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Three Times A Week, For A Year
- a podfic anthology of 52 8-minutes-or-less podfics in a multitude of fandoms, for listening while you wait for coffee (or the bus, or for a cab, or the next E train).

Download the entire anthology as a zipped podbook
over here - 03:56:49, 434 mb.

OR download the individual podfics as mp3s, below. Many many thanks to 
[ profile] RsCreighton for compiling the podbook!

fifty two podfics in dozens of fandoms behind the cut )

 (10+10)x1 = 20

Total Points: 929

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Title: Five Destinies and One
Author/Reader: fresne
Fandom: Stargate Universe
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen
Length: Mp3, 6.07Mb 12:57
Music Credit: Portion of U2’s Beautiful Day
Summary: After the events of the series finale, five ways it could have gone. Then one more for the road.
text link
Download Link 5+1+3+(5 if stargate universe is separate, 3 if it goes under the franchise)+3=23

Title: The Mary Sue Files
Author/Reader: fresne
Fandom: Mary Sue visits Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, Lord of the Rings (movies), Invisible Man (tv), Highlander, Harry Potter (movies), La Femme Nikita (tv)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Mary Sue/Spike(BtVS), Mary Sue/Lex Luthor/Lionel Luthor/Clark Kent (SV), Mary Sue/Darien Fawkes (I-Man), Mary Sue/Methos(HL), Mary Sue/Severus Snape(HP)
Length: Mp3, 22.34MB, 47:36
Music Credit: Portion of Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself”
Summary: Mary Sue realizing that she is a Mary Sue goes on a road trip and has an escalating silly series of adventures with various and sundry. Some John Donne was abused in the course of this fic. Actually, make that general abuse of the concept. There were anvils. Large anvils. And it rained rounds of cheese. To the point, pure and utter crackfic.
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Download Link


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