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I've been a little slow to archive my most recent podfics, but here they are.

Title: Auteur Theory
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] scioscribe
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] originally
Fandoms: Community
Pairings: background Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir, background Troy Barnes/Britta Perry
Rating: T
Length: 00:15:02
Author's Summary: Nadir’s body of work has been examined before—and in much broader and deeper contexts than this blog!—most notably in 24 Hours to Live, the collection of essays edited by Rachel Baxter, and his own What I Thought About the Movies I Made: The Abed Nadir Story—but for those of you already saying tl;dr, here’s an abbreviated summation of how auteur theory lets us realize the true brilliance of Nadir’s filmmaking.
Additional notes: Metafic, queer gen.

Auteur Theory

Download MP3 | Download M4B |AO3

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Title: [Podfic]Attracted to Idiots
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] millionstar
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] readbyjela
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
Length: 00:07:55
Author's summary: Of one bathtub, two men, words and memories. Oh, and dictionaries in the bathroom.
Reader's notes: Half way through this story, I knew I had to podfic it. It gave me ALL THE FEELS. I hope I gave it some of the justice it deserves. Cover by kalakirya.

Find links to MP3, M4b, and streaming files on AO3 linked on title.

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Title: The House in the Red Light District
Author: Kyogre
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Pairings: Gen
Rating: Teen
Length: 1:53:50
Size: 104.5 MB
Music: House of the Rising Sun by Five Finger Death Punch
Cover: Opalsong

From snkkink.

Armin, Eren and Mikasa inherit a brothel. A very classy brothel, that's popular with the military. They have no idea what they're doing, but with Armin's cunning, Mikasa's ability to kick ass, and Eren's mysterious kink-discovering skills, they pull through okay. Mostly.

Links: mp3

Note: My sound quality was super wonky in this one.  Sorry about that.  I've gotten a new mic and am still trying to figure out where to put it.

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

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Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:07 pm
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Title: Synthesis
Author: LapOtter
Reader: consulting_smartass
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Genre/Tags: Aphasia, mute!Sherlock, Angst, Hopeful Ending
Length: 4:59:42


syn·the·sis [sin-thuh-sis] /ˈsɪnθəsɪs/ noun, plural syn·the·ses.
1. the combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity ( opposed to analysis, ) the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements.
2. a complex whole formed by combining.

a·pha·sia [uh-fey-zhuh] /əˈfeɪʒə/ noun.
1. the loss of a previously held ability to speak or understand spoken or written language, due to disease or injury of the brain.


Complete Podfic (4:59:42)

Chapter 1 (15:19)

Chapter 2 (25:29)

Chapter 3 (16:04)

Chapter 4 (16:01)

Chapter 5 (20:16)

Chapter 6 (16:23)

Chapter 7 (29:58)

Chapter 8 (20:43)

Chapter 9 (19:28)

Chapter 10 (18:32)

Chapter 11 (19:52)

Chapter 12 (11:09)

Chapter 13 (20:33)

Chapter 14 (17:55)

Chapter 15 (31:57)

Pre/Post Music - Saving Josh - Trevor Morris

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Title: [Podfic] i can't slow down, i can't stop now
Author: akamine_chan
Cover Artist: AshesandGhost
Fandom: Bandom
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: None
Warnings: None
Length: 00:07:03
It started out as a joke, and then it morphed into a stupid bet that he didn't think he could lose and now Gerard found the damn things on top of his sketchbook in his bunk. Fuckers.
MP3: 11 MB (right click, save as, or just click to stream)
M4B Podbook: 7.9 MB (click to download)

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Mixed Media: A Glee/White Collar multivoice podfic project. Now casting. All fandoms and experience levels welcome.

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Title: Mother of All Hangovers
Author: Kyogre
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Pairings: Gen
Rating: Teen
Length: 43:42
Size: 40.2 MB
Music: Kishuhen Ecstacy by Idoling!!!
Cover: Opalsong

From snkkink.

On the night of their graduation, the 104th recruits have a wild celebration and get drunk. Really drunk. None more drunk than Those Three. (And they are crazy drunks.)

The last anyone sees of them, they are in full 3DMG and hurtling themselves off Wall Rose, screaming something about seeing the ocean.

The next morning, the hangover is impressive, three graduates are missing, and a path of destruction leads away from Wall Rose.

As for Armin, Eren and Mikasa, they wake up at the ocean. They're not sure how they got there, but getting back is one hell of an adventure. There may have been some cults founded. Armin might be an evil mastermind. And, hey, Eren can turn into a Titan. That might just be the least weird part.

Links: mp3

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

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Introducing a new community...

Promoting the creation of multi-voice podfic.

Post ideas for new collaborative works, find open casting calls,
and explore the wider community of collaborative podfic!

[Visit us on DreamWidth]

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Title: Human Contact
Author: Vampireisthenewblack
Fandom, Pairing: Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Stiles can't take the pain away, but the skin-to-skin contact helps. It calms Derek, stops him from using all his energy in the instinctive fight or flight response that his injury causes. "It's working, just—" He takes Stiles' arm by the wrist, pulls it over his chest, then tips Stiles' head onto his shoulder so he can feel Stiles' breath on his skin. "Yeah. That's good."

Length: 00:28:09

MP3 (Click for streaming link; Right-click and Save-As to download) || MB

Or stream:

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Title: My Heart Comes Tumblin' Down
Author: DevilDoll
Fandom, Pairing: Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "This is a casual, adult relationship based on sex, and it is awesome." In which Stiles and Derek have a great time buddyfucking until a burrito ruins it all.

Length: 00:38:43

MP3 (Click for streaming link; Right-click and Save-As to download) || 37.2 MB

Or stream:

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Title: Love Songs for the Desperate and Cunning
Author: Febricant
Fandom, Pairing: Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles/Allison
Rating: Mature
Summary: Allison is the first person he sees when he gets back.
Reader's Note: Thanks to Febricant for blanket permission

Length: 00:22:37

MP3 (Click for streaming link; Right-click and Save-As to download) || 21.4 MB

Or stream:

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Title: Starts with F, Ends with U
Author: RemainNameless
Fandom, Pairing: Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, Stiles/Rafael McCall
Rating: Explicit
Summary: An alternate (but compliant) canon wherein Rafael McCall and Stiles hook up pre-werewolf shenanigans. When McCall comes back to Beacon Hills, it quickly spirals out of Stiles' control. Derek becomes his sole confidant, his anchor, and maybe something more.
Warnings: Numerous, including "underage" and "dubious consent." See story post for complete list.

Cover by [personal profile] laisserais:

Length: 12:18:04

.rar of MP3s by chapter (Right-click and Save-As to download) || 704 MB

Audiobook by [personal profile] cybel
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Title: The Doctor's Prescription (Or: Five Times Sherlock Didn't Say Anything And One Time He Did)
Author: patternofdefiance
Reader: consulting_smartass
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Genre/Tags: Glasses, First Time, 5+1 Format
Length: 30:51

Summary: It’s not that he didn’t notice John’s aesthetic qualities before the glasses – it’s simply that the sudden, unexpected addition of them has called attention, no – forced attention, commanded it, really – and Sherlock finds himself caught on the hook of John’s gaze again and again and again.

In the mornings over newspapers, in the afternoons over medical journals, in the evening over corpses…

MediaFire (mp3)
AudioFic (mp3)

Pre/Post Music - Whisper (Live) - A Fine Frenzy


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This Time, Baby by Trojie (cover art for podfic version) photo df285c5c-7450-463a-9146-f0594b9a588e.png
Title: This Time, Baby
Author: Trojie
Reader: [personal profile] superstitiousme
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Arthur and Merlin break up, and Merlin's life kind of skids to a halt.
Length: 35:36 (33.3 MB mp3, 16.5 MB m4b)
Download: MP3 in My Box or M4B in My Box

Notes: *Crawls out from under rock* So you know, just casually posting the first podfic I've made for FIVE YEARS. Thanks to Trojie for giving me permission to perform this awesome story!!! <3
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Fic: like sick flowers need the sun by [archiveofourown.org profile] hoosierbitch (text link)
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Clint/Coulson
Length: 0:53:50
Links: MP3 (74.2 MBs) ||| M4B (59.3 MBs)

Summary: Clint hasn't felt this alone in a long time. Coulson's gone, SHIELD isn't a home anymore, and no one on his new team seems to like him. After a lifetime of being ignored, Clint's gotten good at demanding attention. He'll annoy and frustrate and piss everyone off until they notice him. To him, any attention—even the negative kind—is good attention.

This poses a problem when they all finally learn to just ignore him.

Streaming )

Author's Warnings: Depression, insecurity and references to past abuse and neglect.
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Title: Shut Up Honey
Author: [livejournal.com profile] aohatsu
Reader/cover art: [personal profile] intransitive ([livejournal.com profile] exmanhater)
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen & up
Pairing: Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane (both always-a-girl)
Length: 1:07:09
Summary: It's just a little frustrating, that Patricia can be so good at their sport, and then still look the way she does.

Permanent download links: (right-click, save-as) mp3 [31 MB] | m4b [32 MB]
Temporary Mediafire download links: mp3 [31 MB] | m4b [32 MB]

Or, stream at AO3
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Cover art of Teyla superimposed by tree branches. Text reads: 'Arbor. Written by siriaeve. Read by juniperphoenix.'

Title: Arbor
Author: [personal profile] siria/[livejournal.com profile] siriaeve
Reader: [personal profile] juniperphoenix
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Teyla Emmagan, Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex (gen)
Length: 36:55 (35.5 MB mp3; 34.3 MB m4b)
mp3: please right-click and save
m4b audiobook: please right-click and save

Summary: While investigating a ruined city with her team, Teyla has a premonition of danger.

Notes: This fic was written for an [livejournal.com profile] artword challenge and has lovely accompanying art by [livejournal.com profile] aesc, which can be viewed at the author's original post.


Jul. 19th, 2014 09:06 pm
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Title: Bubbles
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Sparxflame
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Cover by: [personal profile] tenoko1
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Lucifer
Rating: G
Tags: fluff
Summary: "What’s this?" asks Lucifer, tapping Sam’s shoulder and holding a small, plastic tube up when Sam turns from paying the guy at the checkout for the gas and assorted crap food he’s managed to bundle into a carrier bag.

Sam frowns, confused for a minute, and then smiles. “They’re bubbles, Luci.”

Length: 5:44min
Right-click > save as: MP3 || 5.36 MB

Or stream:

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Title: Wishing it's real (and knowing it's not)
Authors: [personal profile] ladyfoxxx & [personal profile] pennyplainknits
Reader: [personal profile] argentumlupine
Fandom: Bandom (MCR)
Pairing: Ray Toro/Mikey Way
Rating: Explicit
Time: 0:45:21
Author's summary: After a break-up, Mikey needs a pretend boyfriend to make the ex jealous. Ray's just the man for the job. (not!fic)

File size: 41 MB (mp3) | 13 MB (m4b)
Download from mediafire: mp3 format | m4b format

streaming below the cut )

Originally posted at AO3 here.
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Title: Best Days
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] harriet_vane
Reader: [personal profile] argentumlupine
Fandom: Bandom (MCR, Panic)
Pairing: Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie, Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Rating: Teen & Up Audiences
Time: 0:46:35
Author's summary: Brian takes the family to the beach for vacation (part of the Forever, Now series)

File size: 43 MB (mp3) | 14 MB (m4b)
Download from mediafire: mp3 format | m4b format
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Originally posted at AO3 here.


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