May. 20th, 2012

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Title/Text Link: Right Between the Eyes (A Thousand Lies, A Good Disguise)
Author: [ profile] Trojie ([ profile] agenttrojie)
Author's Rating: 'Explicit'
Author's Summary: "There's no such thing as an origin, only an origin-story."
Fandom: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (film 'verse)/Inception crossover
Pairing: Arthur/Eames (Ricki), Irina/Ricki Tarr
Length: 15:02
File Size/Type: 13.8 MB, mp3

Mediafire Link
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See the reader's original mp3 post here.

Cover Artist: [ profile] sillie82
m4b: 112 MB, 3:58:56]
Archive Page: here

This podbook was compiled with the reader's permission.
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Title: Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers' Public Relations Manager
Author: [ profile] scifigrl47
Cover Artist: [ profile] davincis_girl
Reader: [personal profile] dapatty
Fandom: Avengers
Pairings: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen
Summary: From the Avengers Case Files of Phil Coulson: Grocery shopping is necessary, Tony's a little too proud of his tech, Captain America's lost on the streets of New York, and sometimes social injustice just happens.

Phil Coulson's the one who's got to write this nonsense up, and he is not their PR Manager.
Time: 42:44 mp3 39MB, podbook 23.7MB
Direct Download Links: (Right Click, Save As) mp3 | podbook
Reader's Notes: Squee and run-on sentences found here
Link to the AO3 can be found:here
Art Post: Can be found here on AO3 or here on LJ

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Title: Tequila Cake
Author: [ profile] cjmarlowe
Reader: [personal profile] bessyboo and [personal profile] klb
Fandom: American Idol S8
Pairing: Kris Allen/Jim Cantiello
Rating: NC-17
Length: 0:03:42 (dialogue-only), 0:08:31 (full reading), 12:14 (combined)
Summary: This time instead of DMing while intoxicated Jim decides to make a call. Drunk conversation/teasing turns into ~more.
Notes and Download Links At my journal, here.

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Text: Every Dong Has Its Day
Author: zarathuse
Reader: [personal profile] sunspot
Fandom: Avengers (MCU)
Characters & Relationships: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Pepper, Thor
Rating: Mature
Length: 50:48
Author's Summary: it's not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. -ancient chinese proverb
Warnings: author chose not to use warnings (reader warns for strong language, sexual content)

click to stream, right click-'save link as' to download .mp3

more info @ my journal, including the cover which I didn't post here because it's kind of NSFW. But it's awesome!


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