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fun fact: podmod hates cliffhangers.

okay so here is the deal! now that the fandom nominations period has ended - and thank you all for participating! - we are ready to do signups. this is where you pick out at least one fandom that you're willing to podfic in, and at least four fandoms you'd be happy to receive a gift in. we know that ratio is steep! we've learned from experience, though. we also have a big text box in our signup where you can tell us as much about your listening preferences as you wish, and you can get specific about your squicks and triggers, including if they are specific to a fandom. we do NOT have a field for reader squicks or preferences - don't fret, we are making ~~magic~~ happen behind the scenes. also, since readers pick the fic, the relevant person already knows those >.>

basically, the more fandoms you're willing to receive gifts in, the easier it is for your mods. if you find that really painful or challenging, make a note of that in the text box - our goal is to make sure that every gift giver and every gift recipient is happy!

SIGN UP HERE. signups are open through october 17! you will get your assignment (email or message) beginning october 20 (earlier if possible, but...that may not be possible). your assignment will include some information about recipient preferences and the squicks & triggers you will want to avoid or let mods know about. then you find the fic (or fics) you will be working with! first check in is november 1, so you might want to start daydreaming about possibilities now. :D

and a final note! we want to shout out to TWO awesome fests that overlap with us, because they look like the sort of thing that might give podbangers a boost or a mental break (the nice kind):

Pod Aware 2012 will be november 12-18! Pod Aware is crammed with meta and podfic appreciation and warm happy feelings - it's highly recommended! (link to dreamwidth; link to livejournal)

Theatripod runs 10/9 to 4/1! Theatripod is a fest to create podfic in the style of theatrical productions, converting fic into plays with multiple voices, auditions, direction, rehearsals, and a final performance. it's ambitious and exciting! (link to dreamwidth; link to livejournal)

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Date: 2012-10-09 01:27 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] sisterofwar
Awesomeness! I have signed up. Can you tell me what email addie the information will be coming from, so I can add it to my "safe" list? (I don't want anything getting caught by the spam filter!)

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Date: 2012-10-09 03:07 pm (UTC)
sylvaine: Gerard with microphone and headphones with the caption "podfic" & a heart. ([bandom:MCR] !Gerard podfic is love)
From: [personal profile] sylvaine
Awesomeness! I'm really excited for this. :D

Just to be clear, in the "UTTERLY HONEST SQUICKS, TRIGGERS, AND DISLIKES IN WHAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN *LISTENING* TO" textbox at the end of the sign-up sheet, should we also give some idea of things we *would* like to listen to?


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