Dec. 16th, 2013

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Title: Kiss With A Fist
Author: Snacky
Reader: majoline (margi_lynn)
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Pairings: Peter/Susan
Rating: Mature
Length: 00:12:21
Author Summary: Susan takes care of everyone, but she needs something for herself too.

Extended Reader's Notes and Download link at AO3
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Title: Signs of Three
Author: Lestradesexwife
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairings: John/Sherlock
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Bondage, Sex Toys, PWP
Length: 17:59

Summary: One of the ways to handle a post case crash.

MediaFire (mp3)
AudioFic (mp3)

Pre/Post music - Serenata Immortale -Immediate Music
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months of my life

A reading of the The Quiet Man by Ivyblossom with effects. Work will be broken down into three parts. Part 1 is chapter 1 to chapter 15.

Title: The Quiet Man - Part 1
Author: Ivyblossom
Reader: Alessnox
Fandom: Sherlock
Story source:

(Zipped directory)


Reader Summary:

Sherlock is dead, and John can't cope alone. But he isn't really alone because Sherlock is always there in his head.

WARNING: Rated Teen for Language, Sexual references, and mention of suicide.
Later parts of the work will be rated Explicit.

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Title: call every girl we ever met maria
Author: faviconirnan
Reader: [ profile] sisi_rambles
Cover artist: [ profile] sisi_rambles
Author's Rating: G
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Pepper/Tony
Summary: "You're telling me," Rhodey said, gleeful, "you're telling me that you've been shot, stabbed, sewn up, been riddled with shrapnel, had a magnet implanted in your chest, spent two years poisoning yourself with palladium, spent twenty years as a functioning alcoholic and had a vasectomy and you still managed to knock Pepper up?"
Length: 00:18:47

File Sizes: (mp3 17 MB) & (m4b 9.2 MB)
Link to Text: AO3

Download links and Streaming: AO3

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Title: Lovely Exorcist Nanami
Author: Stealth_Noodle
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Rating: General Audiences
Absolute Destiny Beta: [personal profile] lunate8
Length: 26:06
Zipped mp3 file (22.5 MB) | Zipped m4b file (11.9 MB)
Mediafire: mp3 | m4b
Permanent Links: At AO3
Archive Link: Here

Summary: "Nanami receives the mysterious power to protect Ohtori from ghosts. ...Or something like that."

Reader's Notes )
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Title: Just A Little
Author: peevee
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairings: John/Sherlock
Rating: Explicit
Genre: PWP, Frottage, First Time
Length: 16:43

Summary: In which John and Sherlock aren't having sex, until they are.

"Can we try something?" he murmured against Sherlock's slightly parted lips.

MediaFire (mp3)
AudioFic (mp3)

Pre/Post music - Nightminds -Missy Higgins


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