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Title: an inexplicable occurrence of tentacles
Author: [ profile] ignipes
Reader: [info]reena_jenkins
Coverartist: [info]reena_jenkins
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis, Bandom (My Chemical Romance)
Pairing: gen
Format/Length: mp3, 00:16:15

Author's Summary: "There are a lot of things John hates about his job."

Download link: The podfic is posted to megaupload and (with optional streaming).

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Title & Link to Text: Call This A Love Song
Author: [ profile] lannamichaels 
Fandom: Doctor Who & The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (mashup)
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song
Spoilers: S5
Summary: Highlights of Season Five, with sincerest apologies to T.S. Eliot.
File Size/Length: 6.61MB / 00:07:13
mp3 link

5+1+1+(3 Doctor Who+5 Prufrock+3 Amy/Rory)+0 = 18

Total Points to date: 119

(I'm not sure I counted the points correctly - the Prufrock is essential to the work, so I gave it fandom points, but it contains no pairing in and of itself, so I only gave pairing points to the Doctor Who side of things.)
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Title Any Note You Can Reach
Author [ profile] reni_days
Performed by [personal profile] pennyplainknits
Fandom My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco
Pairing Gerard Way/Brendon Urie
Rating Teen
Time 31:29, 28.8MB
Download Link Here at the Archive.
Summary So, Gerard asks Mikey to ask Pete to ask the Ross kid to ask his band if MCR can cover their song on tour. That's pretty much where all the problems start.
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Title: Give Me My Sin Again
Author: [personal profile] v_angelique
Reader: [ profile] exmanhater
Fandom: Lord of the Rings RPF
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Cate Blanchett/Miranda Otto
File size/type: 31.65 MB, .mp3
Length: 1:09:07
Summary: The situation is weird before it's even begun, but thankfully Miranda is good at rolling with the punches. (Written with the prompts leather fetish and D/s)
Text version: here
Note: Posted with author permission

Permanent archive links: mp3, m4b (cover art/compiled by [ profile] cybel)

Points: 5+1+11+[3+5]+0= 25

Cross-posted to [community profile] amplificathon
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We would just like to thank everyone who signed up and posted their recs and everyone who read and commented. Amplirecathon yielded twenty-five rec posts over the last two weeks, with some amazingly creative themes, like body modification and first person and Prozac!Podfic and much more. Now we all have some new fic to listen to and amplificathon coming up and...then we can start planning our rec theme for next year :)

25 rec links under cut )
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Hi - I haven't been on LJ for a few weeks (stupid RL!), so I haven't commented on the other posts yet. I tried not to duplicate any recs, though.
Hope you guys like!

amplirecathon promo image cc celine nadeau

Amplirecathon recs for 28March2011 )
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So, I saw that nobody was going to be posting ANY recs at ALL today, and CLEARLY this was a TRAVESTY because it is AMPLIRECATHON!!!! So buckle up kids, because it's the Black Friday of Amplirecathon: ya'll are getting heaps of leftovers!

Background blahty blah. )

Alright, enough blabbing. TO THE REC-MOBILE! )

So...YOUR TURN! I am declaring this day to be Pod Rec Amnesty Day! Share all your previously-unposted recs in the comment section! Or just drive-by recs for stuff that hasn't already been recced for this year's Amplirecathon, and you think deserves to be!
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amplirecathon promo image cc celine nadeau 

 Originally, I had two different rec list ideas for tonight - Why Didn't I Think Of That (Fandom AUs) and Why Didn't I Think Of That (Canon-Compliant Stories). But I couldn't chose which list I liked better, so....I made up a different list altogether. Consistency: I has it.

 Here's some personal information, possibly TMI: I have a tattoo kink. I think just about most body art is awesome (well, maybe not these, but just about everything else). The self-expression, emotional content, and personalization of tattoos and piercings fascinates me. It's not always just the "hot damn those lines look good on him" factor, but also the history and stories behind the art that catches my attention. 

 But! If I limited my podfic recs to just tattoo-relevant items, it would be a very short and not-exactly-diverse list. So, I'm broadening the topic from 'Sexy Tattoos' to 'Body Modification', and defining it as "anything that changes a character's body in a way that is significant/integral/sexy to the story". Hopefully, the podfics I think fit this definition will intrigue and entice you as well.

J2 podfics )
SPN podfics )
SGA podfics )

 So, it's pretty late right now, and I apologize for any incoherence or inelegance in my rec list. Just take it for granted that every one of the podfics above is worth listening to, even if tattoos aren't your kink - the people who record these stories obviously love them very much, and put their heart into their performances. Plus, since some of the items on this list are pretty long recordings, obviously the readers thought the stories were worth telling (else, they would not have committed such a great amount of time to the project). So, happy listening! And maybe, you will discover a new kink or two....
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amplirecathon promo image cc celine nadeau

I am not a terribly monofannish person. In fact, I am kind of between fandoms at the moment. So when I am choosing what to listen to, I pay some attention to the fandom/pairing/story but most of my attention to the reader. Here are my five favorites.

Five podfic artists I would listen to anything by )

And three to watch )
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It was suggested that we be creative and original with our recs lists. I suppose it’s not terribly original to podfic a recs-list but I thought it might be fun to try. Part of this is written, part of this is two short recordings of my rambling about podfics I think are great.

Given that I was going to do two different days but didn't this is rather really long. Hopefully you enjoy it and are not overwhelmed. Hopefully it will fully post. Either way I hope these recs are at least somewhat helpful. Thanks to all the awesome podficcers whose work makes my life so much better!

Recs List recorded )

Well, now you’ve heard me sound less eloquent I’ll try and write out more clearly a longer list of things everyone should listen too. Given that I tend to make people podfic playlists as presents, which is how my friends mother wound up finding out about podfic after borrowing her daughter’s ipod and listening to the “Audiobooks” section. However! This is a good thing, because podfic is so amazing, and said friends mother was under the impression the recordings were professional audiobooks. She was surprised when her daughter explained that they weren’t. Good job guys!

…Without further ado:

Laugh Out Loud )

Hot in Here )

Under Five Minutes )

Voices )

Epic Podic )

+bonus extra!
After being about 6 pages I might as well throw in one last thing… Filk! Because everything is better with music )
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I'm about as new as they come to all this podfic business. I've been vaguely aware of them for a while, but only listened to my first podfic (something by FayJay, I'm pretty sure it was Shift - not recced here, but a fabulous podfic, so please consider this a mini-rec.) on a random whim when I saw it turn up on [ profile] sherlockbbc . I knew that I had a rare boring day at work coming up, where I would be doing mindless, repetitive tasks and I thought I'd give one of these podfic things a shot. I was surprised to find myself getting rather involved in the plot and enjoying FayJay's excellent dulcet tones and I've been randomly sampling the various podfic on offer since.

I haven't bothered with reading rec posts (until this recathon anyway), but instead I've been enjoying just downloading something that looks mildly interesting from a fandom/genre perspective and allowing myself to be surprised by the reader. I adore discovering all the different accents and speaking styles and seeing whether there are added extras like music and effects... I think finding out what someone sounds like for the first time is really rather wonderful and while I already have a few favourite readers, I will keep sampling new ones, because it's such a delight every time. :)

So, enough rambling. Here's some... Podrecs from a N00b!

These got a little long-winded, so I hope that's okay. I kept typing up recs and then deleting, because I wanted to limit myself to five choices and I kept changing my mind. Ha! SO here are the SIX I had when I finally hit send rather than go insane. Enjoy!

six podrecs in various fandoms )

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amplirecathon promo image cc celine nadeau

I have ten recs, split into three different themes. Consider this the Whitman's Sampler edition.

Podfic recs thisaway! )
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NOTE: I know I am several hours late with this. >.>'s still the 23rd somewhere in the world? Maybe? SORRY GUYS! XD

For those not familiar with the term, "safety tab fic" (a phrase coined by [ profile] thefourthvine, I believe) is that favorite, feel-good comfort fic that you keep up in a tab when you're reading other fic, just in case you come across something in your new fic that is upsetting in some way. Wait, John is DEAD in this fic?! Dief got shot?! Dean is evil and doesn't recognize Sam?! No problem, just click over to your SAFETY TAB FIC, and BAM! Everything is right again.

While this is a great idea for sitting at a computer, READING fic, that's not how I listen to podfic. I listen to podfic when I am out and about, going about my day.

However, this gives podfic an advantage: unlike a computer and internet access, I always have DAYS worth of it just sitting in pocket, waiting to be whipped out at any time. Therefore, podfic can be used as "safety tab fic" for real life! You fell down and hurt your wrist? SAFETY POD! Your boss reamed you out for something totally unfair? SAFETY POD! Your favorite flavor of cream cheese is being discontinued? Yep, it's SAFETY POD TIME!

So, here are some of my favorite safety pods, helpfully sorted into level-of-emotional-emergency!

Mmmm, comfort fic. Yummy. )

ETA: omg FAIL, have now added fandoms & ships. *facepalm*
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amplirecathon promo image cc celine nadeau

 I am a great big crossover fan. I know some people are fond of stories that adhere to their fandom's canon, or stick to the timeline of their show, or have never even heard of mystic cross-dimensional de-aging portals...but that's not for me. Give me a story that stretches an author's capabilities, that makes me question why I'd never thought before to stick two universes together in such a manner, show me how each 'verse works on its own and then smush 'em together like a fluffernutter sandwich of awesome. Make me think about this new 'verse you're creating in the crossover, and then let me sit back and enjoy the chaos you've created.

 Some fandoms have crossover potential built right in: the characters routinely visit other planets/worlds/dimensions/realities/timelines where another show could slot right into place; the two 'verses share a common theme of crime-solving/crime-committing/space ships/vampires/government conspiracies that could overlap with another fandom; the writing style or episode arcs share a similar worldview or sense of humor as another fandom, and the characterizations work well together.

 And some fandoms...don't. There's no real reason to think that fusing two disparate worlds together would result in anything less than a trainwreck, and yet somehow, the author manages to weave together a thing of beauty from some completely unlikely sources. And those, I think, are the best crossovers - where I never would have expected a great story to come from, or never would have even thought to look in the first place, and yet after I'm done reading (or, listening) I can't imagine any other way that story could have been told.

 So, today's installment of the Amplirecathon 2011 festival is a tribute to my love of crossover stores. Here, have some podfic.

podfic recs behind the cut )

 Alrighty then. Hopefully, I've expanded some people's fandom horizons with these ten podfic recommendations, or at least shown why crossover stories are the bestest thing around - Extra problems to solve! Extra characters to love! Extra points during amplificathon! (And just think - originally, my list of crossover fics to rec was fifteen podfics long. You got the condensed version today....)
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ETA: In an attempt to fix a linking error, I have actually made things worse. So, please, dear podficcing friends, go here for the correct and accurate and what-was-supposed-to-be-this-post-in-the-first-place recommendation post.
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With few exceptions, the podfic I listen to is all in the Supernatural/J2 fandom, so that is what this post will focus on. Also, I go through bursts of podfic listening and I’m wildly disorganized with saving my favorites to my delicious account, so this is an incomplete list.

Excellent podfics are a mix of a) pleasant voices, read at an appropriate pace with clear diction, b) technical accuracy, including sound quality and editing skills, and c) the quality/personal preference of the story recorded. Which is to say that all of this is pretty subjective to my personal preferences. The stories below are a mix of short and long and gen and slash.

1. Mind-meltingly HOT stories

[ profile] juice817 is probably the best known reader in the Supernatural fandom, and with good reason. She has a smooth, lovely voice with excellent diction and primo taste when it comes to story choice. I especially like how she seems to read some parts with a smile in her voice. But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This by [ profile] thenyxie [J2, long]

[ profile] painted_pain  has a non-American accent and exquisite pacing and inflection. Plus her story choice is just wonderful. Nothing Says I Love You Like A Punch In The Face by [ profile] standing_fic [J2, less than an hour]

2. Stories that made me laugh

[ profile] meansprite  has the most amazing accent – just a hint of a burr – and beautiful pacing. Her Dean voice is distinctive and her inflection skilled. F*** Me by [ profile] rockstarpeach  [Sam/Dean, less than an hour]

[ profile] reena_jenkins  has a pleasant voice and awesome expressiveness – in particular, she's skilled at great line delivery. This Is the Start of a Beautiful Friendship by [ profile] truelyesoteric [J2, less than an hour]

3. Just plain enjoyable stories

[ profile] superstitiousme  sounds like she is whispering to you in the dark. She has a slow, sweet style , and doesn’t skimp on the pauses when necessary. A Kept Boy by [ profile] poisontaster [RPS, 25+ hours of wonderfulness! Amazing!]

[ profile] cassandra_leeds' voice has a hushed quality of voice and excellent pacing. This story is chillingly wonderful; Bring Me The Disco King by [ profile] mimblexwimble [Gen, less than an hour]

[ profile] crinklysolution gives a wonderful unhurried read with great inflection and skilled music mixing: Crush by [ profile] sonofabiscuit77 [Sam/Dean, long]

[ profile] applegeuse is an all around wonderful reader. The Bitch by stele3 [Sam/Dean, around an hour]

[ profile] emerald_embers  has a perky voice with a lovely accent. Life Used to Be So Hard by [ profile] roque_clasique [Gen, less than an hour]
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amplirecathon promo image cc celine nadeau

We're half way through Amplirecathon 2011, and it's been amazing so far. Pretty much everyone has posted on time with amazingly diverse and interesting themes and topics ranging from rare fandoms and first time readers to comfort and bedtime podfic, and much much more. Here's hoping the second half will be just as imaginative and inspiring us to download new stories. Thank you to everyone participating and reading (and listening :). Below is the link to the Masterpost, which we update regularly with links to all DW and LJ recs:

Masterlist Amplirecathon 2011

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For me podfics are a form of recommendation. The idea, that the podfic artist loves a story so much and invests such an amount of time and effort, intrigues me and I often listen to recordings outside my normal reading habits. Needless to say, time and again the results are eye-opening and mind-blowing.

Therefore the following recs are just some examples of outstanding gems in rare fandoms, which need little to no canon knowledge to enjoy, and podfics about underrepresented characters, which changed my perception of them.

Rare Fandoms and Characters + Bonus Rec )
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amplirecathon promo image cc celine nadeau

Some real quick notes before we begin.
__The absolute best thing to happen to me in years was discovering the wonderful world of podfic/audiofic during the summer of 2007.
__Special thanks goes to [ profile] general_jinjur who, when I was first starting out, answered a newbie's questions patiently and with a kindness not always found in strangers. You are awesome, hon, and don't you ever forget it!
__This is my first time 'officially' reccing anything, so forgive any and all rambling and believe me when I say that there are SO many more titles and readers that I could rec, it would take forever!  Also, I tried REALLY hard not to pick all of one fandom/pairing/reader, but sometimes your favorites are your favorites and you can't help but love on 'em a bit. ;-D
__OK, I'm going to hit that all important button to post this thing.  Then, I'm walking away from my computer... yeah, right. >.<

And here we go! )


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