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Pcover of a good dog in a dark place. The cover shows the title and creators in a blocky font as well as a French bulldog looking soulfully off into the distance. There is a stone maze in the background.

Title: A Good Dog in a Dark Place
Author: [personal profile] happydork/[ profile] imperfectcircle
Fandom: Dogs Lost In A Maze That Is Also In Egypt (VitaminWater ad)
Reader: [personal profile] sylvaine
Cover Artist: [personal profile] sylvaine
Length: 0:14:10
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Warning(s): none
Summary: We are playing with the bones! Grr-wag-wag-wag! Grr-wag-wag-wag! We are fighting each other but secretly it is playing because we are good dogs.
Notes, download links, and streaming at my journal
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Notes and acknowledgements: Hugs to Paraka and Jinjurly for hosting!

PC's done with Vista, but Vista's not done with PC.

Original Fic: here
Author: Airawyn
Fandom: Apple "Get a Mac" commercials
Pairing: Mac/PC
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Length: 00:05:05

Paraka: MP3 (7.2 MB) or M4B (4.9 MB)
AO3: here
Audiofic Archive: here

Points: (10 (fandom) + 10 (PC/Mac) + 10 (PC/Vista)) x 1 (length) = 30

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Here are links to all the podfics created for this round of podfIDIC, as well as podbook compilations of all the works made for each seed!

Seed 1 (Download Podbook—1:00:45)
One Directionniall's tea[ profile] aethel0:00:54
The AvengersTony, Bruce, Jarvis[ profile] RsCreighton0:01:35
Les MiserablesEponine & R[ profile] RsCreighton0:01:04
Captain AmericaRecall[ profile] vassalady0:01:55
Bon Cop Bad CopPause for Warmth[ profile] yue_ix0:01:49
Bon Cop Bad CopUn peu de chaleur (The Pause for warmth remix)[ profile] cantarina0:03:29
Once Upon a TimeEmma and Regina[ profile] klb0:01:52
Cabin PressureMartin and Douglas[ profile] klb0:01:57
Folgers CommercialFolgers Commercial[ profile] klb0:01:48
LeverageThe Nuance of Flavor[ profile] dapatty0:02:52
LeverageEliot and Hardison[ profile] Opalsong0:01:02
NarutoGaara and Lee[ profile] Opalsong0:01:31
Persona 4Yukiko and Head Chef[ profile] Opalsong0:01:23
Fairy TaleNatsu and Lucy[ profile] Opalsong0:01:10
NarutoSakura and Orochimaru[ profile] Opalsong0:01:19
Legend of KorraCarved Into Stone[ profile] theleananside/[ profile] yue_ix0:01:23
Honor HarringtonFrom Seed [Seed One][ profile] Aoife0:00:58
Sherlock Holmes (Downey Films)A Game of Shadows Seed 1[ profile] Dr_Fumbles_McStupid0:00:46
GleeTea for Us[ profile] PrettyLittlePoutyMouth0:00:39
VictoriousTea at Tori's[ profile] PrettyLittlePoutyMouth0:00:35
TV CommercialsPitchmen[ profile] Lunate80:02:32
Young WizardsNita and Sker'et[ profile] kalakirya0:01:47
Young WizardsMiril and Dairine[ profile] kalakirya0:02:53
Young WizardsTom and Carl[ profile] kalakirya0:02:00
The Musketeers (2014)a hit between the eyes[ profile] growlery0:03:23
The 100Aw Nuts![ profile] audrey1nd0:06:08
Arkham Horrorhands to the sky[ profile] argentumlupine0:11:23

Seed 2
(Download Podbook—0:27:48)
Honor HarringtonFrom Seed [Seed Two][ profile] Aoife0:01:08
MerlinThe Helm[ profile] AlessNox0:03:45
Agent CarterEnglishes[ profile] originally0:02:53
Leverage/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.The Stubbornness of Root Vegetables[ profile] dapatty0:06:13
Legend of KorraTrolling For Fun and Profit[ profile] exmanhater0:02:39
Teen WolfStiles and Mrs. McCall[ profile] Opalsong0:02:22
Game of ThronesArya, Sansa, & Daenerys[ profile] Opalsong0:01:21
Check Please!Jack, Bitty, & Reporter[ profile] Opalsong0:01:45
GleeKitty and Marley[ profile] klb0:02:18
GleeKurt and Blaine[ profile] klb0:02:32

Seed 3
(Download Podbook—0:29:36)
NashvilleRayna James (vs. Jeff Fordham's Zombie Army)[ profile] klb0:02:51
Leverage/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.When in Doubt Make Cake[ profile] dapatty0:05:01
Saints Row/Rise of the GuardiansThe President[ profile] Opalsong0:01:44
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeLink[ profile] Opalsong0:01:42
Tales of SymphoniaRaine[ profile] Opalsong0:01:26
YuYu Hakusho: Ghost FilesYuusuke[ profile] Opalsong0:01:53
MultifandomWeek 4 (The Moon Goddess Remix)[ profile] Opalsong0:03:10
SherlockJohn's Song[ profile] AlessNox0:10:33

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Title: Smell Like a Yeti (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love Old Spice)
Author: [personal profile] mollyscribbles [personal profile] lattice_frames
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None
Summary: Hello, Yuletiders. Look at your submission, now at mine, now back at your submission, now back at mine. Sadly, it isn't mine, but if you sign up for Old Spice Guy next Yuletide, it could be in the same category as mine. I'm writing this summary while riding a horse backwards. Anything is possible when your fandom is Old Spice Guy!
Length: 9:33
Dowload: right click and save mp3 and at the audiofic archive

Mods, could I get a fandom tag for old spice? Or commercials? Thank you!
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Title: Many Kinds of Man, Many Kinds of Bodywash
Author: [personal profile] helens78
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
and KnucklesPop
Fandom: Old Spice Commercials
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing: Old Spice Guy/OFC
length: 4:30 (edited version) 6:00 (director's cut)
Author's Summary: An Old Spice Man can never allow himself to be defined by something as rigid as societal expectations of sex.
text at AO3
Download Links at mediafire: edited version   director's cut

reader's notes: so an offline friend and I recorded [personal profile] helens78's hilarious fic, but spent a fair amount of it laughing our heads off. For those curious as to what that sounded like, the director's cut version kept the hilarity (though I did edit out un-funny flubs :D). If that gets annoying, the edited version has (mostly) just the fic

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Title: Old Spice Kink Meme Anthology
Readers: [ profile] stargate_sg1sg1, [personal profile] paraka and [ profile] kronos999
Fandoms/Pairings: Old Spice (Old Spice Man/ladies, gen), American Politics RPF (gen), Firefly (gen), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (gen), Psych (gen), Feminist Hulk (gen), Feminism RPF (gen), Stargate Atlantis (John/Rodney), White Collar (gen), Watchmen (gen), Marvel universe (gen), Good Omens (gen)
Length: 0:21:18
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Reader's Notes: So I had a ton of fun reading [community profile] oldspice_kinkmeme and wanted to make some podfic out of it. Normally I don't think anything of women reading men's character's but something about Old Spice made me want a man to read it, so I bribed my cousin [ profile] stargate_sg1sg1 into reading most of this for me.

It's kinda rough for a podfic from me, and at times you can almost hear me directing [ profile] stargate_sg1sg1 in the background as he reads but it's lots of fun too.

Anthology Breakdown
1. Intro (no link) written by [personal profile] paraka (Old Spice/Podfic)
2. Common Scents written by anonymous (Old Spice/American Politics RPF)
3. Hello Space Smugglers written by [personal profile] happydork (Old Spice/Firefly)
4. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice)
5. A Call to Arms written by anonymous (Old Spice)
6. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
7. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice)
8. Untitled written by [personal profile] kristin (Old Spice/Psych)
9. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Feminist Hulk/Feminism RPF)
10. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Stargate Atlantis)
11. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/White Collar)
12. Rorschach's Journal, August 12 written by anonymous (Old Spice/Watchmen)
14. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Marvel Universe)
15. and darkness was upon the face of the deep written by anonymous (Old Spice/... I'll be honest, I don't actually know what fandom this is a crossover with. The prompt for it was "Brilliance")
16. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Good Omens)

[ profile] stargate_sg1sg1 5+10+3+(42+47)+0= 107
[personal profile] paraka 5+1+3+(42+47)+0= 98
[ profile] kronos999 5+3+3+(42+47)+0= 100
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Title: Code Blue Screen
Author: [ profile] ingridmatthews
Reader: [ profile] exmanhater
Fandom: Get a Mac ads
Rating: PG
Pairing: Mac/PC
File size/type: 4.76 MB, .mp3
Length: 10:23
Author's Summary: Inspired by the latest commercial, Mac visits PC after his major upgrade.
Text version: here
Note: Posted with author permission

Download link (sendspace): here

Points: 5+1+3+[3+3]+0= 15
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(We were allowed to post until the last midnight, right? No matter where we are?)

I apologise if any of the links don't work. In my defense, this has been one of my worst "I Hate Technology" days ever. It was so bad, that these were re-recorded at my Grandma's house. Who probably did not want to be introduced to fanfiction. Ever. :)
Podfics in the fandoms Merlin, Apple Ads, Harry Potter, Dr.Horrible's Sing Along Blog, and Glee RPF )
Podfics in the fandoms Merlin, Apple Ads, Harry Potter, Dr.Horrible's Sing Along Blog, and Glee RPF )

Total Points for this entry: 126


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