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Title: Man Friday (On the kink meme or on Pouxin's LJ [locked, comment to be added])
Writer: [ profile] pouxin
Reader: [personal profile] greedy_dancer
Fic info: The Eagle/The Eagle RPS college AU. Marcus/Esca, Esca/Tahar Rahim, Esca/Pip Carter, Esca/Mark Strong, Esca/Donald Sutherland. Rated R for language.
Content notes: Reader's heads up for slight slut-shaming language.
Length: 0:23:45
Writer's summary: Written in response to this prompt at the eagle_kink: Marcus and Esca are friends, maybe even flatmates. The thing is, Esca sleeps with a different person every other night but he never tries to get into Marcus's pants, even though he's pretty flirtatious in their everyday interactions. Maybe Marcus is pining after him, maybe he just feels sort of offended and left out, either way, there is a point when he just can't take it anymore.

cover by [personal profile] greedy_dancer

MP3 (22Mb) (click to stream, right click/save as to DL)
Audiobook (23Mb)

Notes: This story contains a pun in French about croissants and 69. I hope that's enough to convince you you need to hear or read it! :p No actual knowledge of the canon is needed.
Thanks to [ profile] pouxin for giving permission and to [personal profile] paraka for hosting.

Points: [(5 + 5 for fandoms) + (5 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 for pairings)] x 3 = 165 points.
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Title: Because Penguins Mate for Life
Author: [ profile] poziomeczka and [ profile] coeurdesoleil with a few additions by me to get it to flow a little
Reader: [ profile] jaxie12 
Fandom: The Eagle
Pairing: RPF (Jamie Bell/Channing Tatum)
Audio: mp3
Length: 6:45 mins
Size: 6.19 mbs
Warnings: PG
Disclaimer: Sound FX are from The Freesound Project and are made avaliable for use through the Creative Commons Sampling Plus Licence

Summary: BabyPenguin!Jamie moves to a new school and meets BeefyPenguin!Channing. Adorableness ensues.

Read in the style of a children's audio book.

Link (megaupload) and slightly better explanation as to where the heck this came from at at my journal

5+3+1+(5+5)=0 = 19


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