Jan. 3rd, 2018

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aka everyone's favorite annual podfic gift exchange run entirely over twitter with no limits and no rules just enough rules to prevent COMPLETE mod breakdowns

(If you'd like to see previous years' master lists, 2011 is here, 2012 is here, 2013 is here, 2014 is here, 2015 is here, and 2016 is here.)

You guys have done it. You've broken me. I am writing this from the afterlife, deceased. I'm having trouble stringing coherent sentences together, because I have been staring for so long at the massive amounts of fucking podfic y'all produced. For reals. I went through TWO (2) bottles of wine this year!! Well fucking done everyone, I don't know how you manage to somehow top the previous year EVERY single time XD It causes me so many tears and genuinely, please, never stop <3


  • In "this year's IRL mod emergencies," (because it isn't ITPE season unless we've each had at least ONE) [twitter.com profile] vworpvworp managed to concuss themselves at the same time that I ended up in the ER for emergency surgery, which was, miraculously, the day podfics were due. Shoutout to everyone who sent us well-wishes on Twitter; as ~exciting as that unplanned 24 hour universal deadline extension was, we ARE actually finally taking steps to make sure that nothing like this happens again in the future -.-"
  • I've been posting bar charts for years, but I actually finally bothered to graph the growing number of archive files every year. I now know to brace myself for >1,250 archive files next year, and am obviously appropriately terrified. (For those of you EXTREME nerds out there, the equation is y = 73.285714 - 24.011905x + 21.4880952x2; I was expecting exponential growth, but quadratic actually had the highest correlation coefficient.)
  • Speaking of number of archive files, this year's main gifts alone make up 400 archive files, which is just over the TOTAL files produced in the first THREE YEARS of the exchange put together. Holy wow.
  • This year the [twitter.com profile] lattice_frames Multipodding Award goes to [personal profile] klb & [twitter.com profile] luvtheheaven, who podficced the same fic for each other as part of their main gifts!
  • We actually had a LOT more multipodding this year than we've ever had in the past—in addition to the above instance, we had fifteen fics that were podded more than once as part of the exchange this year, including our first triple pods (x2!!!!*), what even??! Amazing. [twitter.com profile] Hananobira podficced TWO different things for [twitter.com profile] opalsong that she in turn podficced for other people; [twitter.com profile] knight_tracer also received two gifts that she also podded for other people; [twitter.com profile] greedydancer, [twitter.com profile] CalliopePodfic, [twitter.com profile] lattice_frames, and [twitter.com profile] reenajenkins all received a gift they also podded; [twitter.com profile] the24thkey & [twitter.com profile] Lunate8 both got double versions of a fic; and the same Rogue One fic was podficced three times, two of which were for [twitter.com profile] forzandopod. There were three additional instances of fics that were podded twice by and for different people. So many different versions to choose from!!
    • * even if one was planned—and shoutout to all y'all who sneakily planned that at [community profile] podfication, I had NO CLUE, [twitter.com profile] vworpvworp can verify my shock and amusement when I got my gifts once I figured out what was going on—although apparently it was only PARTIALLY PLANNED because one of them didn't even know about the existing ~plot!! Truly it was The Year Of The Multipod XDDD
  • Even if she didn't end up with the multipodding award named after her this year, special shoutout to [twitter.com profile] lattice_frames and also [twitter.com profile] heriros for being delightfully good sports about the fact that we were VERY MEAN and matched them with each other this year, even though we KNEW that they had just moved in together shortly before signups this year, making the "keep your assignment secret!" mandate appreciably more difficult for them };P
  • Shall we check in on the Podfic Robots club? [twitter.com profile] reenajenkins, [twitter.com profile] opalsong, and [twitter.com profile] rjcreighton had a relatively "low key" year by their standards...which means they collectively produced 161 podfics totaling 101 hours, 58 minutes, and 57 seconds. That's nearly 40% of the total run time produced this year. I'm exhausted just THINKING about this, how do they do it??! Speaking of....
  • The TOTAL RUN TIME of all 497 podfics produced this year is, (yallreadyforthis.mp3....) 260 hours, 5 minutes, 16 seconds WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK THAT'S 10 DAYS, 20 HOURS, 5 MINUTES AND 16 SECONDS. I CANNOT EVEN, Y'ALL. WTAFFFFfffff
  • EDIT: also what the fuck, I had to split the treats post into TWO POSTS THIS YEAR, you motherfuckers, fucking hell

HUGE thanks to the following people:

  • our amazing pinch hitters, [twitter.com profile] cryingonsundays, [twitter.com profile] jadesfire2808, [twitter.com profile] joyinrep, [twitter.com profile] knight_tracer, & [twitter.com profile] opalsong
  • our wonderful volunteer podbook compilers, [twitter.com profile] pattyisnickname, [twitter.com profile] hanako_noriko, [twitter.com profile] FPS_List, [twitter.com profile] knight_tracer, & [twitter.com profile] idellaphod
  • [twitter.com profile] exmanhater, who has provided us with our own hosting going forward! A million thanks to her for this, especially if you're finding this post a few years down the line—she is the reason all of the images & download links below are still active, so thank her especially ;)
  • as always, [twitter.com profile] alexwlchan for writing and troubleshooting/providing support for the script we use to generate this post (which, if anyone is curious, now has a GitHub page!) This list would literally not exist in this form if it wasn't for his script, because lol, the days when I can code this shit by hand in two days are looooooooooooooooong past XP

Thank you to absolutely everyone who participated in any way, whether it was your first time signing up or your seventh, whether you made podfic or cover art or merely lurked on twitter waiting for this masterlist to go up. None of this would be possible without each and every one of you, and your incredible enthusiasm is what makes us mods keep putting ourselves through this every year. We love you all ♥

Okay, you've suffered enough of my rambling. ONTO THE MAIN ATTRACTION....

put me in ur ears )


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