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I have posted a lot of podfics in different fandoms recently. These files are mp3s unless otherwise noted.

Title: Stargaze
Author: [personal profile] toft
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Gus/Shawn
Download: Stargaze on Sendspace, 5 minutes

Title: There's No Backing Up Now
Author: [personal profile] themadlurker
Fandom: anthropomorfic
Pairing: Google Desktop/Norton Antivirus
Download: There's No Backing Up Now on Sendspace, 9 minutes

Title: three-part disharmony
Author: [profile] bossymarmelade (Homicide: Life on the Street)
Characters: gen, Tim Bayliss and Frank Pembleton
Download: three-part disharmony on Sendspace, 9 minutes

Title: The Pie Job
Author: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Alec Hardison/Parker/Eliot
Download: The Pie Job on Sendspace, 7 minutes

Title: La Adelita
Author: [personal profile] eruthros
Fandom: Like Water for Chocolate
Characters: gen, Gertrudis
Download: La Adelita on Sendspace, 15 minutes

I put together most of the above and a couple other things in a podbook, Happy Birthday Thingswithwings (link goes to a post with more information and download links at my journal).


Title: Piquancy
Author: [personal profile] sasha_feather
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Download: Piquancy on Sendspace, 9 minutes

Title: Five Things that Never Happened to Stokely Mitchell
Author: [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: The Faculty
Pairing: Stokely Mitchell/Rosa Harper, Stokely Mitchell/Marybeth Louise Hutchinson, minor Stokely Mitchell/Stan Rosado, implied Casey Connor/Zeke Tyler
Download: Podbook on Sendspace, mp3 on Sendspace, 34 minutes

I have also posted a bunch of Merlin podfics, which you can find under my reader tag at [ profile] merlinpodfic.

Finally, I made a podbook anthology of four previously posted and archived Merlin fics:
-Yes I'll Go With You by [personal profile] sophinisba
-A Rose by Any Other by [personal profile] srin
-The Secretary by [ profile] gnimaerd
-The Box (author prefers not to have their name used in the archive)
Downloads: Four Gwen/Morgana AUs (podbook), Four Gwen/Morgana AUs (mp3), 1 hour and 3 minutes

Note to the archivists: I'm sorry, I know it's kind of a mess. :( Please let me know if I should change the formatting or if I can clarify anything in this post.

Note to the mods: Could you please add tags for the fandoms Anthropomorphic (or however you prefer to sort computer program slash), Homicide: Life on the Street, Like Water for Chocolate, and The Faculty?
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