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Title: Diplomatic Relations
Author: maldoror
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings: Gaara/Lee
Rating: Explicit
Length (total): 18:20:42
Cover: Opalsong
Music: I Can Hear by DISH
Summary: Gaara requests Lee as the Konoha Military Liaison in Sunagakure.

Podbooks Links [length; size]:
Part 1 (1-15) [8:17:17; 226.9MB]                    
Part 2 (16-Side Story: Aftermath) [10:03:12; 275.3MB]

Chapter Links [length; size]:
Part One: The Splendid Diplomatic Blue Beast of Konoha arrives! [14:13; 13.2MB]                    
Part Two: Sparring Partners [24:54; 23.0MB]
Part Three: Sandstorm [16:09; 15.0MB]                       
Part Four: Gyre [22:23; 20.7MB]
Part Five: Complicated [19:40; 18.2MB]                       
Part Six: What are friends for?
[31:03; 28.6MB]
Part Seven: Breaking the surface [36:10; 33.3MB]     
Part Eight: Season of Ashes [33:38; 30.9MB]
Part Nine: Desert Apple [38:04; 35.1MB]                      
Part Ten: Fear [33:13; 30.6MB]
Part Eleven: Breaking Seals [24:36; 22.7MB]              
Part Twelve: Safe Distance
[1:06:29; 60.2MB]
Part Thirteen: Superficial Injuries [47:58; 44.1MB]     
Part Fourteen: Accidental Breakage
[47:18; 43.5MB]
Part Fifteen: Dear Gai-sensei [42:40; 39.3MB]           
Part Sixteen: Closer
[1:17:24; 71.1MB]
Side Story: Protector [22:41; 21.0MB]                            
Part seventeen: Seven Days [26:38; 24.6MB]
Part Eighteen: Perfect [57:26; 52.8MB]                         
Part Nineteen: Binding Ties [30:37; 28.2MB]
Side Story: The Bottom of the Bottle [27:17; 25.2MB] 
Bit O' Crack: Wherein Kankuro's Day Just Gets A Lot Worse...(aka The Talk) [9:30; 8.9MB]
Part Twenty: Waiting For Morning [53:55; 49.6MB]     
Part Twenty One: Love, In Theory [41:08; 37.9MB]
Part Twenty Two: Beautiful Dangerous Creature [1:32:45; 85.1MB]                    
Part Twenty Three: Rumours, Lies and Truths [1:06:21; 61.0MB]
Side Story: A Family Reunion [23:34; 21.8MB]                    
Epilogue [29:53; 27.6MB]
Side Story: Aftermath [44:05; 40.6MB]

Audiofic Archive link: Here

NOTE: Everything I could find pointed to maldoror having left fandom completely. I took their fic still being up as permission to record. If this is not the case please let me know!

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

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