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Title: The Doctor's Prescription (Or: Five Times Sherlock Didn't Say Anything And One Time He Did)
Author: patternofdefiance
Reader: consulting_smartass
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Genre/Tags: Glasses, First Time, 5+1 Format
Length: 30:51

Summary: It’s not that he didn’t notice John’s aesthetic qualities before the glasses – it’s simply that the sudden, unexpected addition of them has called attention, no – forced attention, commanded it, really – and Sherlock finds himself caught on the hook of John’s gaze again and again and again.

In the mornings over newspapers, in the afternoons over medical journals, in the evening over corpses…

MediaFire (mp3)
AudioFic (mp3)

Pre/Post Music - Whisper (Live) - A Fine Frenzy


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Fic: like sick flowers need the sun by [ profile] hoosierbitch (text link)
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Clint/Coulson
Length: 0:53:50
Links: MP3 (74.2 MBs) ||| M4B (59.3 MBs)

Summary: Clint hasn't felt this alone in a long time. Coulson's gone, SHIELD isn't a home anymore, and no one on his new team seems to like him. After a lifetime of being ignored, Clint's gotten good at demanding attention. He'll annoy and frustrate and piss everyone off until they notice him. To him, any attention—even the negative kind—is good attention.

This poses a problem when they all finally learn to just ignore him.

Streaming )

Author's Warnings: Depression, insecurity and references to past abuse and neglect.
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Title: Nineteen Seconds of Falling
Author: EmmyAngua
Reader: consulting_smartass
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Genre/Tags: Mind Palace, 3x02 - The Sign of Three, Pining Sherlock
Length: 34:30

Summary: Sherlock spends exactly nineteen seconds zoned out after John asks him to be best man. He retreats to his mind palace in the desperate hope of figuring out what he wants, unfortunately for him his mind palace is full of people who keep trying to give him advice.

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AudioFic (mp3)

Pre/Post Music - Crave You (cover by Daniela Andrade) - Flight Facilities
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Title: Best Laid Plans
Author: Asuka Kureru
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings: Naruto/Sasuke
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1:16:33
Size: 70.3 MB
Music: Dude (Looks Like a Lady) by Aerosmith
Art: Sexy no Jutsu - Sakura version by Askerian on Deviant Art
Cover: Opalsong

Summary: Sasuke discovers something about the Uchiha clan.

Warnings: Drunk dubious consent. Listen at 1:15:29 for more explicit warnings.

Links: mp3
Archive Link

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3
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Title: Everyone's Got an Opinion
Author: [ profile] venturous
Readers:[ profile] RsCreighton [ profile] skyunicorn[ profile] venturous
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Gen
Rating: General
Sherlock is Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. John is Gone. The Skull is Talking. Lestrade and Molly... is happening?
Length: 00:26:30

Download: MP3 | Size: 24 MB :: M4b | Size: 29 MB
AO3 Here
Text: Same
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Title: "The only fish in the sea"
Writer: [ profile] waspabi / [ profile] waspabi
Reader: [personal profile] greedy_dancer
Fic info: 1D/Radio 1 RPF, Nick/Harry, Teen.
Length: 0:15:18

Nick makes it a point not to look back too much.

Like, it doesn’t help if he thinks, ‘ooh, what if that witch hadn’t turned me into a merman at Coachella last year’ or ‘ooh, what if I had legs and didn’t have to shout for Pixie to get me a drink.’ He tries to look on the bright side of the whole situation.

cover by [personal profile] greedy_dancer

Audiobook (7Mb) | MP3 (14Mb)
Streaming available at AO3

Notes: This was my first podfic in a while, and on a "new" computer as well! I battled to find Audacity settings that pleased me, but hopefully this doesn't sound too different from my usual stuff. Also, I had a lot of fun making the cover! LOOK! NICK IS A MERMAID!!

Thanks to [ profile] waspabi for giving blanket permission to podfic and to [personal profile] paraka for hosting.

I'd love to know if you listened! :)
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Title: Senatorial Harbor, Indemnity, Embankment, and Lightsaber Defense
Author: [ profile] sabinelagrande
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Avengers/Star Wars fusion
Pairings: Clint/Phil
Rating: Teen and Up/PG13
Summary: Jedi Master Coulson and his padawan take on their first assignment. This goes about as well as you might expect.
Warnings: none
Length: 1 hours 10 minutes 25 seconds
text at AO3

download as an mp3 (65MB) or as a podbook (38.3MB)

streaming under the cut )

cover by me!

recorded for sabinelagrande

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Title: A scar is healing
Author: faviconZombieGiraffes
Fandom: The Musketeers
Pairing: Aramis/Porthos
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Beta: [personal profile] lunate8
Length: 21:28
Zipped mp3 file (18.8 MB) | Zipped m4b file (10.4 MB)
Links: At AO3

Summary: "Aramis stitches Porthos up again and again, always as gently as he can."

Reader's Notes )
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Title: The Nature and Kynde of a Lyon

Author: [personal profile] whit_merule

Reader: [personal profile] kdheart

Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Castiel, Gabriel/Dean, Gabriel/Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Balthazar, Gabriel/Balthazar, Castiel/Lisa Braeden

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: past abuse, past rape, past underage sex, sibling incest, alpha/beta/flock dynamics, all angels AU, sex as biological imperative, sub/Dom moments and negotiations of power dynamics, sex used as a means of social dominance – negatively in the past, positively in the present. See the author's notes or the podfic intro for details and spoilers.

Summary: Castiel ought to have been prepared for this: for the sight of Dean in the flush of his first heat, aroused and potent and so very possible. But he’d never expected for it to happen so far from home. This part of the business – Dean aroused but ignorant, uncertain, the transition from child to a confident desiring adult, who would look on Castiel and grin that grin of his but with something new and knowing behind it, who would reach for him with desire – this was always meant to be Gabriel’s. It was the alpha who had to forge that creature out of this molten mass.

File Length, Size, & Type: 4:22:42 241MB MP3/122MB M4B

Download Link: MP3 M4B

Crossposted to AO3
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Title: All the Other Ghosts
Author: [ profile] rainjoyswriting
Reader: [personal profile] klb
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Length: 33:45:16
Author's summary: It's a big city for one more lost soul in a mask. Superhero AU.
Notes and download links: At AO3, here or on tumblr, here.

(cover art by [personal profile] hapakitsune)
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Title: The Doctor's New Clothes
Author: [personal profile] kdheart
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart & [ profile] Sarshi
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Tewlfth Doctor, Clara
Rating: G
Tags: kilts
Summary: There are things in the Doctor's wardrobe Clara wishes she's never seen.

Length: 5:59min with bloopers | 4:57min without
Right-click > save as: MP3 with bloopers || 5.57 MB
MP3 without bloopers|| 4.8 MB

Or stream:


Jun. 29th, 2014 11:05 pm
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Title: Obedience
Author: [ profile] Sparxflame
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart & [ profile] Sarshi
Cover by: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel/Gabriel
Rating: E
Tags: Dom!Castiel, sub!Gabriel
Summary: "Lay down on the bed," orders Castiel, calm and collected as always. "On your back. Legs spread. Hold onto the headboard with both hands, and don’t let go unless I tell you to."

(In which Castiel, as always, manages to give Gabriel both what he wants and what he needs.)

Length: 9:10min with bloopers | 5:34min without
Right-click > save as: MP3 with bloopers || 8.88 MB
MP3 without bloopers|| 5.6 MB

Or stream:

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At long last, Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology IV has been archived.

Archive entry for full collection | Masterpost

Individual podfics: behind the cut )

If anything is amiss, please let me know.
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Cover art by JakartaInn & compiled by revolutionaryjo

Title: The Lodestar of My Life
Author: akathecentimetre, with art by JakartaInn
Fandom: The Musketeers
Pairing: Aramis/Athos
Rating: Mature
Ship's Beta: [personal profile] lunate8
Length: 1:25:18
Zipped mp3 file (73.9 MB) | Zipped m4b file (38.7 MB)
Links: At AO3

Summary: "Pirates! An origin story featuring scars, tattoos, a swivel cannon named Balizarde, and Margot the ship’s cat in the Caribbean, 1754-1760."

Reader's Notes )
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cover of A Fibonacci Romance

Title: A Fibonacci Romance
Author: [ profile] woldy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Reader: [personal profile] sylvaine
Cover Artist: [personal profile] sylvaine
Length: 0:11:56 (with music)/0:11:18 (without music)
Rating: G
Pairing: Minerva McGonagall/Septima Vector
Warning(s): none
Summary: Flitwick is a neat linear equation. Trelawney is a negative number. Dumbledore appears chaotic, but she suspects there's an elegant solution. McGonagall is not easy to decode.

Notes, download links, and streaming at my journal or without the notes at the AO3
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Title: something good can work (and it can work for you)
Author: [ profile] queenklu
Reader/cover art: [personal profile] intransitive ([ profile] exmanhater)
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Parker/Hardison/Eliot
Length: 51:39
Summary: “When you say ‘we’re making dinner,'” Eliot finally says, “do you really mean ‘Hey you should come over and cook dinner for us so we don’t burn down the apartment?’”

Permanent download links: (right-click, save-as) mp3 [23.77 MB] | m4b [25 MB]
Temporary Mediafire download links: mp3 [23.77 MB] | m4b [25 MB]

Or, stream at AO3
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Title: No Homo
Author: RemainNameless
Fandom, Pairing: Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Stiles' sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads "str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic".
Derek is the fool who replies.

Reader's Notes: I doubt that there's a Sterek fan in Teen Wolf fandom that hasn't read this story, but here it is in audio form. It's funny, and in the way that all humor is, a send-up of something that kind of... isn't funny. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Cover by [personal profile] laisserais

Length: 10:13:10

zip file of MP3s by chapter (Right-click and Save-As to download) || 291 MB
Audiobook courtesy of [personal profile] cybel
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Title: Remember the Days of the World
Author: Ketita
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Character: Levi, Irvin
Rating: teen and up
Warnings: no archive warnings apply
Summary: He fights alone for what the rest of humanity has forgotten, and doesn't even know to ask.
Tags: Backstory, Judaism, Pre-Canon
Text: here
Length 0:14:47
Link: here

Title: the age of aggression
Author: queertitan
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Character: Mikasa/Annie
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage
Summary: Annie is attracted to people with monsters inside them, and Mikasa burns brighter than anyone else.
Alternately, Annie and Mikasa attempt to work through their sexual tension by punching each other.
Text: here
Length 0:18:21
Link: here

Title: Après Toi
Author: synergenic (Losseflame)
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyoujin/ Attack on Titan
Character: Levi/Eren
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: author chose not to use archive warnings
Summary: Eren can fill the bathtub with his blood twice before he passes out.
Tags: a lot of the fandom's interpretation of Eren bugs me, the kid straight up shanked two bitches when he was nine, like that isn't the sign of really rad mental and emotional stability, also this is really triggering for people dealing with suicidal impulses so, Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts
Text: here
Length 0:24:53
Link: here
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Title: As He Wants Him to Be
Author: patternofdefiance
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Genre/Tags: Angst, Fantasy, Series 3 spoilers
Length: 21:05

Summary: Where’s the harm? Sherlock thinks, and with that absolves himself, removes himself, and it’s not difficult to do this, to retreat, to imagine, even surrounded by the bustle of the kitchen and his family and Christmas. With practiced ease, Sherlock erases the distractions, one by one, and then replaces them - setting and sounds and people.

MediaFire (mp3)
AudioFic (mp3)

Pre/Post Music - Breathe Me (cover by Fismoll) - Sia

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Title: Logistics of a Three-Person Make-Out Session
Author: [personal profile] scintilla10
Reader: [personal profile] intransitive ([ profile] exmanhater)
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Parker/Hardison/Eliot
Length: 4:36
Summary: "Are there any books in here about sex, d'you think?" Parker asked.

Permanent download link: (right-click, save-as) mp3 [2.11 MB]
Temporary Mediafire download link: mp3 [2.11 MB]

Or, stream at AO3


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