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Title: Qui Audet Adipiscitur
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] leupagus
Reader: [personal profile] knight_tracer
Fandom: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Pairings: Gen
Rating: G
Length: 26:38
Summary: "JANE -


- - DOT"

Links: mp3 | m4b (Right-click, select 'save as')
streaming and points )
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Title: Changing our names in the sky
Writer: [archiveofourown.org profile] victoria_p
Reader: [personal profile] greedy_dancer
Fic info: Push, Nick/Cassie, rated Teen.
Warnings: Underage (though nothing happens for a number of years after the movie's events).
Length: 9 minutes
Writer's summary: Cassie doesn't leave him anywhere to hide.

cover by [personal profile] greedy_dancer

MP3 (8Mb - right-click, save as)
Streaming available at AO3

Notes: Thanks to Paraka for hosting! This is another really old one I found in my WIP folder - apparently recorded back in 2013! Better late than never? >.> Hope you enjoy!

Points: 10+10 (x1) = 20 points
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Notes and acknowledgements:
Thank you to DesireeArmfeldt for permission to podfic. Love, as always, to Paraka and Jinjurly for hosting space.

Recorded for the "1st POV", "Read With Silence", and "Read with Breaths" squares for Podfic BINGO 2016. I edited out mistakes, but left in all pauses and breath noises. The effect isn't as bad as I'd worried, at least to my ears.

Fraser prepares Ray for the Quest.


Original Fic: here
Author: DesireeArmfeldt
Fandom: due South
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Relationship: Gen, or possibly Fraser/RayK
Length: 00:05:26

Paraka: MP3 (7.8 MB) or M4B (5.4 MB)
AO3: here
Audiofic Archive: here

Points: ( (1 fandom) + (5 gen) ) x (1 length) = 6

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Title: Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] meridian_rose
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] blackglass
Rating: T
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy and Firefly
Pairings: None, gen
Summary: They call us the Guardians of the Galaxy," Quill said, still somewhat peeved. "You're not from the galaxy?" For the intoabar prompt "Peter Quill goes into a bar and meets Simon Tam"
Length: 12:25
Download: Right click and save as an mp3. (Thanks to paraka for hosting!)

Streaming available at AO3.

[(10+5) + (10+5)] x 2= 60 points
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Title: birds of a feather
Author: storiesfortravellers
Reader: reena_jenkins
Coverartist: reena_jenkins
Rating: R
Fandoms: DCU - Batman (animated), Captain America (movie'verse), Avengers (movie'verse)
Pairings: James "Bucky" Barnes/Jason Todd
Warnings: Crossover, Assassins & Hitmen, Avenger Bucky Barnes, SHIELD, morally gray, Violence, Kink, Rough Sex, Playful Sex, Hair-pulling, Dominance, Submission, BDSM
Music: For All These Times Son, For All These Times, as performed by Lostprophets 
Length: 00:20:57

Author's Summary: For this prompt at comment-fic on lj: Jason Todd/+Bucky, trying to be one of the good guys again is tricky

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me).

Points: ((10+5+1)+(10))x3 = 78 points
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Title: She Wolfs, She Blogs
Author: spookywoods
:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairings: Vernon Boyd/Erica Reyes, Cora Hale/Lydia Martin, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent/Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall, Ethan/Danny Mahealani
Rating: Teen
Length: 5:05:59
Cover: SuchaPrince & Opalsong
Summary: Well, Wolfies it has been quite a semester. I started this blog to document my triumphs, trials, and of course, all the gossip I encountered as the sole female Radio Broadcasting major at BHU. Between co-hosting the morning show with Danny Mahealani, keeping my relationship with radio tech Vernon Boyd under wraps, and saving the department from crippling budget cuts--me and a group I surreptitiously named “The Wolf Pack”--managed to save the day. Until next time. xxx Erica

Links: mp3 [280.4MB]
Podbook [142.0MB]
Archive Link

Thanks so much to SuchaPrince for allowing my to slap words all over their amazing cover art!
Thanks bunches to Bessyboo and Paraka for acquiring media for me to use in this! It was super amazing and helpful!!
Thanks to everyone involved in this. It's been an awesome ride and I hope you're as happy as I am with the finished product!

Opening and Closing music is the Teen Wolf opening.
All other music is straight from SuchaPrince's fanmix (linked at the top) and is credited within the story itself.
Phone noises (twitter, email, tumblr, Danny's text noise, facebook, scene break, etc.) were found on youtube.
Erica's text noise is a generic wolf howl text alert found on youtube.
Isaac's text noise is an excerpt from Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Ja vas lyublyu from the Russian Opera The Queen of Spades
Scott's text noise is an excerpt from Flesh On Fire - James House (the opening song to the original Teen Wolf movie)
Derek's text noise is an excerpt from 37 Shakespeare Quotes in Under 2 Minutes from the Stratford Festival
(all of these were found on youtube)
The writing sound effect is one I downloaded ages ago for free somewhere I now forget.
Gif 1: Young Frankenstein (obtained from youtube)
Gif 2: Shaun of the Dead (from the trailer)
Gif 3: Prometheus (from the trailer)
Gif 4: Romeo and Juliet (provided by Paraka)
Gif 5: Dr. Cox from Scrubs (obtained from youtube)
Gif 6: Supernatural (provided by Bessyboo)
Gif 7: Citizen Cain (obtained from youtube)
Gif 8: Ryan Gosling on Ellen (obtained from youtube)
Gif 9: Louis CK (obtained from youtube)
All other Foley noises were created by Opalsong.
Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3

POINTS: (1+10+10+10+10)*9 = 369
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Title: what you got, boy, is hard to find
Author: lazulisong & verity
Reader: reena_jenkins
Coverartist: reena_jenkins
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Teen Wolf
Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings: Asexuality, ace people in lurv, nothing happens and then they have tea, Napping, Cuddling & Snuggling
Length: 00:22:59

Author's Summary: Everything was so much simpler in his head. U + ME = NAP, CUDDLE-YOU-LUST, something like that.

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me).

Points: (1+1)x3 = 6 points


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