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Amplirecathon 2012 is officially over, and we want to thank all of you for posting, commenting, reading, and, hopefully, listening to some new-to-you podfic. Under the cut, please find the links to all 44 45 rec posts. Y'all rock!

--Your mods, cath and klb

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Seven podfics I adore that didn’t fit into my theme earlier, in five fandoms, by eight fantastic readers.

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I tend to think of AUs as crossovers for which I only know one canon. I know this is not the case and that there are distinct difference between them, but this is about the podfics, rather than the fics, so I do not give a fig :)

link to amplificathon on LJ because DW apparently hates me >:(
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A.K.A. The Podfics That Will Not Be Contained By A Theme

So, I rec podfics on my journal on a semi-regular basis. Because of this, I keep an ongoing list of podfics I want to rec. The list, it is long. Kind of crazy long. I look at it and despair that I shall never make a dent in it. Generally, when I rec at my journal, I follow some kind of theme (not unlike the way reccing works here at amplirecathon). The themes can vary (fandom, subject matter, some other weird thing I think up), but there are usually a handful of recs for each one.

However, there is a problem with this, because there are some podfics that just refuse to fall into the themes that I rec. It's so frustrating. I WANT TO REC THEM and they linger there, at the top of my list, only to get shoved down again and again because they don't happen to match whatever I happen to be reccing at the time. So that is my theme for this list. Rogue podfics that will not be corralled!!!! Podfics that slip from my grasp every time I try to rec. All the podfics on this list have been shoved down my to-rec list at least twice, most of them more than that, because they didn't fit the theme. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!! You shall not escape me again!!!

Awesome Podfics that Never Seem To Fit My Reccing Themes (In No Particular Order) )
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And here is the second of today's two Official Mod Posts. If you are a podfic artist, then one of the bodies of work you know best of all is your own! In the comments below, rec one (or more) podfic(s) of yours that you think stands out, that you want to particularly direct listeners to. And explain why! Interpret the prompt in any way you want—just name a work of yours that you love and talk about why.
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Welcome to the final day of Amplirecathon! Today, anybody may post any recs they want, without needing to have signed up.

This is the first of two Official Mod Posts for gathering recs that I'll make—a rec request post! In the comments of this post, if there are any categories of podfic rec that you'd like to ask for, make a request, and others can reply to your comment with podfic recs that fit your request. For example, if you're like me and loved [personal profile] kalakirya's characterization recs and would like to request other podfics where people feel the reader particularly stood out at their characterization of one or more of the characters in the story, you can post a comment with that request. Or if you are trying out a specific new fandom and want more recs in that fandom, or want recs of readers who have a certain style, etc.

Got it? Okay! Request and rec away!
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I'm afraid I have no theme whatsoever! I usually keep a list during the year, noting down podfics I especially enjoy for future reccing, and this is what I ended up with.

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I was nearly done in time to post on my assigned day... and then I just kept finding more fic to make notes about. I went a bit crazy and just sort of recced all my favorite stories. There will be links for audio versions of many of these recs, but at the moment a giant pile of text is all you get.

I'm going to preface this with a bit about me and Podfic (or audio books in general). All my life I have been a very slow reader, and when I was very intensely into reading fanfiction, it consumed a great deal of my time. Podfic is a life-saver for me. I can listen to stories while working and while driving; I can take my fandom with me.
Most of these stories, I have never seen a word of them in text form, or only saw them when I went to leave feedback for the author. So to me, the podfic version is a bit like the only version of the story, and the two are tied together in my mind. So... that's where I stand, prepare to be spammed.

Organized by fandom.

Sherlock Holmes: BBC Sherlock, ACD Canon, Ritchie-Verse, and AU )
Merlin (and Merlin AUs)> <font size= )
Supernatural and J2/CW RPF )
Avengers-Related Stories )
Star Trek 2009 )
Doctor Who and Torchwood )
Other Fandoms: Harry Potter, White Collar, Dexter )
Crossovers: Assorted Fandoms from Above )
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shhhhh, this was posted 5 hours ago, shhhhh

Last year, I told you about my safety pods--the podfics I whip out when real life is being stupid, and I need to be comforted, for whatever reason. SO now I'm back, to give you my updated list of the podfics I listen to when life just SUCKS, still helpfully sorted into level-of-emotional-emergency!

Some of these have been recced before--by me last year, by other people this year, even by ME this year!--but that doesn't change the fact that...well, this is my safety pod list & order, and so I'm gonna be selfish and just RE-REC THEM :P

NOTE: 4 of the bolded scenarios have actually happened to me in the past year. I'll let you guess which ones.

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I wanted to make a second rec post, but I had a difficult time trying to find a good organizing scheme. I like thematic lists, but I couldn't find a good theme. I wanted to spotlight several authors I admire, but I realized I'd end up leaving out many I enjoy just as much. So then I decided that I'd look at the most recent stories I've listened to, and to limit it easily, I chose only from the 2012 Podfic Big Bang to showcase different fandoms and readers.

(Mind you, these are the podfics I listened to and loved. Chances are that the ones I am not listing are in fandoms in which I don't listen or may have had aspects in the story that didn't appeal to me.)

I am sorting them by readers, and, stealing from argentumlupine, I'm adding side recs, i.e., other stories by the same author I've loved. 7 bandom, 5 Inception, 3 AI, 3 J2, 2 DS, 2 TSN, 2 DS, 1 XMFC, 1 SGA, 1 TPM, 1 H50, and 1 Teen Wolf rec under the cut: Podfic Big Bang Redux )
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I'm fairly multi-fannish, but even as someone who is fairly indiscriminate when it comes to fandoms in podfic, I often overlook the tiny fandoms. These are the fandoms where you know the canon, but they are almost too tiny to actually… um… be in, if you know what I mean. Because of this, it's so easy to see someone post in them and to let my gaze flick down to the fandoms I'm more familiar with. The ones I regularly download.

Happily (for me at least), I know this is my tendency, so every now and again, I go to the Audiofic Archive and search out the podfics in fandoms whose canon I know, but only have a couple podfics made in them. These podfics are often tiny in length as well as fandom, so I'll download a whole heap of them, and put together a makeshift audiobook anthology, load it up on my iPod and then… almost unfailingly… I am delighted, moved to laughter, moved to tears, reliving stories and characters I thought I had long forgotten.

There is a pleasure in re-discovering the characters and worlds of these tiny fandoms that is as great, in a different way, as the pleasure I get from the fandoms I am well entrenched in. I listen to them differently, I think because I don't have a heap of fanon coloring my interpretation (not that I don't love fanon). I find myself more willing to be surprised and I find myself listening more carefully because I come into it with very few preconceived notions of what fics in these fandoms are like.

So here is a baker's dozen of podfics in itty-bitty fandoms, where there are only a couple podfics available. There are more, so many more, and pruning this post down was a painful exercise, but I didn't want it to get out of control. So I guess I'll say, let these podfics open the door to trying out the podfics in tiny fandoms, then go to the archive, and search out the rest. You won't regret it.

Note: Because these are tiny fandoms, I've also added a bit called "Fandom Knowledge Needed?" I might not be the best judge of this, since I have knowledge of (almost) all these fandoms already, but I did my best to make a guess as to whether or not you need fandom knowledge to enjoy the podfic or not. And if you need just a tiny bit of knowledge, I try to give that as well.

Click Here for Recommendations (in no particular order) )
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I'm calling this rec list "hidden gems," but I'm sure some of them have been recced before. One is from a tiny book fandom, others from much bigger media and RPF fandoms, but they've all got something special that leads to me listening to them over and over again. I hope you'll find something new and great to listen to, or re-discover an old favorite.

Five Hidden Gems )
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I love Doctor Who crossovers. And apparently talking about them turns me into a complete goofball. But if you're game, here, have a podcast of me talking very excitedly about Doctor Who crossover podfic:

Download: MP3 // M4B
Length: 28 min

Streaming available and podfics recced, in order of appearance )

ETA: \o/ So many awesome recs in the comments already! I can't wait to listen to ALL THE THINGS.
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In a move that will surprise absolutely no one who knows me, this rec set is 18 podfics about female characters. Like in the rest of fandom, works about men are produced at a rapid clip and those podfics have given me many, many happy hours of listening. Some days, though, I just want stories about ladies in my ears! Here are some of my favourites.

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Edited to add, after seeing [profile] injunket's post: if you have favourite podfic about women that don't show up here, please share the link in the comments! The more, the merrier!
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I love podfic. This may be an obvious statement, but given the context I feel it bears repeating. I've posted recs in Amplirecathon in past years and I stand by those, but happily there's been lots of (new-ish) podfic in the last year that I've loved. I can't list all of it here or this post would be miles long. Therefore, without ado, a list of things that have made my day in the last year.

Porn in 4 fandoms )

Two PG-13 or under podfics )

Podfics in Two Fandoms I'm Not Part Of/Know Nothing About (so even if you don't know them, you can listen to them too!) )

Finally, Fairytales )

Because Homestuck has all the awesome songs and I'm a sucker for fandoms that sing )
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So I love many, many things and ultimately I decided that this was the best way to organize my thoughts and explain why I was reccing was I was reccing, but there will be another post (posts?) during the free-for-all

Aaaaanyway, I tend to focus on a character in a given fandom, and one of my favorite things about podfic is that each reader brings something different to the same character.

See this post on Amplificathon @ LJ because DW is being weird
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amplirecathon 2012 promo image cc celine nadeau

So, when I started compiling my recs for Amplirecathon, I realised that a fair chunk were podfics where I wasn’t familiar with the characters. This post has ended up being half feelings about podfics I’ve listened to even though I’m not in the fandom, and in some cases have no idea who anyone is, and half where I am in the fandom. The main theme though is that these are podfics I love and really enjoy listening to.

Recs! )
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amplirecathon 2012 promo image cc celine nadeau

Here are some of the more random titles from my original Amplirecathon post. Lol, I somehow managed to delete my original post BEFORE I posted it. *headdesk*

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have. They are all very well-read examples of podfic.
While some titles are read by easily recognizable voices, there IS a hidden gem included in this post and a reader that I consider new (but has been around for about a year, being sneaky and AWESOME)...
Sorry, my post is a wee bit late. I type SLOW when de-caffeinated.

And, here we go... )


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