Mar. 14th, 2017

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 Hi! Not sure where else to ask this, and sorry if I'm missing something. Is Amplificathon happening this year? Thanks! 
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Title: Snowball's Chance on Hoth
[ profile] Sholio 
Reader: reena_jenkins
Coverartist: [personal profile] reena_jenkins 
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
Pairings: gen
Warnings: Friendship, Snowball Fight, Hoth
Length: 00:14:22 

Author's Summary: Luke meets snow.

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me).
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So I've recently and with relief and happiness fallen back into reading fanfic, itching to finish a podfic I began a long while ago before some real-life issue intervened and knocked me completely out of my fannish playground, and I've found a fic that I want to record. 

My issue is, the story has been orphaned and the author is now listed as Orphan_Works by AO3. It's from 2014, and in several chapter headers the original author lists her personal email address. It includes her name, like "" (not my real one.)

So: Should I still seek permission, if it's been orphaned? If I email that addy and get a "this email doesn't exist" and/or she doesn't reply after a week or so, can I assume permission? 

These are the questions that keep me up at night. 

I am so out of practice. I hope I can remember how to do all this. :)
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Title: A Full Picture
Author: dance_across
Fandom: due South
Length: 1.5 hours
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio (past)
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski
Music Credits: All music by Dar Williams. "When I Was A Boy," The Honesty Room; "Better Things," Many Great Companions; "Book of Love," Many Great Companions; "As Cool As I Am," Mortal City.
A/N: Thanks to dance_across for permission to podfic!
Summary: Ray Kowalski begins to uncover the details of Fraser's past relationship with Ray Vecchio. In the beginning, there's jealousy. In the end, there's understanding. In the middle, there's ballroom dancing, a poorly-timed bachelorette party, and shopping for dresses.

Text at AO3


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Title: With Appreciation
Author: facetofcathy
Reader: DesireeArmfeldt
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Length: 14 mins
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Chuck, Original Female Character(s)
Summary: Chuck wants to have a talk with John.

Text on AO3


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Summary: “Wait, are you – Marcone, you asshole, are you proposing to me?”

Notes and acknowledgements: Thanks to Paraka and Jinjurly for hosting, and to lightgetsin for permission to record their story.

I've recorded half of part four, so expect to see the rest of the series go live in a couple of days!


Original Fic:
Author: lightgetsin
Fandom: Dresden Files
Pairing: Harry Dresden/John Marcone
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Length: 00:32:21

Paraka: MP3 (45 MB) or M4B (30 MB)
Audiofic Archive: Check back later.


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