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Two podfics of missbeizy's fic Anger Management, performed separately by klb and anna_unfolding.

Author summary: PWP. Prompt: an anon requested: "Blaine and Kurt get into a stupid argument over something silly (could be to do with their apartment, someone hasn't done the washing like they said they would??) then one of them says "would you just shut up" and the other replies "make me" suddenly fucking on the kitchen counter because woah sexual tension and argument is forgotten"

Warnings for: slightly rough sex, come play, and barebacking.

klb's Reader's Note: I always felt a strong connection to this story, and I ended up recording it on a week after I had multiple terrible blowup fights that I desperately wished had gone this way instead. In fact, I felt *so* connected to the story and to wanting to do it justice that I got a little nervous at the last minute and ended up recording it fairly tipsy (although I don't think you can tell except a little half-trip over a word at the beginning). I don't love every second of this recording, but there are a lot of moments I do love and that do, I think, a pretty decent job of capturing what I was feeling about my own experiences and about the story. And the awesome thing is that most of the parts that I didn't quite hit how I wanted to, anna_unfolding totally nailed. I'm really happy with these recordings as a pair, and with the different perspectives they have, as well as with the parts they have in common. Plus more missbeizy podfic in the world is always a very very good thing in my book!

Anna's Reader's Note: klb and I decided to each record this fic and post our work together. You're welcome to listen to either, and we encourage you to listen to both. We didn't discuss how we were performing the fic beforehand. The differences in our takes reveal how much each performer brings their own interpretation and experience to the podfic. I believe the similarities you can hear in our work show the continuity of the text and also the shared head canon of the performers.

Download and streaming links at the ao3 post.

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Date: 2013-08-11 08:23 pm (UTC)
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Greetings! It seemed only proper to archive these together, so your archive entry is here: Anger Management [two versions]


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