Apr. 13th, 2015

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Title: Orange Light Room
Author: orphan_account
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: tsuritama
Character: Yuki/Natsuki
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: author chose not to use archive warnings
Summary: kink meme de-anon. "Up to the filler how far the two actually go, but either way, I need Yuki mouthing the back of Natsuki's newly exposed neck (as of episode 8)."
Text: here
Length 0:03:30
Link: here

10+10 x 1 = 20
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Title: if you don’t got the balls, just go home
Author: Aja
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: K-Pop, Miss A
Character: Wang Feifei/Lee Min Young
Rating: General audiences
Warnings: no archive warnings apply
Summary: There are days when she has no idea why she's even here, why she was scouted to begin with, how anyone could think she was anything but a backup dancer. And sometimes, between the four of them, between Jia with her vibrant smile and Suzy's grace onstage, and Min, Min, Min, Fei still feels like the backup.
Text: here
Length 0:09:28
Link: here , music version here

10+10 x 1 = 20
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Title: Hindsight
Author: sabinelagrande
Readers: Opalsong
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairings: Dorian/Iron Bull
Rating: Explicit
Length: 26:23
Size: 24.4MB
Music: Enchanters (feat. Elizaveta & Nick Stoubis) by Raney Shockne
Cover: Opalsong
Summary: Iron Bull is almost certainly playing games with him. Dorian is particularly sure of this when he's been drinking.

Links: MP3
Archive Link

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!

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POINTS: (10 + 10) * 3 = 60
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Title: 5 times Crowley was Summoned on purpose + 1

Author: marietcaelum
Reader: kerravon
Fandoms: Good Omens, Avengers, Discworld, Harry Potter, Sherlock, House, Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Aziraphale/Crowley, Aziraphale, Crowley(GO), Loki, Vimes, Ridcully, Stibbons, Voldemort, Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Moriarty, House, Wilson, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Crowley(SPN), Castiel
Warnings: None
Rating: Gen
Length: 1 Hour 27 Minutes 19 Seconds

Summary: Author: "Crowley had no idea who'd let slip how to summon demons, but it was a damn pain in the arse sometimes. Recently, however, things had just been getting ridiculous."

Total length: 1 hour 27 Minutes 19 Seconds
Format: MP3 And M4b

MP3 Podfic Direct Download (80.1MB): 5 times Crowley was Summoned on purpose + 1 - Podfic
M4b Audiobook Direct Download (10.5 MB):5 times Crowley was Summoned on purpose + 1 - M4b

Points: Fandom/ Relationship
Good Omens - 5/ Aziraphale/Crowley - 5
Avengers - 1/ Gen - 5
Discworld - 5/ Gen - 5
Harry Potter - 1/ Gen - 5
Sherlock - 1/ Gen - 5
House MD - 5/ Gen - 5
Supernatural - 1/ Gen - 1

Fandom Total - 19/ Relationship Total - 31

(19+31) X 5 = 250 points total
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Title:Out In The Black Ain't Nothing So Much As Time
Author:[archiveofourown.org profile] lenore
Reader:[archiveofourown.org profile] RsCreighton
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Firefly
Tags: Episode Related, First Time
Pairing: Malcolm Renyolds/Simon Tam
Length: 29:50
Summary: Jayne explains to Simon how he has to earn his place on Serenity. Simon doesn't know what to believe, but he's not taking any chances.
Notes: <3

Link to Podfic:


Points: (5+10)*3=45
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Title: anyway, here's wonderwall
[archiveofourown.org profile] KiaraSayre 
Reader: [archiveofourown.org profile] reena_jenkins 
Coverartist: [archiveofourown.org profile] reena_jenkins 
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (movies)
Pairings: gen
Warnings: Knitting, Gallows Humor, Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Canon-Typical Violence, Torture, Murder, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, Guitars

Length: 00:24:14

Author's Summary: "The Winter Soldier tracks down each and every HYDRA agent that forced him to kill and watches them die. He also tries to become a well-rounded individual with interests and hobbies. The results are mixed."

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me).

Points: (5+5)x3 = 30 points


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