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Cover art by [personal profile] reena_jenkins

Fic: The CLASSIFIED British Bake Off by [ profile] longwhitecoats
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Fandom: Great British Bake Off RPF, Leverage, Harry Potter, Sleepy Hollow (TV), Hannibal (TV), Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Sherlock (TV)
Pairing: Gen
Rating: General Audiences
Summary: The following is the only episode ever filmed of season six of The Great British Bake Off.
Length: 00:55:43
Download (right-click and save): the MP3 | Size: 53 MB or the M4B | Size: 30 MB.

Paraka Productions, you’re a rock star for hosting me!

Crossposted to AO3

Shout out to [personal profile] reena_jenkins for being excellent and calculating the points for this:

Fandom Points Total: 48
Great British Bake Off RPF - 10
Leverage - 5
Harry Potter - 1
Sleepy Hollow - 10
Hannibal - 10
Star Trek: Next Gen - 10
Avengers - 1
Sherlock - 1

Pairings Points Total: 70
Great British Bake Off RPF - gen - 10
Leverage - gen - 5
Harry Potter - gen - 5
Sleepy Hollow - gen - 10
Hannibal - gen - 10
Star Trek: Next Gen - gen -10
Avengers - gen - 5
Sherlock - gen - 5

(no language bonus)

Total Points: (48+70+0) x 4 = 472
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Date: 2015-03-30 04:45 pm (UTC)
starduchess: (fancy)
From: [personal profile] starduchess
Wonderful job, everyone! That was delightful to listen to. All the voices were cast well and portrayed the correct nuances of each character. Nicely done. :)

(Analise, I see your comment above, so I'll copy this over to AO3 as well.)
Edited Date: 2015-03-30 04:46 pm (UTC)

(no subject)

Date: 2015-03-30 07:31 pm (UTC)
saffronbunbaker: (Default)
From: [personal profile] saffronbunbaker
hi, I've archived your podfic, here's the link:

(you guys did a great job with this!)

have a nice day

Sweet as Buttercream

Date: 2015-03-31 01:23 am (UTC)
alessnox: Aless Nox - A writer (Default)
From: [personal profile] alessnox
It was really nice when I was able to recognize the characters. I laughed when Lestrade won the fruit cake contest. And it was fitting that Deanna Troi's cakes were all coated with chocolate.

Very original story.

Didn't recognize everyone though because I don't know all of the fandoms so I was not getting all of the jokes. It would be nice if someone added fanart and made a video of it.

Cute ending and Great production.


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