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Title: Sam Wilson: Ghost Hunter
Author:> [ profile] kehinki
Reader: [ profile] sisi_rambles
Cover artist: [ profile] sisi_rambles
Author's Rating:
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers
Summary: Sam's stuck in a horror movie cliche.
Length: 00:08:53
File Sizes: (mp3 8.3 MB) & (m4b 3.9 MB)

Download links and Streaming: AO3

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Title: Pour Your Love All Over Me

Author: [ profile] deanswingsbothways

Reader:[ profile] PencilSketchS 

Pairing:  Castiel/Dean Winchester

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester, Crowley (Supernatural)

Tags - Author: Dub-con, Demon Dean Winchester

Tags - Reader: Podfic, Podfic length: 30 - 45 minutes

Author's Summery: When you get down to brass tacks, Castiel is only good at one thing, and that's saving Dean Winchester. But how do you save a demon? Especially when the demon in question is using every dirty trick in the book to avoid being saved? (Warning: Dub-con, lots of incredibly filthy dialogue, a touch of smut, and a smattering of violence)

Podfic: (right click to save) [Podfic] Pour Your Love All Over Me

Length: 00:40:10

Size: 36.7 MB
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Title: Hot Water
Author:> [ profile] goddamnhella
Reader: [ profile] sisi_rambles
Cover artist: [ profile] sisi_rambles
Author's Rating: T
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Gen
Summary: Unfortunately, Nova Corps didn’t upgrade the bathroom facilities on the Milano.
Length: 00:06:59
File Sizes: (mp3 6.4 MB) & (m4b 3.0 MB)

Download links and Streaming: AO3

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Title: King and Lionheart
Author: [ profile] thehoyden
Reader/cover art: [personal profile] intransitive ([ profile] exmanhater)
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Sid/Geno
Length: 5:33:55
Summary: Sidney’s wedding day doesn’t go quite as he’d planned. When he’d bothered to imagine it at all, he’d thought of a nice June wedding in Nova Scotia, outdoors with the sun streaming down. He hadn’t imagined this hurried affair on the tarmac on a rainy and unseasonably cool day in early September, a month after his twenty-fifth birthday.

Permanent download links: (right-click, save-as) mp3 [141 MB, zipped] | m4b [159 MB]
Temporary Mediafire download links: mp3 [141 MB, zipped] | m4b [159 MB]
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Cover art of a teal VW microbus parked on a pleasant street

Original text: Four ways William Scully got picked up from daycare
Author: [personal profile] naraht
Reader: [personal profile] juniperphoenix
Pairing: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Length: 14:50 (14.2 MB mp3; 13.7 MB m4b)
mp3: please right-click and save
m4b audiobook: please right-click and save

Summary: What it says on the tin. Two-year-old William Scully, his parents, and their chosen family as seen through an outsider's POV.

Notes: Made for [ profile] xf_is_love 2014. The original post is here.
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Title: Penalties in Minutes
Author: [personal profile] fahye
Reader: [personal profile] intransitive ([ profile] exmanhater)
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane
Length: 35:49
Summary: And yeah, maybe Patrick has ranted at him a bit about how you can't always treat sex like a powerplay, Jonathan, but Pat knows as well as Jon that the best plays fall in that sweet spot between preparation and inspiration.

Permanent download link: (right-click, save-as) mp3 [17 MB]
Temporary Mediafire download link: mp3 [16.4 MB]

Or, stream at AO3
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Title: I Just Want To Run This By You
Author: [ profile] entanglednow
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: T
Tags: ropes
Summary: "Cas, make yourself useful, get over here and tie me up."
Length: 17min
Right-click > save as: MP3|| 16 MB

Or stream:

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Title: Perfect Freedom
Author: Ketita
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Character: Levi/Eren
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Underage
Summary: Trust is not something that can come automatically; it has to be learned. Before Eren can expect to be trusted by his teammates, he has to learn to trust himself - and Levi is determined to help him.
Text: here
Length 1:15:10
Link: here
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Title: All That I Am
Author: [ profile] entanglednow
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: M
Tags: hypothermia
Summary: He thinks maybe someone dragged him all the way back to life.
Length: 8:03min
Right-click > save as: MP3|| 7.46 MB

Or stream:

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He Hadn't Stopped Christmas from Coming read by DesireeArmfeldt
Fandom: due South
Author: belmanoir
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, Ray Vecchio, Francesca Vecchio
Length: 2 hours 20 mins
Summary: "Vecchio," Kowalski snarled, his hands flat on my desk as if that was the only way he could keep them away from my throat. "What are you giving Fraser for Christmas?"

Link to text on AO3

M4B (with cover art by mific)

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Phone, Please! by [ profile] twentysomething read by me

32.68 MB 34 minutes

Check, Please (webcomic) Jack Zimmermann/Eric Bittle

"Bits, you live tweeting this?" Shitty asks.

For those of you not in the know, Check, Please! is a adorable webcomic about Eric Bittle (Bitty) a tiny Georgian figureskater-turned-hockey player who bakes pies, and his New England college hockey team. It is SO GOOD and so is this story, full of Kate's trademark sweetness and humour.

Download here

Mods I think we need a tag for Check, Please!
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Title: The Weeping Boy
Author/Reader: [ profile] Jinxy | [ profile] mistressjinx | [ profile] jinxyreads
Fandoms: Teen Wolf & Where The Wild Roses Grow (song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Kylie Minogue)
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: Explicit
Tags: AU - Ghosts, Murder, Major Character Death, Dark!Fic, Song Fusion
Download: MP3 [8.2 MB] | M4B [4.9 MB]
Length: 00:08:37
Text Link: HERE
A03 Link: HERE
Notes: Totes recorded my own ficlet here. I struggled with this. Because I don't think my writing is all that great. But this ficlet, that I wrote during Mating Games 2014, really meant something to me. And it didn't get very many reads because of the MCD. I really wanted the fact that it is in audio form to open doors for the fic, breath new life into it in a way that it never really had before as text. It is read as I had intended it to sound. I love the creepy and macabre. I see it as a romantic tale, and urban legend. A sexy tale of death. I hope that you give it a chance, because it is so dear to me. <3 Thank you to my lovely friend [personal profile] majoline for always helping me improve and encouraging me to take chances.
Summary: That poor boy, they say. What a shame, they say. He had his whole life ahead of him, they say. They call him The Weeping Boy, but his name is Stiles Stilinski. Why they call him that, he does not know...
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Title: Throwing Pebbles
Author: [ profile] Heather
Reader: [personal profile] luzula
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Ray K/Stella
Rating: R
Length: 4:30:04
Summary: Ray and Stella run away and get married. Sequel to On A Balcony In Summer Air and I recommend listening to that one first, even if it's not strictly necessary.

Notes: Well hey, it's been a while since I posted podfic--I've been having a bit of a slump when it comes to being fannishly creative. This is for the due South/C6D Big Bang. I first started this podfic in June 2013, and now it's finally done. I apologize for some sound quality issues: the recordings have been done in several locations, so the acoustic surroundings are different in different parts. Also, sometimes when I've corrected mispronunciations, I've had to splice in bits which differ in acoustic surrounding. That said, this story was a joy to record! I also had pretty much the best beta ever in Heather, the author. She gives great feedback and also catches all the stuff that needs to be fixed. ♥ I usually don't work that closely with the author, but I really enjoyed doing it with this one.

Cover art for the m4b is by [personal profile] podfic_lover, who also made other cool artwork for the podfic over here. Thanks! ♥

Download the mp3 file here.
Download the m4b file here.
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Title: Relentless Tenderness
Author: [ profile] tristesses
Reader: [ profile] originally
Fandoms: MCU
Pairings: Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanov
Rating: T
Length: 00:10:48
Author's Summary: "The rules are different on mornings like these." Pepper and Natasha spend some time together.
Additional notes: Additional tags for spanking, handcuffs and non-sexual kink. Recorded for WAGFAPE 2014. Cover art by me.

Relentless Tenderness cover

Download MP3 | Download M4B | Stream at AO3

Title: when the body speaks
Author: [ profile] xylodemon
Reader: [ profile] originally
Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Pairings: Alys Karstark/Val
Rating: Explicit
Length: 00:09:20
Author's Summary: Val was a prickly woman, not easy to befriend, but without each other they'd likely be alone.
Additional notes: Contains reference to the events of A Dance with Dragons. Fulfils the Getting Physical square on my [community profile] ladiesbingo card. Part of WAGFAPE 2014. Cover art by me.

When the Body Speaks cover

Download MP3 | Stream at AO3
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Title: Is Anyone Out There?
Author: vassalady
Reader: theleanansidhe
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: N/A
Rating: Teen
Length: 00:09:14
Cover: vassalady
Summary: Dean, kidnapped and trapped in a house with his kid brother Sam, finds an old ham radio and begs for someone, anyone, to come save them. But they are on their own.

Streaming and mp3/m4b download links on AO3.

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Title: D.S. al fine
Author: MoreThanSlightly
Reader: theleanansidhe
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairings: Allison/Lydia
Rating: Teen
Length: 00:05:45
Summary: A fix-it fic for Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 23: “Insatiable.”

Streaming and mp3/m4b download links on AO3.

Title: Listen
Author: MoreThanSlightly
Reader: theleanansidhe
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairings: Allison/Lydia
Rating: Teen
Length: 00:09:01
Summary: Lydia learns more about her powers. A coda to "Letharia Vulpina."

Streaming and mp3/m4b download links on AO3.

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Title: The Devil Made Me Do It
Author: InitialA
Reader: theleanansidhe
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Pairings: Cecil/Carlos
Rating: PG
Length: 00:13:00
Summary: Cecil can't talk. Carlos has to do the show.

Streaming and mp3/m4b download links on AO3.

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Title: Underground
Author: [personal profile] 3_jane
Reader: [personal profile] erica_schall
Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Pairing: Jin/Fuu/Mugen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dreamsharing, threesome, het
ao3 post: here

Summary: It begins, their first night in the mining camp.

>> if you like you're stories a bit fucked up, you will love this

bare version (22:14): mp3 (21.5 MB) m4b (18 MB)
music version (24:30): mp3 (23.6 MB) m4b (21 MB)

or stream the music version here

music credit: 'I sighed' from the OST
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Title: Structured Catastrophe
Author: synergenic
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin
Character: Jean/Marco
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Author Chose not to use archive warnings
Summary: Marco sometimes thinks about what would happen if he died – what would have happened if he hadn’t survived Trost at all. He sometimes wonders if they would have all been better off.
Additional Tags: the kids are not alright, we forget that they're children but they are, oh god the lost innocence ruins me, Suicidal Thoughts, mentions of self harm
Text: here
Length 0:34:05
Link: here
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Title: And We’ll Talk in Present Tenses
Author: lamardeuse
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Lewis
Character: James Hathaway/Robert Lewis
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: no archive warnings apply
Summary: Robbie is too old for this.
Text: here
Length 1:38:08
Link: here

Readers note: Not British and not going to try for an accent when I know I can't nail it. If you want to do a proper British version, re-pod away! I was just too in love with this fic to not podfic it, so here it is :)


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