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cover of i need a tall glass of something. Shane is drinking from a paper cup. There is an angry-looking parrot on his shoulder.

Title: i need a tall glass of something
Author: [personal profile] amosanguis
Fandom: Buzzfeed Unsolved
Readers: [personal profile] sylvaine as the narrator and Ryan, [personal profile] kdheart as Shane, [personal profile] idella as an unnamed lady, [personal profile] frecklebomb as Curly, [personal profile] growlery as Steven, and [personal profile] vidriana as Andrew
Cover Artist: [personal profile] sylvaine
Length: 0:15:06
Rating: Not Rated
Pairing: Ryan Bergara/Shane Madej
Warning(s): mild blood
Summary: Ryan bites him. Maybe a little too hard. Maybe not hard enough. There’s definitely blood, but whatever – Shane’s finger is still attached and Ryan’s still a fucking parrot. They’re both losers here.

Notes: Recorded during Europodfriends 2018! I had so much fun with this, guys; even the editing was fun, much as I complained about it on twitter ♥ There's a tiny bit of outtakes after the end of the podfic proper because I wanted to try and capture that feeling of recording all together in one room ♥

Thank you to [personal profile] amosanguis for the blanket permission!

Also on AO3 and tumblr.

Download links (right-click to save):
mp3 (7.2 MB) | m4b (7.7 MB)

Or you can listen to it right here (thanks [personal profile] paraka!):

(Dear mods, could I have a fandom tag for "buzzfeed" or "buzzfeed unsolved" as well as a reader tag for "vidriana", please? Thank you!)


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