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Mice, Crawling by Yvi
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: G
Summary: It is a dance, executed carefully. They dance around each other, never touching, always evading, and never leaving the dance floor.
Length: 0:08:18
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 5(a) + 5(b) + 0(c) = 10 x 1 = 10
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Without A Net Upon The Wire by torakowalski
Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Hawkeye (Comics)
Rating: M
Relationships: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov
Summary: Since he was abandoned by his brother and then the circus, Clint Barton has resigned himself to making his own way in the world. So when he ends up living on the streets of New York in the middle of winter, he’s not expecting to be taken in by injured army veteran, Phil Coulson, or accidentally involved in an escalating war against the Russian mafia.
Length: 4:30:04
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 1+10(a) + 5(b) + 0(c) = 16 x 9 = 144

And If You Should Fall by torakowalski
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: E
Relationships: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Summary: Clint Barton has a home, a boyfriend, a dog, and a place at SHIELD Training Academy, so for the first time ever, everything seems to be working out for him.
Then he gets recruited to a secret organisation within SHIELD and it turns out that everyone there might not be working toward the same goal. Now he has to protect the people he loves from Hydra, without letting Hydra know he's onto them.
Length: 4:51:41
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 5(a) + 5(b) + 0(c) = 10 x 9 = 90

Points for this post: 234
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Title: From the Desk of N. Fury
[archiveofourown.org profile] Sholio 
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] reena_jenkins  and [archiveofourown.org profile] blackglass 
Coverartist: [archiveofourown.org profile] reena_jenkins 
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Avengers (movie'verse)
Pairings: gen
Warnings: Bureaucracy, Epistolary, nick fury regrets his life choices, profanity (SO MUCH PROFANITY), alcohol use
Length: 00:24:48
SFX: snagged over here and over here

Author's Summary: "Nicholas J. Fury vs. SHIELD bureaucracy."

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me).

Points: (1+5)x3 = 18 points
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Title: Inclined to Explore
Author: Shadowfire_RavenPheonix
Readers: Opalsong
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairings: Dorian/Iron Bull
Rating: Explicit
Music: Siege of Adamant by Trevor Morris & In-game party dialogue from Dragon Age: Inquisition
Cover: Opalsong
Summary: "...and as you gripped my horns, I. Would. Conquer. You.”
The Bull's words to him on the road that afternoon had wormed their way into Dorian's mind, and try as he might he can't seem to rid himself of them...

Links [Length; Size]:
Chapter 1 [31:06; 28.8MB]
Chapter 2 [1:08:52; 63.3MB]
Chapter 3 [1:21:32; 74.9MB]
Audiobook [3:01:29; 83.6MB]
Archive Link TBA

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!

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POINTS: (10 + 10) * 7 = 140
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Title: hello, goodbye and don't forget to wave
Reader: reena_jenkins
Coverartist: reena_jenkins
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings: gen
Warnings: Crossover, Swearing, The Doctor being.... the Doctor, Crack, project_wishlist 2010
Length: 00:12:57

Author's Summary: "Written for a prompt from silverflamemuse: BtVS/DW, Faith, Doctor, Donna, X glimpsed it out of the corner of their eye."

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me).

Points: (5+1+5+5)x2 = 32 points

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That Light That Takes You Home by torakowalski
Fandom: Mission: Impossible (Movies), Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Rating: T
Relationships: William Brandt/Benji Dunn, Declan Gormley/Zhen Lei, Ethan Hunt/Julia Meade
Summary: In which Benji Dunn has a meet-cute on an aeroplane, falls in love, qualifies as a field agent, and nearly gets blown up far too many times.
Length: 1:09:10
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 10(a) + 10+10+10(b) + 0(c) = 40 x 4 = 160
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Invisible by winterhill
Fandom: Lawrence of Arabia
Rating: M
Pairing: Ali ibn el Kharish/T. E. Lawrence
Length: 0:13:08
Summary: If you wish loudly enough in the desert, a djinn might give you what you want — or what you think you want. For trope bingo square “bodyswap”. Ali and Lawrence swap bodies at Damascus for one night before Lawrence leaves Arabia for good, and Lawrence feels very acutely the fact that he does not belong to the desert, no matter what he wishes.
mp3 (right click and and save as)

Points: 10(a) + 10(b) + 0(c) = 20 x 2 = 40
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Title: With Our Skins Off
Author: Asuka Kureru
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Homestuck
Character: Gamzee & Karkat
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: no archive warnings apply
Summary: You can't control your lungs. It's ridiculous, this is just a bit of rope, you could bite or claw through it if you tried hard enough (no you couldn't, he's too good at this.)
Tags: nonsexual bondage, pale romance, pale porn, comfort angst, catharsis
Text: here
Length 0:04:42
Link: here

5+10 x 1 = 15
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Title: Dark Prince
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Spiced_Wine
Reader: [personal profile] chantress
Fandom: The Silmarillion/The Lord of the Rings
Pairings: Morgoth/OC, Sauron/OC, Maglor/OC--and others mentioned, implied, or downright USTing up the place ;)
Rating: Mature
Length and format: 00:15:45 (Chapter 11), mp3
Summary: Lúthien was not the only offspring of Maia and Elf born in the Elder Days, but Vanimórë's tale was never to be sung in glittering halls.

His mother was Elven. His father was Sauron. His birth was accomplished by the blackest sorcery of Morgoth Bauglir.

He was forged as a double-edged sword is forged, as lethal and as beautiful. And they tested him to breaking-point.

He would not break.

The first of the Dark Prince series, the story of Sauron's son, born to be a weapon, a warrior, a servant of the Dark - or its eternal enemy.

Warnings: Rape, dubcon, violence, torture, incest, slavery, sexual content, and Elvish as rendered by an over-enthusiastic Mortal.
Text: Here
Dowload link for Chapter 11: Here
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Title: How To Grow A Groot
Author:[archiveofourown.org profile] Cordelia_Sun
Reader:[archiveofourown.org profile] RsCreighton
Cover Artist:[archiveofourown.org profile] Reena_Jenkins
Rating: General Audiences
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Tags: Flora Colossus, Groot Must Grow, Reflection
Pairing: Gen
Length: 8:31
Summary: Clutching the fragmented remains of his friend Rocket consults an ancient manuscript for guidance on what to do next.

Whatever happens...Groot hasta grow back.
Notes: I seriously have all the feels for Rocket in this fic you guys you have NO IDEA

Link to Podfic:

MP3 | M4B


Points: (10+10)*1=20
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A.K.A. Five reasons why Ovi really wanted that car.

A.K.A. Hana lost a bet because the Stars got their asses kicked by the Flyers (WHY YOU GOTTA DO ME LIKE THAT, STARS, THE ~*FLYERS*~???) and had to write 1K of fic about the All-Star Game.

Spasibo to platinumvampyr for beta’ing and factchecking for me!

This fic will probably make no sense at all unless you have seen this.

Original Fic: here
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Length: 00:16:43

AO3: here
Paraka: MP3 (23 MB) or M4B (16 MB)
Audiofic Archive: here

Recorded for the "Write and record your own story" square and the "Try an Accent" square for Podfic BINGO. My attempt at a Russian accent ended up sounding more like... Jamaican Chekov? I think is the closest possible description. I beg forgiveness from Russian speakers the world over.

(1(fandom) + 10(gen)) x 2(length) = 22

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Title: No Matter How They Change Her
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] chash
Reader: [personal profile] knight_tracer
Fandom: Code Name Verity/I Capture the Castle
Characters: Maddie Brodatt, Cassandra Mortmain
Rating: Gen
Length: 4:15
Summary: Cassandra's wireless is broken.

Links: mp3
Points: (10+10+10+10)1 = 40

Part 2 of Her Heart Was Warm and Gay series
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Title: See You In Homeroom
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] copperbadge
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] sisi_rambles
Cover artist: [archiveofourown.org profile] reena_jenkins
Author's Rating: T
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Gen
Summary: Rhodey wants heat-seeking bullets, Steve wants to go for a run, Natasha wants french toast, and Tony just wants to be prom queen.
Length: 00:15:38

Download links and Streaming: AO3


Points = (Marvel Cinematic Universe + Gen ) x (Length ∴ Multiplier ) = ( 5 + 5 ) x ( 2 ) = 20
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Title: That you may contribute a verse
Author: fresne
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Dead Poets Society
Character: Todd Anderson
Rating: teen and up audiences
Warnings: author chose not to use archive warnings
Oh me! Oh life! of the questions of these recurring,
Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill’d with the foolish,
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean, of the struggle ever renew’d,
Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me,
Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me intertwined,
The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?
That you are here—that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.
-Walt Whitman
Text: here
Length 0:10:12
Link: here

10+10 x 2 = 40
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Title: anyway, here's wonderwall
[archiveofourown.org profile] KiaraSayre 
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] reena_jenkins 
Coverartist: [archiveofourown.org profile] reena_jenkins 
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (movies)
Pairings: gen
Warnings: Knitting, Gallows Humor, Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Canon-Typical Violence, Torture, Murder, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, Guitars

Length: 00:24:14

Author's Summary: "The Winter Soldier tracks down each and every HYDRA agent that forced him to kill and watches them die. He also tries to become a well-rounded individual with interests and hobbies. The results are mixed."

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me).

Points: (5+5)x3 = 30 points
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Title:Out In The Black Ain't Nothing So Much As Time
Author:[archiveofourown.org profile] lenore
Reader:[archiveofourown.org profile] RsCreighton
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Firefly
Tags: Episode Related, First Time
Pairing: Malcolm Renyolds/Simon Tam
Length: 29:50
Summary: Jayne explains to Simon how he has to earn his place on Serenity. Simon doesn't know what to believe, but he's not taking any chances.
Notes: <3

Link to Podfic:


Points: (5+10)*3=45
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Title: 5 times Crowley was Summoned on purpose + 1

Author: marietcaelum
Reader: kerravon
Fandoms: Good Omens, Avengers, Discworld, Harry Potter, Sherlock, House, Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Aziraphale/Crowley, Aziraphale, Crowley(GO), Loki, Vimes, Ridcully, Stibbons, Voldemort, Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Moriarty, House, Wilson, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Crowley(SPN), Castiel
Warnings: None
Rating: Gen
Length: 1 Hour 27 Minutes 19 Seconds

Summary: Author: "Crowley had no idea who'd let slip how to summon demons, but it was a damn pain in the arse sometimes. Recently, however, things had just been getting ridiculous."

Total length: 1 hour 27 Minutes 19 Seconds
Format: MP3 And M4b

MP3 Podfic Direct Download (80.1MB): 5 times Crowley was Summoned on purpose + 1 - Podfic
M4b Audiobook Direct Download (10.5 MB):5 times Crowley was Summoned on purpose + 1 - M4b

Points: Fandom/ Relationship
Good Omens - 5/ Aziraphale/Crowley - 5
Avengers - 1/ Gen - 5
Discworld - 5/ Gen - 5
Harry Potter - 1/ Gen - 5
Sherlock - 1/ Gen - 5
House MD - 5/ Gen - 5
Supernatural - 1/ Gen - 1

Fandom Total - 19/ Relationship Total - 31

(19+31) X 5 = 250 points total
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Title: Hindsight
Author: sabinelagrande
Readers: Opalsong
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairings: Dorian/Iron Bull
Rating: Explicit
Length: 26:23
Size: 24.4MB
Music: Enchanters (feat. Elizaveta & Nick Stoubis) by Raney Shockne
Cover: Opalsong
Summary: Iron Bull is almost certainly playing games with him. Dorian is particularly sure of this when he's been drinking.

Links: MP3
Archive Link TBA

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3

POINTS: (10 + 10) * 3 = 60
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Title: Orange Light Room
Author: orphan_account
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: tsuritama
Character: Yuki/Natsuki
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: author chose not to use archive warnings
Summary: kink meme de-anon. "Up to the filler how far the two actually go, but either way, I need Yuki mouthing the back of Natsuki's newly exposed neck (as of episode 8)."
Text: here
Length 0:03:30
Link: here

10+10 x 1 = 20
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Scotch 9

Fic: Scotch, Considered
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade
Author: earlgreytea68
Reader: themusecalliope
Rated: PG
Summary: In which Lestrade makes a decision.
Length: 13:14
Cover Art: By me. (Manifesty's series cover art is here)
Music: none
Download: MP3 | MP3 Unzipped | Podbook

Notes: Only one left to go now. :) As always, thanks to Paraka for hosting my files. And so many thanks to earlgreytea68 for the cool fic, and letting me record this series.

(my podfic masterlist)

Points: (1+5+0) x 2=12


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