summary: In August, Julian began painting what was to be his last portrait of Ashley. He painted it lovingly, carefully, placing each brushstroke almost painstakingly.

Prequel to The Spell

Download: mp3 or m4b at mediafire

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The Spell

Title: The Spell
Author: [ profile] shuua aka [ profile] gypsy_sunday
Reader: [ profile] erica_schall
Fandom: Original Fiction
Pairing: Julian/Alex
Rating: R
File info: mp3, 89.4 MB, 1:33:38 or m4b, 45.5 MB

Summary: Alex took a deep breath. "I'm sorry for bothering you at your private number. This is Alex Graham, and I'm a journalist for Modern Muse. I was hoping I'd be able to meet with you, Mr. Keys, and interview you for our upcoming November issue?"

Download: mp3 or m4b at mediafire
Stream: The Spell at



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