Feb. 13th, 2019

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Cover art! I love cover art, I love talking about and thinking about cover art, and I think cover art deserves more love. Thus, a commentmeme about cover art!

Tell us about a podfic cover art you like! Of your own podfic, or of the ones you've made, or from someone else's podfic! What do you like about it? If you made it, what was your process? How does it do a good job of being a cover?

If you want to talk about more than one cover, that is also more than okay! I would suggest putting them in separate comments though unless you're talking about them as some kind of thematic whole.

Comment on other people's comments! Let them know how awesome the cover art they're talking about is! Let's celebrate the art and the craft that goes into a part of podfic that we rarely focus on! \o/

(And, to lay that anxiety to rest: none of this means that podfic without cover art is inherently less valuable, or that cover art is a necessary part of podfic. This fest just happens to focus on cover art!)


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