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Title: A Great Light 
Author: achycarnations 
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, mentions of Mycroft Holmes and Mrs. Hudson
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to the apocalypse, violent death, suicide
Original Fic Summary: "They don't get around to falling in love until the world is ending."
Format: MP3, 18.3MB
Length: 19:38
Reader's notes: I love stories that explore the apocalypse, and this is one of my very favorites. In the midst of bright, terrible chaos, Achycarnations creates an aching, haunting, elegantly told love story that ends on a quiet, strangely hopeful note. And all the while, AC weaves in stories of "the wild violence of utter human grief." AC's language is peaceful and precise, making this story a joy to read.

Author: verasteine 
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Original Female Character
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to slavery
Original Fic Summary: "Space AU. She had studied the Legend of John more than any other. Now one of the protagonists of that story is standing in front of her in the flesh."
Format: MP3, 13.5MB
Length: 14:36
Reader's notes: Everyone has That One Fic that hurts so much that, despite how much we love the writing, makes it almost impossible to read. That one story that hurts and haunts us for days afterwards, wraps around our hearts and squeezes. It's different for everyone. This is that story for me. The cosmic combo of longing, legend, storytelling, slavery, lost love, beautiful writing, and original characters make Verasteine's story one that I will never forget. It took me literally months before I was able to read this story, or even think of the title, without immediately coming to the verge of tears.
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