Oct. 10th, 2012

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Title: I Won't Tell If You Don't
Author: [personal profile] theskywasblue
Reader: [personal profile] kansouame
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
File size/type: 11.67 MB, .mp3
Length: 12m:51s
Author's Summary: It's the day after Christmas when he comes home from a trip to the corner store for bread and milk to find Eames bleeding to death in his living room.

Text version: I Won't Tell If You Don't

Mediafire link for podfic: I Won't Tell If You Don't
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Title: The state we were in
Author: [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius
Reader: [personal profile] knight_tracer
Fandom: The Social Network
Pairings: Eduardo Saverin/Mark Zuckerberg
Rating: Teen
Length: 16:36
Summary: In which Chris manages to get through to Mark (but not about his insecurities because he doesn't have those) and Eduardo comes home.
Links: mp3 m4b
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Theatripod is a challenge to create multivoice podfics in the style of theatre productions, with a director, auditions, rehearsals, and a final recorded performance with minimal editing. It will take place over a six-month period. See our FAQ here.

Signups are open, and we have two directors so far, but we'd love to have somewhere between three and ten projects, so if you know anybody who might want to take on the role of director or project manager, please let us know. And if you yourself would be interested in one of those roles, we highly encourage you to sign up. This should be a lot of fun!


Oct. 10th, 2012 06:17 pm
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Title: Strain
Author: [personal profile] golden_orange 
Readers: Sarshi and [personal profile] kdheart 
Fandom: Classic Doctor Who
Pairing: Sixth Doctor/Peri Brown
crack and sex pollen
7.44 min (12.31 min with bloopers)
Peri is infected with the dreaded alien sex pollen. This makes things between her and the Doctor uncomfortable. Alright, MORE uncomfortable.





Strain | direct download |  7.44 min | 7.11 MB

bloopers | direct download |  4.47 min | 4.41 MB

Strain with bloopers | direct download | 12.31 min | 11.4 MB

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Title: Heads Up
Author: luzula
Reader: helens78
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Denny Scarpa/Benton Fraser
Rating: adult
Word count: 3173

Summary: Denny can't let go of the fact that he got the better of her.

Reader Notes: First in a series of LONG OVERDUE charity auction podfics! (The stories aren't related, but there are several of them. ^_^)

Heads Up: Text on AO3

Download link: Download MP3 version here (23:00, 21.1MB), or Download M4B (audiobook) version here (23:00, 21.2MB)


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