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[personal profile] kdheart and I are back at it again, battling for shortest podfic. This year's rules were to record:
- one repod from the other person
- one fic in a language other than English
- one fic that the other person wrote
- and two freebies.

You can find [personal profile] kdheart's post over here.

Micropodfics are under the cut! )

Thanks to [ profile] theothershiroki for making us another AMAZING banner for this year's battle.

Total Points: 20 + 10 + 20 + 20 + 20 = 90
*** Someone please check these points because I don't know if I calculated correctly.
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Title: Set the Wall Between Us As We Go
Author: girlmarauders
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Old Kingdom - Garth Nix
Character: Lirael, Sabriel, Nicholas Sayre, Prince Sameth
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: no archive warnings apply
Summary: “Father left many secrets behind when he died,” Sabriel says. “I only wish he had told me of you earlier, I would have liked to have a sister to share my battles with.”
Text: here
Length 0:34:36
Link: here

10+10 x 3 = 60
[personal profile] velocitym1
Since I have to organize these somehow I'm going shortest to longest but since I'm covering several fandoms, here is a list.
Fandoms: Eureka, Teen Titans, Old Kingdom, Supernatural, Justice Society of America

The List )Total Points: 84

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Title: Seven Bells
Author: [personal profile] grey_bard 
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Old Kingdom series
Pairing: Sabriel/Touchstone
Rating: Teen and Up / PG-13
Reader's Summary:  post-series exploration of the meanings and uses of the Abhorsen's bells
Warnings: none
Length: 10 minutes 38 seconds
text on AO3
download as an mp3 (10MB) from the audioarchive

cover by me!

crossposted to amplificathon on LJ, amplificathon on DW, AO3

points: (5(fandom) + 10(new pairing) ) x 2(time) = 30

Title: A Change in the Wind
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Mary Poppins/Doctor Who (11)
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Summary: Why does Mary Poppins have a bag that's bigger on the inside? Why, because she's a Time Lady, of course!
Warnings: darker than the summary suggests
Length: 17 minutes 21 seconds
text on AO3
download as an mp3 (16MB) from the audioficarchive

cover by me!

crossposted to amplificathon on LJ, amplificathon on DW, AO3

points: (10(new fandom - Mary Poppins) + 5(fandom - dr who) + 10(gen - mary poppins) + 5(gen - dr who) ) x 2(time) = 60

total for this post: 90

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A Brief History of Liars

Fic: A Brief History of Liars
Fandom: Old Kingdom (Garth Nix)
Pairing: Yrael/Astarael
Author: [personal profile] jibrailis
Reader: [personal profile] themusecalliope
Rated: PG?
Summary: A history, a love, an ending.
Length: About 15 minutes
Music credit: Les Fragments de la Nuit - Solitude
Cover Art: koshvader (My hubby, who took pity on my lack of art skills.)
Notes: With thanks to jibrailis for BP, and my hubby for listening to bits of this...a lot. I tried to make a podbook version, but Chapter and Verse and my VM did not play well together. Sorry. Cross-posting to DW, btw.

Temp File: zip file of .mp3 on MediaFire
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Title: Gravedust
Author: Electra ([ profile] starlady)
Reader: [personal profile] winkingstar
Fandom: Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix
Pairing: gen
Summary: The Librarian of Wyverly College, and her life alongside and across the Wall.
Reader's Notes: This was an exciting ficlet for two reasons: 1) it is awesome Old Kingdom fic and I love those stories so much; and 2) it is about a librarian and, being a librarian in RL, I am always pleased to discover fics that star awesome librarians. :)
Download: @ the archive (zipped mp3, 16.7 MB, 17:21)

Points: 5+1+3+(5+5)=19

(cross-posted to [ profile] amplificathon)


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